Monday, April 29, 2013

Chemtrails and other magic words

I was sick for a period equivalent to two or three years, in five instances, over the last 20 years, thanks to this damned aerial spraying.

Breathing this "chemtrail" dust gives you chronic, upper respiratory distress complete with post nasal drip, mucous, coughing and vomiting. It's debilitating. Most doctors don't understand it, and most people don't look at the sky. They deny it's been happening for two decades.

With what's thought to be 7-8,000 U.S. Air Force planes dedicated worldwide to high altitude spraying, this super-secret program is misunderstood by most of the people who realize it's actually happening. Because the spray contains micro fine aluminum dust, they think its primary purpose is weather manipulation in conjunction with the scalar electromagnetic interferometer—and fancy themselves great, discerning scholars.

That could play a part, although it's hard to say, in that it's so super-secret-so-shut-up-about-it. But, weather modification isn't its primary purpose: extermination is.

The spray contains, in addition to aluminum, cadmium, barium and strontium. It may also contain desiccated human blood cells, viruses and associated materials including Morgellons disease, and even microscopic nanobots that plug into different parts of your body, like your brain.

The purpose of chemtrails is to kill you and every other living thing on the planet, including the ocean, in that everything in the spray is poisonous to all live things. This happens slowly or not slowly, and you can expect to kick on average seven plus years before reaching life expectancy. It's your tax dollars at work!

If you haven't heard of chemtrails, you might start with Scott Stevens' Weather Wars, then take a look at this collection of pictures and articles. The satellite pictures put things in perspective, and that's where I got the spray nozzle photo.

I shot the other picture over Oklahoma county. It was the last photo posted by anyone on KFOR's blog website before it was deactivated. At that moment, my phone and internet service were turned off (for the third time) following my online objection to military tribunal governance, The New Greatest Sin Of All Time.

Forget that every child who's gone to school anywhere on earth in the last 2,000 plus years was taught military tribunal governance is bad—saying those words today makes you the ultimate pariah.

What do you think the point is? Simple: extermination is coming. Censoring this language makes you an enabler, a helper troll and a member of the league of exterminators. Governments are asking Google/Blogger to remove these references, because retaining the element of surprise helps the exterminators. Site owners are specifically commanded to not talk about such things as NDAA, and commentary is ruthlessly suppressed. Don't think any of it has gone away because you don't see it in the news. Like chemtrails, the march to government by gunpoint and gagging discussion under threat are happening globally. KFOR's owner, Oak Hill Capital Partners, is part of the great media takeover by dark forces from roughly 2000 to 2009 hell bent on achieving the death of every living thing on earth, and keeping that hope quiet. That's some ugly stuff.

My blog posts to KFOR's site appear under What is zero point energy, part two, have these titles, and I give a little explanation:

National Geographic to explore underwater city | Written to see if their censor would accept something not too exotic after requesting I make no further submissions.

Heavener monolith? | Everything we're taught about the history of the human race is wrong.

Cheese cake | Recipes got view count on their website, but not this one. That cheese cake is really very tasty.

Cats in chains | Protesting some of the first of new laws enacted here to make agony and death acceptable via the war on cats, of all things. The laws enable organized crime in the form of cat dumping. It creates war among people, has new relevance, and is intended to eliminate what's seen as an important predator of rats and birds, which the New World Order sees as effective disease delivery platforms.

What causes crop circles? | My most popular one, where I went out on a limb and mentioned the scalar electromagnetic interferometer. People are curious about secret technologies, in spite of what repressive media thinks.

Antigravity | EM drive is the real way to travel, both on the earth and in space. The technical data from the antigravity project was stolen at completion in 1958 by what Eisenhower called the "military industrial complex," and now these thieving killers want to kill every living thing.

Collapse, anyone? | People like being scared.

Lied to you | Everything we're taught about energy, healing and how the universe works is a deliberate fabrication.

The MEG | Tesla's primary circuit, with an elementary description. Most people have no knowledge of the invention of the AC electricity generator, possibly history's greatest narrative.

Causing and stopping collapse | We have what is needed to live in an abundant, prosperous, fascinating world, if we can take it back from the dirty, thieving killers who stole it.

The guards of love | I gave this story to KFOR, and it made the international press. The department of corrections investigator lied about grand jury indictments being handed down for two state employees fired for raping women on work release at the Oklahoma governor's mansion. Because no charges were brought against these two clowns, I elicited the station's raptor-like contempt.

Psychoenergetics | Resolving the facts surrounding my brother's death made this series happen.

Why are we in Afghanistan? | It drives me crazy we find ourselves in one stupid war after another, destroying our country, and nobody bothers to wonder why.

Engineering health | Big pharma doesn't want you to know directed energy treatment options are an important bridge to the future.

Engineering time, space and physical reality | People don't realize time occupies a place on the electromagnetic spectrum, and that the creation, transmutation and destruction of physical matter have electromagnetic handles.

Engineering weather | Fought with the administrator for more than a year about this one. Figured it was important because we're in the middle of tornado alley. I stated in comments the dust bowl was probably brought about by weather modification utilizing the scalar electromagnetic interferometer, in that the device had 40 years' research and development by then.

The highest crime | My final submission that says the suppression of technology costs all of us everything, and all our lives—making all other crimes small by comparison.

I still like life and want a better world, and have no regret saying it.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

.50 caliber sniper

With all said and done lately in the name of "gun control legislation," you'd think a breakthrough moment would emerge. Assault weapon prohibition has been done and undone. What good is limiting magazine capacity? Some people want you to think these suggested changes are new, cutting edge stuff.

Yeah, it's cutting edge stuff all right: every imaginable excuse to disqualify every possible person from having a gun. The end game is extermination. Think you don't need a gun?

What you need is a BIGGER gun. The video clarifies the issue. You won't see this one on YouTube! It shows a .50 caliber sniper rifle in use by American forces in Afghanistan, effective at over one mile. You'll notice background checks and multiple round clips aren't problems. You'll also notice the bullet doesn't have to strike the target. The third guy who gets it wasn't hit by the round. If the bullet passes within five feet of a person, the shock wave will tear his body apart.

If Homeland Security comes down your street, you can bet they'll have a .50 caliber rifle, and probably bigger weapons than that. My advice is try to stay out of gun battles.

What is zero point energy, part two: homage to Tom Bearden

(I wrote and rewrote this post at least four times, and it magically vanished from my file archive. This is the long-promised review of the Tom Bearden website, and clarification of zero point energy. The original bit was about four times this long. In the course of doing that, local NBC affiliate KFOR launched a blog website. The site administrator sent me a personal note with my first submission telling me to put my stuff somewhere else. So, I wrote a series of articles for that site, and fought with him until they were all published in 2009. I present them here, as at the end of October, the KFOR site was deactivated.)

I am back, and with a dull, rusty axe to grind. It was difficult to believe my former ISP, Cox Communications, Inc., discontinued my service because they disliked something I discussed online. But after I asked AT&T about DSL service and they were ready to hook it right up, but added several caveats and required I subscribe to multiple services after demanding my social security number, I started to wonder. Yes, I know I said I'd try to get along without phone and internet service. I thought I could tap a wireless router or service. Where I live is like the lone prairie, and there is no such thing.

So, I got a budget dial-up account instead. Yes, it's slow and frequently disconnects. They didn't ask for my social security number—all they needed was to be paid: good, old-world craftsmanship. I'm happy as hell keeping everyone off the considerable fiber optic network (we paid for) was so profitable for the few too-rich men who stole the money we prepaid to connect homes and businesses, and I understand the federal government was completely helpless, slavishly courting Big Telecom's comity so as to tap all our phones. Such huge shit pies are worth every penny they cost, and heaven knows I can't get enough of them.

What does that have to do with better energy technology? What doesn't it? I promised my first online task upon my return would be to update and correct my previous post now that after nearly 60 years of discussing this technology, I was finally starting to learn something, thanks in large part to the Tom Bearden website.

If you plan to read the website, you'd best get started because it's like four years of college, a couple years of graduate study and an extended internship. It would help if I were a millennium-class physicist. That I'm not doesn't mean I fail to recognize the Bearden team's biggest, best, most fantastic, amazing and frightening story ever told, by any writer of any time or genre—and that's so whether you believe all, some or none of it.

I don't find anything in movies, news or elsewhere in all literature that is its equal—and during my sabbatical I came to realize how much it explains and that I know now certainly that MEG and scalar wave technologies are real. I haven't felt I could make that statement, but now I'm certain. I haven't been in a hurry to talk about these things, not because some people think it's crazy talk but in that I've been too busy in a state of wide-eyed amazement.

My thinking and reading these sites was new, and I inadvertently made a false impression when I said:

That confusion isn't helped by the handful of hucksters, con artists and devotees with their books and websites spewing megabytes of gibberish and off-topic speculation. Here's an example. The author tells lots of compelling stories, and has a good point when he says to forget any idea you have of saving the world by producing these devices, because if you can get it to work, it will be taken away from you. Some people offer instructions or schematics, and none of them are cheap. Keep your money. Tom Bearden wants investment capital. If his prototype works, he doesn't need money: anyone who knows what they're doing could build the device with a few dollars' worth of components.

Bearden and team aren't joking with us, and I didn't mean to lump them with the sideshow crowd. I've felt very badly about writing those sentences, and putting that paragraph together like that, especially when I hadn't studied a tenth of the technical papers or their patent, or seen any MEG schematic, and not understanding the operation of the MEG at all.

But that's what people do when they don't understand the subject. I think of it as a personal moral failing, sloth and perhaps God-given piss ignorance. I've thought about that a lot. Since then, I made it a point to more thoroughly read the website. It's long. Entries in the table of contents take you to other tables of contents. I want to give you a little walk-through after I deal with some leftover, residual nastiness.

I was yanked offline and had drive-bys from new, shiny black Suburbans with tinted glass. I'm not the paranoid type, but after all, I do write to rich investors, automotive chief executives and politicians and all kinds of people. The Suburban drivers look me over and don't come back—so far. I don't think anything of it, except that it's too bad. I get zonked for talking about the technology in online forums. The Smirking Chimp was hacked immediately after I made the first post. The comments were so bad, I deleted the content so they wouldn't hit the search engines. I apologized by e-mail to the site owner, telling him I had no idea it would cause all that commotion (and hoping he understood).

I'm sorry for those who never heard of the technology, the last couple generations who got detention instead of an education, and for people who commented 'all overunity devices are scams.' Basically, the MEG is conventional as it is fundamental, something easily understood, with a handful of facts, by the average grade school student. I didn't know that. And how much time do I want to spend arguing? Oh, around none. Fine. Tesla lied all those times he referred to it because it doesn't work. Is that why I can't read Tesla's file? Seems like if it doesn't work, I could read the file; indeed, people would be standing on every street corner trying to pay me to take copies of it off their hands.

Instead, it's classified. That's because it doesn't work, and busy decision makers don't want to clutter up the world with more stuff that doesn't work. Or... runs like six white horses, delivers as stated and makes amazing things possible. That the second possibility is correct is the most sorrowful and ongoing, tragic catastrophe I know or every knew, and by a great measure. Sure, Colonel Bearden wants you to buy his books and discs. You can even get the website on CD, which is great. But the primary thing he sells is something that costs no money, honesty—simple intellectual honesty.

The truth will change the way you see everything, for the rest of your life.

And, it will make you mad. Another matter to clarify is the term "zero point energy." Although Tesla's primary device was tagged as ZPE in the Disclosure Project video, the MEG is not a zero point energy device, and has nothing to do with zero point energy.

Zero point energy has a lengthy description. It is divided into different varieties. It helps to start like this:

The simplest experimental evidence for the existence of zero-point energy in quantum field theory is the Casimir effect. This effect was proposed in 1948 by Dutch physicist Hendrik B. G. Casimir, who considered the quantized electromagnetic field between a pair of grounded, neutral metal plates. A small force can be measured between the plates, which is directly ascribable to a change of the zero-point energy of the electromagnetic field between the plates.

Ordinary quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and quantum perturbation theory have unique approaches to ZPE. The suggestion is that zero point energy may be, or nearly be, the cosmological constant, or theory of everything. Within these categories are inevitable subgroups. Then, there is the human element—and people endlessly demonstrate their boundless interpretations of precisely what it means in infinite assertions. Tom Bearden comments about a 1996 patent for zero point energy.

I intended to write about Tesla's MEG technology, not zero point energy. ZPE may be useless bunk, except as it applies to nanotechnology. Bearden dismissively calls ZPE energy extraction "eyewash" and "jitter:"

A major difference between taking the energy directly from the virtual state vacuum flux, as opposed to the ZPE zitterbewegung process that produces a feeble amount of "jitter" of an observable particle such as an electron, is that one is trying to capture some of the "observable jitter." Extracting jitter energy in the observable state is a secondary process applied to a more fundamental primary process extracting the "jitter" energy from the virtual vacuum.

So the "bad guys" will allow funding and slow progress along the "jitter energy" or ZPE route, but will strongly react to any DIRECT extraction from the virtual state with strong suppression and countermeasures.

More from Bearden on ZPE. It's been my experience that saying self-charging circuits can be built starts a heck of a good fight. That's because rotten, evil people don't want you to know you should have always had free electricity, and as much as you wanted. They only see energy as something to sell and tax, and never consider it's a good thing for them, too, even at the cost of their livelihood.

So it became and remains an invisible catastrophe, unknown to almost everyone. At a time when some scientists say we have just five years, 60 months, to put into place the clean energy technologies we will use henceforth or the global climate will rapidly decline to a state unfit for life, you'd think this would be the easiest pitch in the world, not the toughest. I think we have passed the point of no return. Jim Inhofe thinks it's the biggest sham ever scammed. That event horizon exists, and wherever it is, you know good and well nothing will change, and we will cross it, and die.

Bearden says we have two years, just two years, to put those great, clean energy technologies into place, or western civilization will collapse, and 70% to 90% of the world's people will die or be killed. That link is one of many pieces of correspondence, and it makes many very fascinating statements. He says DoE is suppressing asymmetric magnet technology, which can make permanent, self-powered motors. He says he has reproduced the engineering of physical reality; that is, bringing matter into being from nonbeing. Tesla said that is possible, as is creating life itself, in all its infinite variety.

Indeed, here he describes an unplanned experiment that materialized living things. It was witnessed by many people who don't want to talk about it, and made waves in spacetime that caused local clocks to malfunction for four days.

He talks about the removal of negative energy from physics literature in the early twentieth century, and all the technology we lost because what some scientists observed frightened them so much. Bearden states there is no physical limit to our ability to engineer reality. That ability is required if we expect to inhabit other planets, because we can't take everything we need.

He describes a process by which the Soviets slip the molecular bonds of titanium, causing it to liquefy, and pour it into molds to make hulls for ships. He tells of a newly discovered jellyfish that can reverse its aging process, return to youth and which is immortal—as in can't die unless it is killed.

How is it these things exceed our view and grasp? There is so much to see here, and Bearden never shows all his cards, preferring to live rather than be snuffed for saying too much. I don't doubt it. Here he says the intelligence community both listens to him and wants to kill him from time to time.

Each link contains lots of interesting information. The last one contains a gem. Throughout the site, Bearden says a small country protects the United States from attack with its scalar interferometer. In that article and nowhere else (that I've found), he identifies that country as Israel. You may remember Cheney wanted to bomb Iran back to stone not long ago for fear they would build an atomic device and nuke Israel. If Israel protects the United States with the scalar electromagnetic interferometer, it can certainly protect itself, and attacking Israel would be the ultimate act of suicide. And Cheney, a man who's made a career portraying one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, is a guy who would have known that. This small factoid changes every aspect of the issues of what to think and do about Iran's nuclear project.

That, combined with a lot of reading, made me strongly suspect that all or almost all of what he presents represents more than theoretical or experimental technologies, but real technologies in use every day, many with decades of development. He is inexact on that point in much of the literature, and certainly wouldn't come right out and say it over and over in many places. When he suggests it's possible to make portable scalar devices to treat soldiers' injuries, you can bet there are some of those floating around in the world.

Actually, I get the idea that if Bearden says the device is possible, it is because he has seen it in operation—and my cross-referencing related to reading his website supports that. I read the complete website many times, and followed the annotations as much as possible.

I have nothing but the greatest praise for Bearden and his team.

He speaks of the urgency of revising our truncated electrical engineering model:

14.1 All potentials are special aspects of the master potential of the seething virtual state vacuum. This includes all EM potentials and thus includes each EM field as a particular type of change or dynamics in a parent EM potential.
14.2 All EM potentials and fields in empty space are force-free. Further, the transverse force-field EM wave presently assumed in space actually exists only in charged matter, a priori. In space, the EM wave occurs as sets of more fundamental force-free longitudinal EM waves, as shown by Whittaker { , }.
14.3 Vacuum engineering – i.e., patterning, changing, and using particular aspects of the vacuum potential to then interact with matter and produce desired effects – is possible electromagnetically by a variety of ways and mechanisms.
14.4 Such vacuum engineering is effective and usable only in those asymmetric Maxwellian systems that were arbitrarily discarded by Lorentz prior to 1900, and still arbitrarily discarded today in the standard CEM/EE model.
14.5 Asymmetric Maxwellian systems, such as those properly using asymmetric effects such as the Aharonov-Bohm effect and its derivatives, can be utilized to extract free and usable EM energy directly from the vacuum via the local (decentralized) system. Indeed, all present EM systems already extract their EM energy directly and freely from the vacuum interaction of the source charges and dipoles.
14.6 Present electrical power engineering using only symmetrical systems continually destroys the source dipolarity and the free flow of usable EM energy from the vacuum. Hence the inane combustion of fuel, nuclear fuel rods, or wind input, water current input, and solar energy input in order to continue to remake the source dipolarity that the symmetric system continually destroys.
14.7 There is an urgent need for the scientific community to quickly correct and extend the CEM/EE model used in electrical engineering, and apply and teach a more comprehensive “supermodel” in all universities. A new technology of free “energy from the vacuum” EM systems is in the offing.
14.8 Unless there is rather immediate and strong action to dramatically correct and update the sad old EE model, and to use the new model in developing asymmetric COP>1.0 power systems and self-powering systems, the probability of a catastrophic economic collapse of the United States and the Western world is in the offing.
14.9 Only by using vacuum engineering for electrical power systems that dramatically decrease our dependence on oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power can our economic collapse – and the possible collapse of Western civilization – be avoided.

Elsewhere Bearden points out 34 deliberate deletions that cripple the electrical engineering model in customary use. Here he discusses convincing governments to reconsider.

From Tom Bearden's "Motionless Electromagnetic Generator.pdf:"

Importance of the Process and Its Sub-Processes

A process has been provided whereby useful electromagnetic energy may be extracted from the dipole of a permanent magnet, via the giant negentropy process {26, 43} associated with the magnetic dipole. In that process, an outflow of EM energy is continuously furnished by the magnet dipole in all directions in 3-space, and the energy to the dipole is freely furnished from the time-domain of the active vacuum {1, 26, 43}. Whittaker {1} unwittingly showed this giant negentropy mechanism in 1903, but failed to recognize its implications. Recent recognition of the mechanism and its implications for electrical power systems was accomplished by one of the inventors, Bearden {26} and then more deeply examined by Evans and Bearden {43}. By using the principle that essentially unlimited energy can be withdrawn from (collected from) a potential, and the withdrawn energy will be replaced by the potential's negative resistor action using the giant negentropy mechanism {1, 26, 43}, a practical approach to free energy sources for self-powering and COP>1.0 electrical power systems anywhere in the universe is provided.

By using the principle that iterative transformation of its form energy in a replenishing potential environment can be repeatedly reused to do work, so long as the form of the energy resulting at the completion of each work phase is retained and reprocessed, one joule of energy can be utilized to do many joules of work, as precisely permitted by the conservation of energy law with regauging. This is a major change to the work-energy theorem of electrodynamics, which implicitly has assumed only a single change of form of the energy, followed by loss (escape from the system) of all the energy in the new form. In short, the present work-energy theorem is only a special case valid under those assumed special conditions. The invented process takes advantage of the extended work-energy theorem where one joule of energy—accompanied by retention of the new form of energy resulting from work—can do multiple joules of work in a replenishing potential environment.

By using the principle that one joule in "iterative form changing mode with retention" can do many joules of work upon a component of a system—to wit, upon the Drude electron gas in an electrical circuit, where the potential energy is increased by the increased kinetic energy of the electrons having the work done upon them—the extended work-energy theorem can be utilized to overpotentialize the receiving Drude electron gas, thereby regauging the system to add excess energy by gauge freedom and outputting more electrical energy to the load than is input to the system by the operator.

By then dissipating in loads this excess energy collected in the Drude electron gas in the output circuit, the invented process provides greater energy to be dissipated in the load than is input by the operator. The combination of processes thus allows an electromagnetic system freely functioning as an open system not in equilibrium with its active vacuum (due to the giant negentropy mechanism {26, 43}), hence permitted to exhibit COP>1.0. In this way, more work output can be accomplished by the system process than the work that the operator must perform upon the system to operate it.

By using the principle of governed, clamped positive feedback of a portion of the increased output back to the input, the system can be close-looped and can power itself and its load, with all the energy being furnished by self-regauging from the active vacuum as an external energy source, furnishing excess energy to the magnetic dipole's magnetostatic potential and associated magnetic vector potential, thereby replenishing energy withdrawn from said magnetic vector potential by the subprocesses in the overall system process.

One system operating in closed-loop mode can also have one fraction of its output devoted to "jump-starting" another such system in tandem, then switching the second system into self-powering closed-loop mode, then "jump-starting" another such system, which is then switched to self-powering, and so on. In that way, multiple systems can be "piggy-backed" so that an exceptionally large power system consisting of a group of such "piggy-backing" systems can be produced. In case of system failure, all can be started again in the same series, by furnishing only the initial small input required to jump-start the first system of the group. In this way, very large power systems such as necessary to power automobiles, trucks, ships, trains, etc. can be produced, and yet the back-up jump starting source—such as a storage battery—can be very small, e.g., a simple flashlight battery.

Implications for the Crisis in Oil Supplies Versus Energy Demands

The implications are that a total revolution in transportation, electrical power systems, backup power systems, etc. is at hand. In the process, the electrical power is obtained freely and cleanly from the vacuum, from permanent magnet dipoles continuously replenished from the active vacuum via the giant negentropy process.

A more significant fraction of the electrical power system can thus be decentralized, and degradation in case of system failure will be graceful and local. Yet full use can still be made of the existing power grids and power systems. As an example, arrays of self-powering electrical heater systems can be developed and used to heat the boilers in many standard power systems, thereby stopping the burning of hydrocarbons in those plants, and drastically reducing the pollution of the biosphere and the lungs of living creatures including humans. This would allow a graceful phase-in of new, clean, self-powering electrical power systems, reduction of hydrocarbon combustion for commercial electricity production, ready increase in electrical power to meet increasing world demands even in poor nations and developing countries, while capitalizing and using much of the present very large "sunk costs" investments in present large power systems. The core material fabrication is labor-intensive, so it is made in developing nations where such jobs are sorely needed and greatly benefit both the people and the nation.

The dramatically increased use of and demand for these materials would thus stimulate substantial economic growth in those nations by providing many more jobs.

The conversion of power systems and replacement in a fraction of them, can proceed at a very rapid pace, since production and scale-up of systems utilizing this system process can be very rapid because, except for the cores, all fabrication, parts, techniques, tooling, etc. are simple and standard and very economical.

Particularly at this time of oil crisis and particularly a shortage of refining facilities, a very rapid and permanent solution to the oil crisis and the rapidly increasing demand for electricity—and also much of the problem of the present pollution of the biosphere by combustion byproducts, and of the present global warming enhancement by the emitted CO2 from the hydrocarbon combustion—can be solved cheaply, economically, and quickly.

The steady reduction and eventual near-elimination of hydrocarbon combustion in commercial power systems and transport, and dramatic reduction in nuclear fuel rod consumption, etc. will result in cleaner, cheaper, more easily maintained power systems and a reduction in the acreage required for these power systems.

The gradual decentralization and localization of a substantial fraction of the presently centralized power grid will eliminate a significant fraction of power transmission costs, thereby lowering the price of electrical energy to the consumers.

The scale-up weight-per-kilowatt of systems using this system process will be sufficiently low to enable rapid development of electrically powered transport media such as automobiles etc. These will have weight about the same as now, carry a small battery as a backup "jump-starter", and will have very agile performance suitable for modern driving in heavy traffic. With fuel costs zeroed, the cost to the citizens of owning and operating vehicles will be reduced. Costs to the trucking industry, e.g., will be dramatically reduced, since fuel is a major cost item. In turn, since most goods are moved via the trucking industry, the lower transport costs will mean more economical sales prices of the goods. These are very powerful and beneficial economic advantages of the new process.

You can well understand the importance of modernizing electrical engineering. Bearden states it another way with some very interesting additions:

The problem is the present classical electrodynamics (CEM) taught in university, such as in electrical engineering. That CEM model is horribly flawed, and very seriously out of date (more than a hundred years old). For example:

1. It still assumes a material ether, falsified since the 1890s. Thus is assumes force fields in space, which is totally untrue, as pointed out by many physicists such as Wheeler, Nobelist Feynman, and others. Rigorously force exists in and on mass, because mass is a component of force. In that sense, the basic mechanics taught in physics -- with a separate mass-free force acting on a mass -- is totally false in that premise.

2. It assumes a flat spacetime (falsified since 1916; given a single mass anywhere in the universe, the spacetime is curved).

3. It assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for decades by particle physics, both theoretically and experimentally).

4. It assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created out of nothing at all, by the associated source charge(s). This is in total violation of the conservation of energy law. So we either have to solve the source charge problem --- where does the charge get the energy it continuously pours out in all directions, establishing its fields and potentials spreading outward at light speed -- when there is no OBSERVABLE energy input to it? That epochal problem has just been purged out of the electrical engineering textbooks, so the students will not ask embarrassing questions. You see, either the charge continuously receives nonobservable VIRTUAL PHOTON energy from the vacuum, and coherently integrates it into observable size, then re-emits the energy as real, observable photons radiated in all directions -- or else the charge creates all that energy out of nothing and totally falsifies conservation of energy. We have published the solution, taken from particle physics in the discovery of broken symmetry in 1957. But energy from the vacuum is terribly resisted, because -- my goodness! If the young grad students and post docs get onto that, then that power meter will come off your house and the gas pump meter will come off your car. In that case, some of the greatest cartels in the world will have to go back to knitting. With something like a trillion dollars per year ripped off humanity in the energy field alone, obviously those "in control" of most of the financial resources of the present "energy cartels" are not going to let that happen if possible. Hence what some physicists (such as Sen) call "the most difficult problem in electrodynamics" is not even mentioned in the electrical engineering texts, nor are the tremendous foundations errors in that electrical engineering model pointed out to the students.

5. The fact that all the "normal" EM fields and potentials decompose into -- and thus are comprised of, and identically are -- harmonic sets of bidirectional longitudinal EM waves with differential functions impressed -- is not mentioned (Whittaker showed that in 1903 and 1904; his 1904 paper initiated "superpotential theory" but the 1903 paper was almost entirely and resoundingly ignored). In short, there is a far more fundamental longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics, which MAKES all the rest anyway, but it is not allowed to be investigated in the doctoral theses and post doctoral studies. It has, however, been highly weaponized by some 10 nations of the world, and the weather over our very heads has been engineered that way since July 4, 1976 -- our "bicentennial gift" from the KGB.

6. In CEM, most everything deals with 3-space (i.e., after observation and d/dt operators have been applied to the real phenomena in 4-space). Time thus is just assumed to be a "river" on which we helplessly float. That's false. Rate of passage of time -- and even its reversal -- can be engineered, as well as 3-space stuff. In quantum field theory, e.g., there is a time-polarized (scalar) photon, where the energy (compressed into what we call "time") is oscillating over on the time axis. There is also a longitudinal photon whose energy in 3-space oscillates along the direction of travel, like an accordion being squeezed to and fro (Tesla's compression and rarefaction wave). Neither the scalar photon nor the longitudinal photon are individually observable, but the pairing of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential. So common old "voltage" is quite a bit more strange and exotic than the electrical engineers even suspect in their wildest nightmares. Now one can understand Becker's "voltage" across the intractable bone fractures having the capability (looked at with an eye for optical phase conjugation) of "pumping" the entering red cells in the time domain as well as in 3-space. In short, he showed that the red cell IS CHANGED BACK TO AN EARLY FORM (dedifferentiation in the lexicon of the biologist, time reversal in the language of physics). So it shucks the hemoglobin and grows a cellular nucleus. Then that cell, continuing to be pumped, is redifferentiated, and turns into the kind of cell that makes cartilage. Then THAT cell (or blast) further differentiates into the type of cell that makes bone. It is deposited, and with enough such "forced creation of bone cells and their deposit", the otherwise intractable bone fracture heals. Electrical engineering and CEM cannot model that, but higher group symmetry electrodynamics can do it.

Thus, because of the terrible flaws in electrical engineering and the ubiquitous use of that silly model in medicine, we have the ridiculous situation where the healing system of the body -- which is the cellular regeneration system, and NOT the immune system -- is not even properly studied. It's an electrical system, (zounds! the body already uses "crazy electromagnetics" to do all its cellular healing!), but the medical folk will not use the type of electrodynamics necessary to model it and fit the model to experiments. Therefore we continue to support the big drug companies, etc. and almost totally ignore the real healing process and how it works -- and how to engineer it as Becker showed and Priore showed, etc.

Hope that sheds some light on why the key to so many new kinds of science and healing is solidly blocked by the nearly slavish attachment of our universities to the standard and terribly flawed electrical engineering. The place to put the blame is on the leaders: The National Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, etc.

Here is a document replicating Bearden's MEG, proving that it works.

In some of his most recent correspondence, Bearden speaks of the use of microthin, nanocrystalline tourmaline in "solar cells" that require no light. Tourmaline processed this way emits such a copious shower of far-infrared light photons, a cell that could power your car or house would be the size of your thumb.

(There you have it, originally written in 2008-2009, incomplete, but with the stories below you get a little more. Many of the links are disabled. Except for the removal of some embedded videos, the short articles are as they appeared on KFOR "YourSpace.")

National Geographic to explore underwater city

Did civilization exist in Central America 40,000 years ago? If so, it rewrites some anthropology:

The Russian-Canadian oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky reveals that in late October, she will lead a new expedition, from the Port of Progress, to explore a suspected site of a lost underwater city near Cuba financed by National Geographic. The team has been readying a specially equipped ship in Canada for the expedition. A hundred people plan to deploy a mini-submarine and several robots to depths of up to half a mile. In October of 2004, Paulina Zelitsky and her team found evidence that an island collapsed into the sea, but they could not complete the mission due to technical deficiencies. The scientists managed to film a pyramid of almost 35 meters height (115 feet) and to extract stones embedded with animal fossils incapable of living at a depth of 700 meters (2,300 feet).

The existence of pyramidal structures deep underneath Cuban waters is verified. Paulina Zelitsky has been steadfast in her theory of the collapse of the city as a result of a powerful earthquake more than 12,000 years ago. The scientists are in agreement that the geologic formation of the Yucatan Peninsula is as a result of seismic activity.

This discovery demonstrates that the first North Americans arrived earlier than previously thought and that all did not arrive on the continent by means of the Bering Straits. There is even a new theory which surmises that the Mayans of Yucatan come from Central America. British archaeologists said that they found human tracks in Puebla that date from 40 thousand years ago, which contradicts the general idea that America was populated not more 13,500 years ago. The city lies between Cuba and Yucatan submerged to more than 600 meters with structures very geometrically cut, passages, tunnels and even temples with diverse symbols that arose in a place where officially human beings never lived. Most of these megalithic blocks have gigantic dimensions, reaching to five meters of height and several tons of weight and were cut to form greater structures. Photo from

I don't know George Filer, but his website is really amusing.

Update July 19, 2016: Here’s a YouTube video posted in May about this subject.

Heavener monolith?

I make these posts for the amusement of the news, weather and sports program production unit, and anyone who likes a story. Curiosity and a passion for good stories have taught me more than anything else.

You don't have to believe it; indeed, what can you believe about any event you didn't see but reconstructed from others' accounts? I'm skeptical of everything, and like to consider anything people say is a deliberate lie.

Neither is that always true, nor does story specificity equal factuality. This one is fascinating, and has the Oklahoma angle. But is it true, or better still, is it even possible to know for certain?

In a radio interview pitching his book, "Hidden History of the Human Race," Michael Cremo says coal miners in Heavener, OK came upon a polished marble wall while excavating a seam at a depth of two miles dating to an age of 300 million years. Wow man.

He says it's a prime example of many that advanced civilizations inhabited the whole world long before the 150,000 years mainstream archeology claims to be the whole history of modern humans. He asserts this inconvenient detail is "filtered" from the official, legitimate story of human archeology.

Others make such claims, including Jonathan Gray, who tells of discoveries of eight to ten foot tall human skeletons with six toes and fingers. The remains were seized by the feds, and their discoverers were ordered to keep quiet.

Cremo and Gray want to sell their books, of course. But what of the story of Heavener? I've heard people talking about an archeological discovery there, but never heard anyone hazard a guess, or divulge the slightest detail. That doesn't prove anything, and I'm put off by such stories. I get smart and say, "That ain't what I heard."

Is this story about something one could photograph, or could one get lucky enough to record someone threatening harm if he didn't get lost? That's what I call amusing.

Cheese cake

The recipe has been in my family over 40 years. It was said to have been stolen from an upscale New York City hotel. I don't think anyone's rights are violated by sharing it with you.

If you're going to eat stuff like REALLY GOOD STUFF:

Mix 1.25 cups graham cracker crumbs with .5 cup melted butter. Line bottom of angel food cake pan and sprinkle with pecans.

Beat well 4 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Beat until fluffy with 3 8-oz. packages of softened cream cheese.

Pour in pan and bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes. Remove and cool 10 minutes. Set oven to 475 degrees.

Over top spoon .5 pt. sour cream, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Cook 5 minutes. Chill before cutting.

Several inches thick and devilishly rich.

Important note: the cream cheese must be room temperature. I burned up a handheld mixer trying to fluff the cream cheese, and the one I have now won't do it. I recommend a commercial stand mixer.

Cats in chains

Cat tether laws are the things of e-mail jokes.

And the goofy, silly towns that enact these laws are the deserving targets of scorn and belly-laugh derision.

I don't know why stories like this aren't news, when a vigorous run around the block to pick a worthy fight is in order.

In July, 2007, I was mad and itching for a scrap with whoever was killing cats in large numbers in my neighborhood—as well as with animal welfare and the police for doing nothing. Rife with political references and probably profanity, you can read my comments here:

I assert Edmond's cat leash law is deference to the bird sanctuary group, and it and other statutes promote a culture of companion animal murder. Thank heaven for free roaming cats, without which my neighborhood would be crawling with rats, and we'd all have plague.

What causes crop circles?

What causes crop circles? What do they mean? I've been eager to ask you that.

Channels 4 and 43 have alluded to a possible upgrade in the newscasts and other programs. We have been told Rise & Shine is the top Nielsen-rated morning program, and on this site some news associates have asked for suggestions to improve the news programs.

Anyone, everyone who goes to work for any company at some time wonders what it would take to make the company more profitable. Often that idea leads to the notion the company should expand its market, such as offering more products to national or global buyers. I'm sure every person who ever worked for this market's magazines, newspapers and broadcasters has wondered what it would take to have global influence.

Even a medium-sized market TV station can create news stories of world class importance. All it takes is some reading, the honesty to tell the truth, and the strength and courage to deflect the brickbats and bullets that get fired. Of course you can make video stories that have meaning everywhere!

It makes me think of crop circles. Did you know the United Kingdom had a rash of crop circles in July and August? The Brits call them "croppies" and it's all ever so fun, but it's not funny.

It's part of the most serious issue of our time. Crop circles aren't caused by UFOs, local yahoos mashing plant stalks with 2x4s on ropes or little green worms.

Crop circles are made with a PC, a graphic arts program and some artwork, and scalar electromagnetic interferometry technology. What is a scalar electromagnetic interferometer?

It's a electronic device very similar and closely related to a radio transmitter, but instead of radio waves, it engineers and emits a scalar wave, which resides on the electromagnetic scale between electricity and the light photon.

Scalar interferometry can precisely target an object thousands of miles away, large or small, and do it all good or harm, even disintegrate it. It can cure illness, repair injury, physical or mental—even regenerate missing limbs. Hey, I don't write this stuff! It's in the literature.

In the case of crop circles, a scalar electromagnetic interferometer is manipulating a plasma ball, or perhaps bundle of enfolded electromagnetic energy, to push down the plants, and make precise, fascinating, intricate, possibly prophetic, large, symmetric images.

Their existence annoys me, and should annoy you, because some rogue, military contractor, hostile country or even international crime organization is pushing these things in the world's face and saying, "ha, ha, look what I have you DON'T have, a machine that could make sickness and disability things of the past, kill everyone on earth or even blow up the sun, I'm doing this dumb thing with it and you people are too stupid to even know it."

Scalar electromagnetic interferometry is a classified technology, and that is not right. The Bearden team has the stellar discussion.

Those of you whose livelihoods are derived from work with an organization operating a broadcast transmitter should be intimate experts without peer, in spite of the fact you weren't taught about this in school or may never see it in action and know what you're seeing. The reasons are many. First and foremost is because the same person who invented scalar electromagnetic interferometry also invented the x-ray device and radio transmission and reception, Nikola Tesla. It was not Marconi. He was a patsy, and we were all played. Why we were played is a whole other story.

Traveling from home to work is an act of death defiance, which means you already have the courage to produce a feature about what causes crop circles (or some other such story). There are people loudly screaming the failure to disclose this and other technologies powers degradation of the biosphere, but that the collapse of civilization is a more urgent problem, and will begin in a matter of months. That model is possible.

So, on top of reporting in the public interest, making improved ratings and looking after the shareholders, can you also save the world? Yes you can!


Ninety four years ago, Serbian born American physicist Nikola Tesla tried to sell antigravity technology to our military. They didn't buy it, freezing technology and education and the industrial revolution we in the public domain still await.

The military came to understand how important the technology is. In 1943 Tesla was murdered and immediately robbed of his files, spawning layer upon layer of secret infrastructure with a free hand in the open till of our tax dollars. The programs drew evil people who would like to rule the world for all time, and live in the unimaginable luxury of working with the best things ever invented, spending an unlimited budget and never worrying about legal consequences.

In a 2005 episode of the radio program Coast To Coast AM, John Lear, distinguished CIA pilot and son of Bill Lear, father of the Lear jet, says we were flying to the moon in an hour in 1962 and to Mars in 1966 using antigravity. Part one of 12. You need to listen to all 12 parts. He covers many subjects and gives an example of how it would sound in the beginning if we finally got disclosure of these technologies, and what's been done to suppress and hide them. Sobering.

You can see what antigravity technology looks like at the end of this video. Please note the soundtrack lyrics are explicit.

Since then, we've had a phony, roman candle-style rocket space program, while behind the scenes the real but secret program traveled the solar system and beyond. Lear steps right up and says these very black ops programs killed John Kennedy and run the drug war for funding, gave us the foreign wars and all the economic trouble we've had, essentially because they overdraw the total money in circulation to fund research and development and conduct experiments. The calamities we suffer are supposed to serve as a distraction.

I've long suspected it, but he's the first guy I've heard say it. Antigravity cost more than the Manhattan Project. I know we mastered it. I got an up close look at a flying disk in Oklahoma county in the summer of 1968. It, or one like it, had been spotted by a great number of people over a period of more than two years, and was thought to be an experimental craft based at Tinker, and not a big thing. I saw the object dematerialize.

At 14, I knew what I saw took a lot of electricity, and demonstrated a higher knowledge of physics than what is taught at the graduate level. The observation demonstrated evolution in MEG technology, antigravity and Tesla's "theoretical" hidden space propulsion. It's taken me decades to categorize what I saw. We could do all that in 1968, and we paid for it. But we can't have it. We can't have more than 1915 technology, and we don't.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of buying big, expensive, fine things I'm not allowed to know about, use or have. We are indeed ants, living at our evil lords' convenience, and punished ruthlessly for the privilege. I know this much is true, and agree with John Lear. I don't know what to think about his assertion the human soul is a small apparatus installed in newborns by our alien creators that records our lives, and is then recycled in a seven-mile-high glass temple ruin on the moon before the device is sent back to earth for installation in another body. I'm going to be creeped out and feel betrayed if suddenly I find I'm dead, and I'm going to the moon. That John and his cohorts seem agreed as to the facts and say they have photographs of this structure is troubling, but you don't see pictures in the video.

Thank goodness. Those technologies belong in the public domain. The interwoven, covert bureaucracy caretaker in this country is so powerful and shielded, some think it's invincible. I don't have a million ideas of what to do about it, just one: try to crack the ice on this story. I know it's dumb to think I can force the issue—so I do the smart thing and think I can't NOT force the issue. I write and talk to many people, and hope someone will do likewise because I could use some help. The federal legislative and executive branches can't control these programs in any way—nor would they if they could. They need some help, too.

Updated 6/12/14: Please also see this, this and this describing my limited experience with antigravity. Gravity occupies a place on the electromagnetic spectrum. It is electrodynamic and can be engineered. In the modern era, that's been known since at least the mid nineteenth century.

Collapse, anyone?

Can you say collapse? I like how you say that. I can say it too. Um, hey, something seems askew.

Last week, Bernanke and Geithner hesitantly confided the worst of the recession is behind us and sunny days are ahead, despite the fact recovery will be glacially slow.

That is, unless you're one of their fellow bankers, I suppose. It sounds like the same wishful thinking we heard from guys like Jim Cramer and the CNBC flock just before Bear Stearns bit the dirt. Neil Barofsky, who oversees the disposition of TARP for banks, made some troubling comments also last week, saying banks aren't lending more and that we seem to be in an even more perilous situation than a year ago: [video deleted]

Also last week, Ron Paul made this interesting speech in a meeting with perpetual hawk Michele Bachman, R-MN in which he hints he's not too confident about the way things are going, either: [video deleted]

The video is long but interesting. It's hard to believe that's a republican talking to republicans after the last eight years, getting applause for saying we should stay out of wars, even the drug war. I said something about that a few weeks ago.

Paul gets called isolationist and radical by left-leaning commentators, but he makes a valid point. How does subsidizing rich bankers and insurance companies produce a robust economic climate in our money-driven, produce/consume society when we produce huge budgetary deficit with defense spending and when we allow our richest institutions to write their own rules? Who believes fewer, richer banks and insurance companies are the secret of a thriving nation?

They aren't, and there are academics aplenty warning that what we're seeing is the wind up to the last spin out of the global economy. The most determined argue it is by the deliberate scheming of government and finance, and the precursor to a single world monetary system whereby they acquire more money and power (the same plan that's been at work for thousands of years).

Is catastrophic economic collapse imminent? By imminent, I mean set to begin within days of today. Is it that fragile? Hard to believe, I say—and the hard to believe is common these days. I see more and deeper poverty in this area than ever, and I went to school with the children of tenant farmers, nice but genuinely poor.

Incidentally, if you suppose collapse, 70% to 90% of the population will die or be killed, as the story goes. I'm not too worried, because I know NewsChannel 4 will warn me.

Lied to you

Unfortunately, schools don't teach a detailed course of the history of electricity and the history of electric generators.

It's a great story and the most important thing to learn, and no one should graduate high school without knowing how to engineer and build an electric generator from scratch. That seems like a tall order until you consider that intellectual honesty in teaching it would make these tasks easily mastered by anyone who can graduate with a C average.

This field of study was a big deal in the 17th and 18th centuries, and by the 1860s the theories of electricity and how to make it were ready for deployment. A great physicist was needed, and a millennium-class physicist named Nikola Tesla did the work. (Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia, so disregard any references you may find to Tesla's being a useless psychotic. Those comments come and go when anyone can rewrite the narrative, and there are still people whose careers are devoted to suppressing this information.)

Tesla was the first to publicly demonstrate radio transmission and reception in 1893. That same day he demonstrated wireless transmission and reception of electric current. He had designed a system for the clean production of power and for delivering it worldwide, without cost, and without a grid.

That's not how you or I were taught, in spite of the fact Tesla was recognized as radio's inventor by act of Congress in 1943, after he died. Otherwise, the story before and since has been that Marconi invented radio, as well as the x-ray machine. He didn't. Tesla invented that, too.

I acquired a book titled The Man Who Tamed Lightning from Scholastic as a kid which claimed Charles Proteus Steinmetz invented alternating current and the AC induction motor. He didn't. It was Tesla. The authors, publishers and distributors of this trash lied to me and all of us. Marconi and Steinmetz were patsies, and we were played for loser fools.

Why does it matter? Very rich men, then and now, have done everything it takes to stop you from learning this so they can keep making money while enslaving humanity, and they hope to go on like this for all time. It was no big deal when oil sold for five cents a barrel. At today's prices, how do you like knowing you could have and should have had all the clean source electricity you could use, for free?

That's right, and you can read a scholarly, annotated essay that's quite good on that subject here. At the end, the authors state they have reason to believe Tesla was murdered minutes before the FBI confiscated all his files. Most sources say his patents numbered 700, only a few of which are in the public domain now, but other sources have said the real number is closer to 1,200. Most people know nothing about the suppressed ones, now classified, and they are most of his greatest ones.

The power supply the report refers to is the motionless electromagnetic generator, or MEG. After first reading about it 45 years ago, this last year I finally got an idea how it's supposed to work. Get ready to lose your temper.


The greatest thing ever invented, and the big story of the next 10,000 years, is the motionless electromagnetic generator, or MEG. Actually, it's the whole suite of overunity electric generator technologies that work, and not the ones that don't.

The MEG is the first way Tesla devised to produce alternating current. He understood that rapidly switching and pulsing electricity let him utilize positive and negative polarity and engage more current. He figured out a simple, common sense circuit to produce AC in the 1880s.

It takes a little current for the first pulse to bring the MEG from inactive to active, to be sure. Then, the pulse is stepped up by an output coil, the majority becoming current and the rest close looped back to the other core to fire the next pulse. Thus, the source charge problem is solved, and you're making electricity without moving parts or fuel.

Think of the MEG core as like a transformer core divided in two. Each side has an input coil and a larger output coil. Here's a schematic of the circuit which is true to Tesla's version, at least so far as I can determine. In that this is one of the best kept secrets of anything our government ever stole, it's hard to be absolutely sure.

There are tricks to this, and Tesla said if it isn't correctly engineered and configured, it doesn't work, like anything electrical. But, as you can see from the schematic, there's not much to it. Are we really that close to energy self-sufficiency? Yes indeed.

From the circuit's patent and the experiment's replication one sees the importance of the core's metallurgy and of proper exploitation of the magnetic "flux transfer principle" as described by R.J. Radus in the July, 1963 Engineer's Digest.

Tesla went on to design the rotary generator and everything in the grid, and the hydroelectric generation and transmission facility, not because they were better. They weren't. They were based on truncated mathematics, and render less than one percent of the electromagnetic energy present. But, they were what made money for the people who employed him.

Many wonderful stories are told about Tesla's dealing with manufacturers, the military and utility companies. He was seen by some as a threat to the established order, so he and his work were buried in history. The system we use today is his. He insisted the generator-grid system isn't sustainable, and it isn't.

Overunity is clean, sustainable power without cost. Taking the energy cost out of home, office, manufacturing, transportation and agriculture changes the economic weather dramatically and launches a million new technologies. Some suggest in time it could produce such abundance no one would ever lack for a vocation, and the monetary sytem itself would become obsolete. That's a very big story.

Consider Tesla attempted to sell his unmanned aerial vehicle to the military at a bargain price. They probably didn't understand it, and built today's air corp instead. The vehicle used no fuel and was operated by remote control. Since that time, we haven't needed ships, trains, planes, cars, trucks, bridges or roads. The year? 1915.

The only reason the government pushes wind and solar grid plug-ins is to perpetuate existing energy industries, because wind and solar won't make 20% market penetration in 50 years, and probably many more. Electricty will become more expensive, and we'll get a world full of increasingly costly natural gas cars and trucks. That doesn't curb CO2 emission, and if you've ever seen a natural gas explosion, you should not want that.

A better world is possible, but not if we don't design it. And how can we design it if we don't know what a better world is? Supression of this technology is a crime, and every president since 1943, when Tesla's notes were stolen, has deserved removal from office and prosecution for failing to declassify and disclose it.

Causing and stopping collapse

What causes economic distress? Some writers and politicians insist nowadays banking industry folderol is the whole problem.

That's one of a thousand facets on this precious gem. Average folks at random know it.

I wonder if collapse of the dollar or global economy has a trigger, a camel's back-breaking straw.

Although it wasn't listed as a reason to go to war, the fact Iraq was preparing to abandon the dollar as the exchange currency for oil played prominently in the decision to invade. It seems the smart people who decide things believed America and the world are better served by maintaining the dollar as the global reserve currency, signified by how oil is purchased—and that dumping the dollar could cause global economic collapse.

It's an interesting idea that's come back to haunt us. According to Robert Fisk, a cabal of "Gulf Arabs" have decided to abolish the dollar as the reserve currency for oil trade with China, Russia, Japan and France.

If you think of things threatening humanity, you probably think of nuclear weapons or climate change. Tom Bearden says the most dangerous, urgent threat is the fall of civilization preceded by economic collapse—and Tom is right.

The health of "the economy," whatever that is, however you picture it, is about more than how well you can prepare for retirement. Ian Welsh predicts that as the change from dollars takes place, breathtaking poverty will become prevalent in our fair country. Many in government will certainly see the prospects as far more grim, and press for expanding war. Does ditching the dollar to acquire oil precipitate economic collapse?

Maybe. But I don't know, and neither does anyone else. Welsh says, "it will hurt." I think it will do far more than hurt.

I think it will plummet America into the dark ages. In 20 years, you won't recognize the place.

Welsh also boldly predicts no technical revolution can begin in the United States. Technologies our government has on the shelf can change the world overnight. Can that revolution avert disaster? Absolutely.

Not to exploit this terrible story to pitch my favorite cause, but preserving the biosphere and civilization matters and is why I loudly insist the government must declassify and disclose MEG technology, among others. You need that handheld device that powers your 1,000-hp car or home, and we need to take the energy cost out of the global finance equation. We must kill the petroleum energy industry, and pound a stake in the heart of OPEC. The sooner the better.

Yeah, I know, Oklahoma is an oil state, and that idea isn't popular—and I can expect lots of push back. The oil industry won't disappear. There will always be a market for every drop we can pump and refine, because, as blog commenters remind me, you can't make plastic and fertilizer out of energy. What is remarkable is, everyone knows the petroleum energy market is its lowest profit product. Of course the oil industry doesn't want their whole sales scheme shuffled. I understand.

However, oil energy was never sustainable, and our decision to be reliant on oil energy was made decades before the idea of environmental impact was imagined, and the economic impact of oil was only very hopeful. The world has changed. I believe we don't have time to discuss the self evident solution.

The guards of love

Last week we learned two state payrollees were fired after a department of corrections (DOC) internal affairs investigation found they'd raped women inmates in their custody and care groundskeeping at the governor's mansion.

The DOC investigator has lied every time his mouth moved. The DOC investigative report is censored, edited and revised, and whatever truth might have been in it is now gone.

The issue is raised by eight women, not two or three, and the number is probably greater, possibly much greater, and the violations happened over a period of months if not years—brutal, violent crimes, committed by state employees, at the governor's mansion.

The reaction by some citizens is no surprise:

"So what! They were inmates. I would say thats a good way for them to repay their debt to society."—LOL

"You don't like Oklahoma leave."—Crystal

"Criminals don't learn from their mistakes. Once a criminal... always a criminal."—Idiot Patrol

So much for paying one's debt. Isn't that special? So, how do you three like working for department of corrections? Do you like those fringies, and do you get enough forbidden inmate love? I'm sure you don't.

Cuckhold for the shackle challenged is not in anyone's job description. I have an opinion some people may not comprehend. It's just my opinion. They have theirs and I have mine. I think we should dig a large pit, march these two and everyone in their department into it, followed by everyone in department of corrections, all these departments' policy manuals and other paperwork, followed by every state trooper who regularly swarms the governor's mansion and finally, the governor and his whole family, because even the Henry's children are complicit, cover them up and pray like mad we never hear anymore from them. But we will hear from them, and we'll be needing lawnmowers, for they will rise again as mutant broadleaf weeds and dandelions growing atop a septic field.


Psychoenergetics is among the hardest to believe of the exotic, secret electromagnetic technologies—but it has a lot of good company.

If you're looking for a news story of first impression, of interest to every individual, psychoenergetics has it all. A person at a control panel on the other side of the earth can target someone, cause them anxiety, illness, full-blown perceptions, set them on fire, detonate or disintegrate them or turn off any of their bodily organs without leaving forensic traces. News writers don't touch this subject, so anybody who wants to step forward can still be first.

You can find many such stories by reading the academic treatises at Project Censored. Start with this one about "psychological warfare," which is a nice way to put it. Psychoenergetics is practicum of unimaginable horror.

The report is a jewel of modern literature. It mysteriously disappeared from their website a few weeks after it was published. I wrote to ask about it and received no response. Absent until this summer, it was quietly reinstated. That's something that never happens to those guys. That it did with this one means something; what, I don't know. The restored version isn't revised.

It's just under 50 pages and required reading, including footnotes. Scalar technology is said to be the fundamental enabler of antigravity technology, and a good follow-up is to view the Disclosure Project video. In questions at the end, they say if your car were equipped with Tesla's primary power supply and scalar EM technology, it would never touch the ground and could make light speed plus. You learn a few other things about Tesla you might not know in the Project Censored report.

(I thought enough of this report that I styled it and posted it on this site, here.)

You'll discover these fantastic technologies exist in a fine state of evolution. As a taxpayer, their research and development is the most expensive thing you've purchased—another good reason the well-equipped author and broadcast associates of every stripe should be conversant.

I can't testify as to every strange thing of which no one ever heard, and in writing about these things I have to decide what is real. I require at least a half dozen credentialed, credible, attributable sources, and I have to see it myself. Good sources are abundant. I'm related to people who report experiences explainable only this way. During an attack, one died.

It took a four years of study and cross-examination to find an explanation for the many strange things that happened.

If my family's experience represents the wider population, about 25% of all people are attacked and about 10% are killed. No one can prove a thing. Nobody questions it or becomes any the wiser. It can happen to you and yours, as the victims seem to be chosen at random. My education's cost is immeasurable.

Bearden's site talks about the neurophone in an amazing story about directed microwave energy that lets a person hear things others next to him can not, and the teenage prodigy who invented it. Bearden also has an authoritative book on the subject.

Bigger things are possible. Read about geologist/geophysicist Harry Mason and EM weapons testing in the desert of Australia. See the video. Wow. I haven't been able to worm a comment from the one person I know in Australia.

Most everyone knows nothing about the weaponization of this fabulous technology. It's wrong and must change. Talking about it is okay. Be the world's first news company to do it. I'd twist your arm in person, but cannot. Its caretakers include some very bad people, and the reading mentions many world's end designs. The programs' enormous cost is a scourge on humanity. Classified projects are thought to consume 25% of GDP, but no one knows in that the figures are secret. That it gets used the way it does and beneficial uses are withheld from the people who paid the bills is nothing short of unbelievable.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why are we in Afghanistan?

Why are we in Afghanistan?

If you answered, "I'm not sure anymore," you gave the same answer as the other 99.9% of us.

We invaded Afghanistan in the beginning, ostensibly, to pick up bin Laden and pals. Bush and Cheney blew that off and invaded Iraq.

General McChrystal wants 40,000 additional troops and ten more years, guesstimated to cost a mere $800 billion. If we aren't mad at bin Laden, why are we still there?

Many people last week advised the president not to do this, and perhaps the most surprising was Rep. Jane Harman of California, perhaps the democrats' most strident war hawk.

We're in Afghanistan to protect vital oil pipelines and the heroin trade from falling into the hands of the people's armies.

Did I say heroin trade? That's right. The United States and other nations funnel barrels of money out of the illegal drug trade to fund secret weapon and technology development, and the operation of military black ops, also thought to consume 25% of GDP if not more.

The people making these decisions consider this money siphoning as among the most patriotic of official ventures. It isn't that no one knows why we're in Afghanistan. It is that the people who know don't want to talk about it.

Engineering health

I'm puckering up, because by dog, this time I'm going to get kissed.

In his weekly address October 17, President Obama laid into the insurance industry for confusing the issues and conversation about forcible inscription in a (swindle) health insurance policy for everyone and whether or not the federal government can get in on the (take) program. Watch it: [video deleted]

As it stands, I don't get coverage until I make an annual copay that is more than I can make. So, the insurance I buy will always pay nothing, as it always has, and if I get a cavity you have to put a bullet in me. I can see how the answer to this is yet another nonperforming insurance policy.

Restricting the discussion of "health care reform" to how the government can force people to buy more insurance, and whether or not the government can make money from this windfall is the most mind-numbing, dumbing-down mishmash I've ever tried to ignore.

Scalar electromagnetic wave technology can be used to produce crop circles, attack and kill people or enable your vehicle to make light speed plus. It can do many other things, including cure disease.

In fact, directed energy for healing has among the most solid support in the literature of any of the suppressed EM technologies. Antoine Priore demonstrated a device which cured 100% of rats with malignant cancer in thousands of experiments conducted under strict scientific method in 1960. Tom Bearden says this technology can regenerate lost limbs.

Bearden says elsewhere scalar technology can correct the genetic indicator for inherited diseases in one second flat, and repair the damage done by diseases like multiple sclerosis or Alzheimers. Once again, the inventor is Nikola Tesla, who said scalar can do that and much more.

Remember, Tesla was murdered so this and other technologies could be stolen from him, and many trillions of taxpayer dollars have funded research and development, all in secret. Tesla said this technology can make a fission level detonation from nonfissile material, disintegrate matter or bring it into existence from nonexistence. He said you can transmute matter, and turn one thing into anything else. In this video, the men turn a rock partially into gold:

Yeah, I know that was easy to fake, but those guys aren't kidding. From what Tesla said, once one masters a few basics, a number of things are possible, including engineering the passage of time itself and creating life, and in all its infinite variety.

In this video, Dr. Kanzius demonstrates how to set salt water on fire discovered as he set about to cure his wife's cancer using radio waves. His cancer treatment is under study, and is said to be very promising.

The rapid healing of bones (as in seconds, painlessly, unobtrusively) was discussed in the Army's Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook, a radio field manual, in 1985.

Other sources indicate technology is well developed. These things belong to all of us. Bearden says the average person should be able to live 200 years in robust health, possibly much longer. Tesla said the technology could fix any injury, cure any illness, so quickly and easily it could be done on an out patient basis and at little cost. It makes sense. The electrodynamic aspect of your body extends to every atom. Big pharma will never be able to intervene, to cure and repair something like Parkinsons disease, or muscular dystrophy. The developed technology has been ready to disclose for decades.

It is deeply hypocritical for the federal government to criticize the automotive industry when it continues to suppress the precise technologies the industry needs and the world wants. Likewise, real health care reform has nothing to do with insurance. Deployment of existing technologies would probably make health insurance go the way of the conestoga—and these words are among the sweetest I ever heard.

Engineering time, space and physical reality

I expressed to channel 4 that their forecast of the Christmas eve storm was the only precisely correct one in the midst of many different ones, including that of the National Weather Service, which diverged widely from 4's. Really nice work, congratulations, and thanks for watching the isobar map so closely.

The low pressure center delivering snow traveled from Washington state and passed us in a day before it stalled out roughly between Shreveport and Little Rock. It wobbled and slid northwest to central Minnesota, where it dissipated—only to reappear a week later as a huge donut over Ontario, helping to drive down the polar air we had at the end of the first week of January.

There's no way that's a natural weather occurrence. The natural state of the jet stream is for it to lie flatter than that. Big bends in the jet stream are a hallmark of tampering by scalar EM interferometer.

It could well be the spiral over Norway has something to do with our current, extraordinarily cold weather. Brian Williams reports. This video has animation that gives some explanation of how it's done.

The site's censor doesn't want you to know this or anything else I have to say—so I'll give him another one of my desert recipes when pigs fly. Meanwhile, there's this:

Engineering time, space and physical reality

An important part of this series has been that things with an electrodynamic aspect can be engineered. Some of those things are unexpected, like health and weather.

Tesla said one can create life itself, and in its infinite variety. And, Tom Bearden says he witnessed an impromptu experiment in the spontaneous creation of living things: "To cinch the matter of 'engineering living forms,' I once participated in a accidental and unplanned experiment where Golden materialized living things. Not little bitty things, but big things. In my view we actually materialized thought forms, since much later we were able to piece together exactly what apparently engendered each part of the phenomena. There were multiple (scared) witnesses who prefer never to discuss it. The experiment also altered all the clocks in the area for four days before the 'time-energy charge' we had inadvertently created dissipated. Let me just say that it really got my attention! We never repeated that experiment again. But the changes were substantial and the phenomena were substantial, and to this day I prefer not to discuss that experiment. It simply cannot be understood without the outline sketch we are speaking of, where one accounts for time-energy and dynamics as well as material energy and dynamics, and also for the coupling dynamics between the two."

Bearden also says one is not limited by size in the engineering of physical reality.

I'm only a little familiar with Tesla's hidden space theory. Basically it says there are many, perhaps infinite, alternate planes of existence or time-space, and you can enter one of these alternate universes; further, you can engineer the alternate space such that you can move very little and re-enter this time-space at a point quite far away, and even move back and forth in time. I haven't read this book, but it looks great, and you can order it by e-mail: "Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It" by William Lyne for $10 plus $2 shipping.

Still don't buy all this? It happens all around you, even in central Oklahoma, from time to time. Remember a news story about a guy who was arrested sitting in a car in an apartment parking lot with no clothes?

He was babbling nonsense, and the police couldn't learn who he was. They booked him into jail. His arrest records were filed at the jail and the state bureau.

During the night, his arrest records at both locations disappeared, as did the suspect from his cell.

No clue about how that happened was found in the 24-hour surveillance video at these locations. Police still don't know who he was, or how it happened. They assumed it was an exercise in classified technology. Sure enough, this technology would explain it.

Engineering weather

The assertion scalar electromagnetic technology can be used to modify weather begins with inventor Nikola Tesla and continues to now. Tom Bearden discusses it: part one of three.

That doesn't come as the best news for weather forecasters in Oklahoma county, as difficult as anywhere in the world to predict without someone fiddling with it. You can be sure computer modeling doesn't allow for tampering by scalar interferometry.

Bearden says North America's weather hasn't been natural since 1976, but in other articles and videos he mentions experiments in the 1960s, 1967 and 1969 in particular. In 1967, it was so warm and dry in the spring, by the first week of June the grass had gone dormant and leaves were falling from the trees. Gee, I never saw that happen. In 1969, we got nine inches of snow in April, which was more than unusual, it was downright unnatural.

In September and October, temperatures were more than below normal, they were often 20-40 degrees below normal. Between September 7 and 22, we watched a low pressure center move east, west, north, south and back north, dumping rain on Oklahoma county almost daily. I've never seen a pressure center move around like that, even in previous years when extraordinary weather was attributed to El Niño.

Bearden says the technology isn't a fix for climate change, and that generally is used to pulse or nudge the jet stream north or south, or bend it. He says the technology's presence is manifest in other ways, like linear cloud formations, radials or starbursts. He has cloud pictures and radar anomalies, and there are some interesting weather radar pictures here. Bearden claims the Soviets moved the jet stream south in 1986, contributing to the failure of the shuttle Challenger. Edmond got nine or ten inches of snow that winter. It hasn't happened since.

You can see other interesting cloud pictures in this video, and here is a video of a donut cloud over Moscow.

You can expect more crazy weather. Bearden expresses concern that unregulated directed energy experiments and other sources, such as digital television transmission, create unrecognized pulsing of the Dirac Sea, causing molecular bonds in solid matter to fall apart, resulting in problems unknown, but one of which may be metal fatigue in aircraft. You can understand why declassification of this technology is so important. Send Washington many short letters asking them to do that. Forecasters, your lives will be easier if you realize scalar interferometry has more impact on weather than sunspots, CO2 emissions or El Niño—and that impact can be very unpredictable.

Update: Please read part two for more.

The highest crime

This is the last post for my classified power and directed energy technologies series. I have much more material. I'm won't make more submissions, because the endless fight with this company's management is pointless.

You can find the information yourself if you have an internet connection, and you don't need me at all. Great technology and intellectual honesty are most proper and appropriate subjects, anytime and anywhere. Most sites will publish my posts. The few that won't are government or oil industry entangled.

That sounds like an unfair, sweeping generalization; but, I've found it's true, and I know what I'm saying. I haven't told this part, so I'll tell it here: I'm the only person on earth who's contributed any volume on these classified subjects in blogs, according to search engines. Word I've mentioned Tesla's primary circuit in personal conversation the last 48 years gets around. I get the occasional, official, look-see visit. I get drive-bys from black SUVs with tinted windows, and in crowds people take my picture. And nothing happens.

Before I write this I can tell you there are people all around who don't want me to tell it or you to hear it. Why this culture of secrecy? It supports depopulation, already underway—the extermination of you and me by the greedy and ROTTEN. Who would think there are things that can't be heard or said, or that you need to be told what you can hear, read or know? Who judges that? I can't post here or Topix. My e-mail to Rise & Shine is discarded. It defies comprehension—until you fill in the blanks.

I've been working on this story since February. It's something wonderful, better than I expected. It's all right if you hear a wonderful story, and it's all right if I tell one.

The highest crime

Remember these words: scenar cosmodic.

If you like to read, and your favorite genre is passion, I recommend the literature about the suppression of technology. Wherever it's found, whoever its author, it's all, and always, the most passionate writing I've ever seen. Machine gun riveting, it hammers the reader start to finish.

Many exciting stories are told here beginning with "In their efforts to improve the well-being of their fellow humans, inventors often suffer poverty, slander, and suppression. Inventors of energy devices in particular have been threatened by large energy corporations who are allied with the United States Government and seek to enslave people in subtle ways. The tactics used against energy inventors include 'legal' imprisonment on false charges, harassment by the IRS, and outright criminal death threats, beatings, bribery, burglary, vandalism, and arson. At least a few inventors have been murdered if they were not dissuaded by other means." The further you read, the better it gets—including Tesla's murder in 1943 and the immediate confiscation of his files, some of the best inventions ever we still haven't seen, requiring two trucks to haul them.

The murder, the stealing, the sneaking around and manipulation of intellectual property to enrich a few greedy, ROTTEN people enslaves the rest of us. Everyone should know these people's names.

The carnage continues at peswiki, with loads of thrills and links.

Our government and others, the Russians in particular, have spent many, many trillions of public dollars as well as crime money developing these fabulous inventions. The U.S. has explored the universe at light speed plus since 1960. According to John Lear, we flew to the moon in under four hours in 1962. We traveled to Mars in 1966 and today, six million humans live in underground cities on Mars. We "unneeded eaters" got the rocket space program to distract and dismiss us. Our secret space program has and still costs an unbelievable, unimaginable amount, and is the real reason we have chronic financial distress. In St. Louis there is a Navy submarine repair depot. Submarines don't reach it via the Mississippi River, but from the Pacific Ocean in a massive, engineered, under-continent seaway. These enormous projects suck dry global money circulation and promote illegal trade in weapons and drugs. You and we paid for it all, yet you and we get none of the benefit of the huge advances in science and technology.

Disclosure of scientific technical data is more than the law, it's a constitutional guarantee (Article 1, §8, clause [8]): "To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries;" generally 25 years. So, add to murder and theft the crime of high treason committed by every person who participates in withholding scientific data, including denier trolls and government and corporate field operatives helping make sure we know nothing. These ROTTEN people are happy to commit these knowing crimes, and love that they evade prosecution.

The real measure of the cost of the suppression of important technology is how much you, an individual, sacrifice.

We are collectively and individually screwed by the suppression of MEG and antigravity technology. The MEG, Tesla's primary circuit, is the main benefit of alternating current! This single device can provide all our energy needs, is compact, portable, clean and free. You don't have it because oil companies and a few secret, government operatives have everything to say on the subject, and the rest of us combined have nothing to say. Widespread deployment of this one technology could set in motion a chain of events that would soon create such abundance as to render money irrelevant and the monetary system obsolete. You can see a possible vision of such a world in the movie Zeitgeist: Addendum. I'm not a member of this association's movement.

If your car had antigravity powered by the primary circuit, it would have no maintenance schedule, would never touch the ground, would use no fuel and could make light speed plus. Compare that with the oil burning technology you have, imposed by greedy, ROTTEN people who want to enslave you and get every dollar you have. The MEG and antigravity have been ready to deploy since the early twentieth century. Instead, we have a filthy atmosphere, and some studying it claim a cover up of the fact so much oil has leaked into the ocean from underwater wellheads it's quickly building up on the sea floor, and is the culprit in a sudden, dramatic decline of whales, sharks and many varieties of the world sea fish stocks. If the sea dies, we won't be far behind.

In this setting, you'd think a clean, robust, sustainable energy source would be the easiest sell there is, NOT the toughest—and it's the toughest because big carbon energy has all the money and the only voice, and slime balls think they need to keep secrets so as to enslave the world.

How and why this technology was suppressed (I like the part where Tesla is poisoned and robbed of everything). So, you sacrifice a wonderful life of abundance in a fascinating world.

That's a lot to sacrifice, and it's caused by lying, thieving murderers in the service of the greedy and ROTTEN.

The technologies are developed under secret programs and secret budgets. No one knows how much money it is. American black ops has had a free hand in an open till for more than 70 years. Government employees and agencies compete for new patents that enrich individuals in violation of the law. The patents are doled out to favored contractors that build devices and weapons, which our government buys with your money. You pay and pay and pay—and get nothing but technological stagnation and endless financial despair.

There are many technologies that would be of great benefit to the world. But, the Americans would rather exterminate humanity than give up a single one—and the deciders call that "patriotism." It is the extreme opposite. The caretakers of these great things are chosen for their ability to keep secrets, not make moral judgments—so they are in the hands of some of the world's worst people. And there is all too much talk among the operators of quantum weapons about culling the population, or outright extermination. They have the best tools to do the job, and we have no defense.

In 2002, I had reason to read the transportation statutes in U.S. Code. I was amazed at the many, generous tax incentives for anyone researching magnetically levitated trains. A big corporation could turn a handsome profit exploiting these incentives, and many did, as I learned later from Phil Schneider that such trains in deep underground military tunnels achieved nearly Mach 3 by the early 1990s. Schneider was murdered days after sharing this news with us. Today, John Lear says deep underground military base (DUMB) tunnel transportation can take one between any two points on earth in under an hour, so they are probably now using antigravity.

We insignificant surface people have nothing like that. All of this was stolen from us, we paid for its development many times over, and the thieves holding it employ legions of people making careers out of keeping it secret. The government doesn't offer incentives to bring technology to market, but instead to control it and keep it off the market. In committing the crimes of suppression, you and everyone sacrifice these amazing abilities, and inherit increasingly worthless money and a toxic environment.

As a youngster I expected to soon be able to travel throughout the solar system in 1960, and it was a reasonable expectation. Nope, sorry, not even close 50 years later. Bill Cooper saw an antigravity disk the size of an aircraft carrier emerge from the ocean, fly around a cloud bank and descend back into the water using a force field to push the water away from the hull, allowing it to slip in easily and travel at high speeds underwater in 1965. For revealing this, Cooper was murdered by a small town sheriff over an illegal rifle that never materialized.

NASA, the Air Force and others have operated flying disks since 1960. Since then, we've probably visited the entire galaxy and points throughout the universe with Tesla's hidden space theory. The MEG coupled to antigravity provides the enormous energy needed to do it. That governments would disclose this almighty tool once developed was understood. But alas, governments decided to keep it to themselves and let us go on paying, and intimidate or kill anyone possessing the technical data or making serious plans to put these and other curtailed technologies out in the wild. So, the electrical engineering model taught in America is truncated and incorrect, and you lose unimagined advantages to manufacturing and construction, and the ability to travel anywhere quickly and without energy cost.

In almost 50 years of asking why we don't have these things, I'd come to think I'd never see any of the great suppressed technologies. Then, in February, Tom Bearden posted this correspondence in which he casually mentions this secret gadget "scenar cosmodic" that Russian astronauts had used for 30 years as a personal medical assistant to correct the debilitating effects of time spent in zero gravity, especially bone mass loss and muscular atrophy. They discovered it could produce benefit for many health disorders. I couldn't believe my eyes. Russian intelligence shared the greatest technology release I've ever seen, leaving America lying in the dirt. Bearden explains this technology can cure any disease and repair any injury, including loss of tissue. And that's not all...

...Bearden says age is something in your body with structure this technology can target, that you can be made any age you choose, and if you can continue treatment and aren't accidentally killed, you've achieved immortality. That's what I call real health care reform! Pause for a few seconds, and consider what that means.

If this is true, and the literature supports it, you and all of us sacrifice far more than a modernized world and a prosperous life. We sacrifice everything and needlessly give our lives, all of us—as have generations of people who have lived since inception in the 1930s. So, everyone sacrifices everything, plus all our lives, all in the name of illegally keeping a secret. No crime extracts so much from humanity or from you, an individual. The suppression of fabulous technologies, the deliberate noncompliance of greedy, ROTTEN people, really is the highest crime. No one will ever be charged.

Thousand-year-old people can become common. How changed the world would be if there were many such people. How differently would you live if you thought there were a way to live for many centuries or possibly forever? Very differently. The conditioned assumption hammered into each of us that our lives can be no more than making money, spending it and dying isn't valid. And, "Dirac sea tickling" or pulsing, as Bearden calls it, can do much more.

Scenar cosmodic technology employs Dirac's theory. Paul Dirac's equation, his theory of everything, won the Nobel prize for physics in 1933. It was immediately and ruthlessly slashed from American physics, in the name of retaining the established order and because the revelation of how to easily tamper with the fabric of existence scared some people. In less superstitious Russia, it remained in university physics courses. In the good ol' U.S.A., your tax dollars buy expensive, secret R&D that produced some great things, like the ability to open portals large enough for flying aircraft in and out of underground bases anywhere—a city street, a mountainside or field of grain, for example—and when zipped shut leaves no seam, mark or trace whatsoever. The Russians use this technology to make titanium liquid at room temperature, quickly and with very little power. The titanium is poured into molds to produce seamless submarine hulls. After it's poured, the liquid metal becomes solid in a few hours.

Then,there's Klein's watergas process in which he runs a car 100 miles on four ounces of water. What he calls his "electrolysis process" is actually separation by this low voltage method. It can convert an existing car to run on water with a small kit between the tank and engine. You won't get this in the United States, so quit whining.

This is so useful, I couldn't believe a government intelligence outfit would let the rest of us in on it. How tragic is it schools don't start with Paul Dirac grade one, day one? You can read Hotson's oft-cited, marvelous academic treatise on the subject: part one and part two. Dirac sea refers to the completely full, densly packed ocean of negatively charged electrons that is the universe and that extends through all space and physical matter. Influencing this ocean of negatively charged electrons with low voltage, negative radio waves allows you to disintegrate any object, change one thing into another or bring physical matter into existence from nonexistence. That could be anything, including complex, living things, and there is no size limit. You could make your own star system. That means we need never run out of anything. That means we can provide ourselves with everything needed to colonize a planet, including atmosphere and water features. It's a real world way to clean the air and oceans of this planet. You sacrifice all this, in the name of keeping secrets (and, of course, the opportunity for mass destruction is self evident).

The process action takes place at the level of the latticework of molecular bonds and happens in a handful of nanoseconds; therefore, the process is not visually observable. Therein lies the naysayer's claim, as Hotson delightfully states: "The problem with the medieval debate over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin was that angels were unobserved entities, and so could have any desired properties. Each of these classes of unobserved entities in the SM amounts to a fudge or patch applied to save a failing theory. So long as these fudged entities are made unobservable in principle, like the angel or the quark, they are safe from experimental falsification."

All you need is a proper radio transmitter, the frequencies and very little voltage. Scenar cosmodic is a pocket-sized, handheld device that runs on two AA batteries.

Lo and behold, this is something you can actually buy! Five different versions are priced here from $1,700 to $7,400. The inventor, Alexander Karasev, sells them from Russia at his site. How is this not the news story of the century? The device is a negative energy, low voltage, extremely low frequency radio frequency generator with a very precise tuner. It is capable of distinguishing and transmitting frequencies taken to many decimal places when written, as all frequencies pertaining to the human body fall in a single Hertz range, like 30 Hz.

One reason you haven't heard of scenar cosmodic is the promotional material makes no extravagant claims. Video. By reading FAQs and many case studies on Karasev's site, you can get a better idea of what it can do.

Bear in mind these are not studies conducted under strict scientific method, the doctors are not in the U.S. and their spelling and grammar aren't perfect, and the reader takes their statements on faith. The website wants adherence to stringent copyright rules, so I'll summarize. Some doctors claim up to 90% of patients experience benefit, but some claim only about 60%. Some patients experience limited benefit; but the majority experience 90-100% recovery. Patients and complaints are typical for a general practice doctor's office. Here a patient is cured of baldness. Here the process benefits bone loss and breaks associated with osteoporosis can help a stroke patient if the first treatment is administered within three hours. It says some patients may experience 90-100% recovery. That's pretty good. Here is an ongoing case of Parkinson's disease. I thought enough of it to write the Michael J. Fox Foundation. In this case, the patient arrived in a wheelchair complaining of transverse myelitis. The patient was walking with a walker the second day, and unaided albeit unsteadily the third day—with the doctor and patient exclaiming that they couldn't believe it. The claim is made this process is especially effective with diseases that leave the patient paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair, like MD and MS, correcting the condition at all levels including the genetic indicator and even bed sores and muscular atrophy—although treatment may require a year's time. It offers a treatment alternative for a damaged or severed spinal cord, and can repair it in those who experience benefit. Impressive, genuinely—no stem cells, drugs, surgery or other therapy. The site makes no claims about cancer or Alzheimer's, although I notice they've added a study on pancreatic cancer. The site states the process does not make patients younger, but does restore the body's cells to optimal condition, as in a young person. The aim of the process is to sense disorder electrodynamically and make it ordered physically through its electrodynamic aspect. The site reminds us these versions of scenar cosmodic are early generation, and much more is coming. With development, this process will become one of a doctor's most powerful tools. I have hearsay evidence and reason to think our own DoD has been highly proficient in negative sea pulsing as a healing method for two generations. The certainty in Tom Bearden's descriptions at times sugggests he's actually seen the technology in action, and this is one of those times.

Scenar cosmodic moves the cause of health care ahead a thousand years, if not two. It is not history's biggest step forward in health science. This one technology is the very birth of it. For a few dollars you can read the inventor's short operator's manual.

In conclusion

American industry and government could easily suppress scenar cosmodic, and it may never proliferate in the United States. The attitude continues that technology must stand absolutely still. It costs everyone everything, even if you ignore that fact. Even though President Obama promised transparency with regard to classified information, Washington's mouths and treasure troves remain officially closed. The only contact you're likely to have with advanced technology is if you are used for cadet target practice by weaponized radio.

Why should you care about what classified intelligence contains? You may need to make big decisions about your changing, everyday life sooner than you think, and it will definitely help you to know what to think before those changes happen—and they will happen. If you aren't already in safe haven, you aren't going. You will face whatever changes or anarchy happen in the world with the rest of us.

Many authors have recently published books claiming disclosure of earth's contact with alien races, and therefore disclosure of advanced technologies, is beginning. Richard Hoagland and Stan Fulham predicted UFOs would hover over major cities in mid to late October beginning with New York, and it happened, in New York and El Paso, although you didn't get network news coverage in the U.S. Take a look at those pictures. One reader commented it looks like a Project Bluebeam operation. What is Project Bluebeam? It's your tax dollars at work: satellite based, high power 3D laser holograph projectors, ostensibly for use terrorizing and distracting our enemies. John Lear said he expects the next big thing to be a hoax UFO attack in 2012, a Project Bluebeam operation. He said the government will tell us the aliens have arrived and intend to destroy the planet, but won't do it if we will all surrender our firearms. Far out, but I can believe someone has made this plan. If this news comes with denial of service from internet, phones and/or the electric grid, you and we will not be able to participate in a group discussion, and must know what to think before such a thing happens. The laser hologram projection technology is good enough to fool you. That's one reason knowing a little about classified programs matters.

Don't believe it! No extraterrestrial cares if you have a gun, or if we have guns, and never will. Hopefully, talking about it will stop such a stupid thing from happening.

Fulham said he's seen hangars full of 40 foot diameter flying discs marked "USAF," saw one fly in, and spoke with the pilot who told him it's powered by electromagnetic drive invented by Nikola Tesla. We are intended to never have such things, and those who hold these secrets won't give them up without a fight. You must question the accuracy of any information you might discover. Hoagland said he expects the episode beginning with UFO appearances over major cities will become "interesting" around election day, so we will see. Their sources include TV series codespeak and the counsel of a group of "old souls," so I'm not optimistic. The fact they were right about UFO sightings indicates we're getting set up for the bum's shuffle, in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong to suppose this is a black ops rumor mill story, but as the story goes, these are benevolent aliens introducing themselves slowly in order to intervene and clean our environment in 2014. Why are they so interested in us? Because we're unique in the universe as most emotionally energetic. I don't believe all that so-what baloney, either.