Monday, March 31, 2008

See for yourself.

The numbers tell the whole story:

The Fiscal Year 2009 budget request includes $997 billion for discretionary spending, money the President and Congress must decide and act to spend each year, roughly $541 billion of which will go to "National Defense" (Function 050). The "National Defense" category of the federal budget for FY'09 represents over half of all discretionary spending (54 percent). [NOTE: These totals do NOT include funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the $70 billion requested for the "Global War on Terror" were included in both the request for the Department of Defense and the total for discretionary spending, the percentage of Pentagon spending of total discretionary spending would jump to over 57 percent.]

And they swear Social Security is destroying the economy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

118 people, part two

You can read part one here.

What will society look like in 10 or 20 years without a functional Department of Justice, the rule of law and habeas corpus? I picture a feudal, warlord-tribal culture complete with dirt trails and ox carts. What will you do without DoJ, the rule of law and habeas corpus? What if you get arrested for some minor offense? Will you let the police take you away? Will you ever be seen again? I ask myself such things, in that it's good to think about it before it happens, and not a single word is being spoken by the presidential candidates or anyone else about restoring any of the essential guarantees and protections we had come to take for granted.

That's because none of them plan to change us back like we were, like we're supposed to be. Instead, no one says anything, and what's left is a field of candidates which are exactly alike. Heard anyone address the issue of the unitary executive? Corporate lawmaking? Reducing defense's share of the federal budget? Ending the wars? Will all Americans be forcibly enrolled in health insurance plans like mine, which does nothing but cost money and produce a deluge of junk mail? Do you hear anyone talk about creative, legitimate schemes to keep the economy from tanking?

You don't hear the candidates talk about these things, because none of them would change a thing, even if anyone knew what to do, and no one does. Never has ever-candidate Ralph Nader so clearly outclassed his opponents. It's downright psychedelic. Nader will lose, but I may vote for him this time. You'll get someone from the clone candidate pool. The delegate and vote counts are irrelevant. The self-annointed, privileged 118 will pick your next president.

That assertion is well supported by the Project Censored report. If you didn't read it, it's great. Despite its lapses in good proofreading, the report goes to some very good places. The best is Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-born American physicist who, if not the most brilliant mind in all history, invented some of the most miraculous and brilliant inventions of all time. He did it as a physicist, and expressed his ideas mathematically using his own unique concept of the universe [page 15]:

Tesla made several claims during the latter years of his life, published by the New York Times in what became an annual event. His theory of the hidden nature of our universe supplants those of many of his contemporaries in that he was able to infer a multidimensional model of the universe that is only now being investigated through the theoretical mathematics of our leading physicists.

Tesla also developed means of remotely controlling aircraft as early as 1915, foreshadowing the Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) of today’s battlefields. In 1934 Tesla offers to build a "Death Ray" that would make the power of an opponents air force obsolete. This was one of the earliest recorded statements regarding directed energy weapons.42 Tesla's offer to build this device for the US government for a bargain price, but with many caveats, was refused by officials who, preferred instead to pump money into the new Army Air Corp, which in turn gave rise to the military aviation complex that we have today.

Before the war the airline industry was not a major part of the economic life of the nation. With huge wartime contracts, however, corporations such as Hughes, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, and Northrop quickly grew in power commensurate with the financial bonanza that was unearthed in the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific. These companies formed the core of the “military-industrial complex.” Their investors and managers began to consolidate their clout in political circles to keep the nation on a wartime economic footing, a simple and vastly powerful weapon that would make aircraft, bombs, missiles and attendant industries irrelevant would certainly be seen as a direct threat to the growing power of military arsenal. Instead, a "black budget" program was put into motion, which exploited the work of Robert Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein and others. The Manhattan Project, developed by the DOD in 1942, generated a vastly destructive weapon that required a well established and unbelievably expensive aerospace industry, along with unprecedented levels of secrecy and autonomy from Congress and the public.

The US government also ignored Tesla’s offer to produce a "city killing machine," which was composed of an electromagnetic shield and a wireless torpedo. Tesla made several proposals during the 1930s, none of which received funding. Among Tesla’s claims, published annually on his birthday in the New York Times, were methods of harnessing the power of the sun to electrify the earth and provide free electrical power to anybody, anywhere.

Wikipedia on Nikola Tesla. One of the hard parts about putting this post together has been comprehending the scope of his work. The everyday things he created that the average person enjoys today are so varied and many in number, all of them giant leaps in science.

The tremendous claims he made for his inventions coupled with the later onset of obsessive compulsive disorder caused many people to think and say he was psychotic or insane, an assertion corporations and the government were happy to accommodate because they understood the enormous economic and strategic possibilities of his work. Likewise, one or a few of his off-market technologies made obsolete many industries which could and would become gigantic. It was no insane person who invented the electric induction motor, AC power, the AC hydroelectric power generation and transmission station, the loudspeaker, the amplifier, radio and radar. Miraculous and rock solid as they are, these things don't scratch the surface of the full scope of Tesla's work.

Yet, I was taught Marconi invented radio decades after Congress officially recognized Tesla as its true creator—and I imagine it's still taught that way. The established infrastructure doesn't want humanity following Tesla's work. The Wikipedia description has a good history and list of inventions, and you can see their enormous peacetime and defense promise—and as far as weapons are concerned, the nearly endless possibilities for undreamt horror.

The many devices he invented and demonstrated that we don't possess are fantastic, including wireless power transmission. Take a moment to let the meaning sink in of Tesla's demonstrated method of broadcasting plentiful, free, wireless electricity everywhere on earth.

We haven't needed gasoline or diesel engines, the grid, natural gas, uranium or coal since 1893. We could have had all the clean, free energy we wanted. How would that have changed the world? How would it change the world now? How would it change your life now? Gnaw on that bone awhile—and give me lots of heavy breathing.

My personal favorite is the MEG, the motionless electromagnetic generator. In very general terms, the theory says you can wire a dipole and in a vacuum a current will flow through the wire. A small device simpler than your PC with no moving parts, it's like a receiver for power that's present everywhere. This website says it's how the electrical systems in our Minuteman missiles are powered. I saw another site that said it powers our Nike missiles. I haven't confirmed that information. Reading it and wondering if it's true is the thing that got me started writing this tirade. The U.S. government swears these things don't work. These applications require a power source that will withstand shock and impact and is the most reliable thing.

If this is what they use, I'm really furious. The missiles have hydraulic systems, telemetry, computer and radio systems, and probably other things. Whatever runs all that will run your car, or your house.

As I watch the price of oil hit record highs day after day, it's very hard to reconcile this knowledge with our current, horrifying predicament. Contemplating the profound stupidity of it all has taken a huge block of time, and caused me to do my best Lost In Space robot imitation: "warning, warning! My hooks are flailing wildly." Don't want an electric car? Here's a guy who worked for years in his garage and developed a part you could add to your gas vehicle that extracts hydrogen from water by an efficient electrolysis process and meters it to the engine. All that's different is the driver fuels with water, not gasoline. Some people say big oil had him rubbed out, and others hotly insist he died of natural causes after defrauding his investors. These videos on Google get changed: the link I saved is inoperative, so I referred you to the related videos page for Stanley Meyer. Search there if the embedded link above gives you trouble and watch some of that, it's really worth your time. The lost video featured Meyer claiming by adjusting the electric source's "attenuation," he had increased the efficiency of the process exponentially, but that his schematics didn't express the components' values in scientific terms engineers and physicists could understand.

Bush says we'll get hydrogen from natural gas, setting up the next big fleecing. You can extract hydrogen from grass clippings, garbage, water and many other things. You don't need hydrogen, hydrogen fuel cells, ethanol, biofuels, wind chargers, solar cells or any of the other nonsolutions to powering the world. They aren't the future of energy, any more than petroleum. The future of energy is electromagnetism. Indeed, Tesla's theoretical physics will take us to the stars.

There isn't a reason in the world you shouldn't have this technology except politicians and oil companies won't be happy until they have EVERYONE's last nickel.

The U.S. government and the oil industry can pay for and deliver my excellent new electric car or new hydrogen powered car for their complicity in keeping these products out of the market; furthermore, they can pay for and deliver a vehicle to anyone and everyone on earth who simply wants one. They should be reminded of it every minute. We won't get those. But wasn't it great for a moment playing Let's Pretend In Happy Make Believe Land?

I think about that when I put $3.30 gasoline in my vehicle and pay my electric bill, which has doubled in the past two years.

I've had the satisfying experience of posting this link on a couple "progressive" blogs, and was quickly attacked by some so-called open minded people who told me straight away that the site's amateurish HTML leant unbelievability to the content, and unless I were a world-class expert in quantum physics, I had absolutely no business talking about any of this to ANYONE. I admit I don't have one percent of the education to examine the pertinent math and explain these theories, how and why they work, or don't. Moreover, I lack the fundamental mental horsepower of Tesla who must have educated himself and drove his calculations into one exotic field after another. Tesla said all these things work. This website says they not only work, but actually exist in the real world—and the emergence of his name in the Project Censored report is really bad news. But it's also good. I read this the first time a few years ago, and even though I had a passing familiarity with Tesla's work, didn't believe a word. As time goes by, I've found one small confirmation after another. People in military special ops tell me they learn about all of it. But, they don't want to talk about it.

The site talks about controlling the mood and psychology of individuals or groups of people, like the Project Censored report. It also describes an electromagnetic device that can cure any illness, physical or mental, and does it the same way in each case, by rolling the cells back to a time when they were healthy. All it takes is a short, painless session. Such a thing would make the health industry, and attendant, parasitic health insurance industry, obsolete. Imagine that.

The article talks about longitudinal wave howitzers and scalar electromagnetic interferometers which can be used as weapons, and do many other amazing things. A person at a control panel half a world away can target an individual, affect his psychology, mood, immune system or make him combust or explode. A person can destroy a whole city, region or country. That's one man and a control panel, no hardware in the field and no soldiers. The technology makes all weapons and the military obsolete. Your best defense against such an attack is don't be there—unless you can devise an instrument which shields you. They assert certain crop circles which are so intricate and precise and where atomic or DNA changes in the mashed crops aren't made by local yahoos with 2 X 4s on ropes laughing about how it's all a hoax, but scalar electromagnetic interferometer operators manipulating a plasma ball, practicing using the device and asking the rhetorical question, "is anyone paying attention?"

It also claims the device can cause a star to explode, as in our sun. Well, you can understand that some people wouldn't want everyone in town to be able to do that. This is the technology Tesla said could alter the earth's sun orbit, or take the earth out of orbit and to any other place in the unvierse. People weren't ready for that. The action of the weapons it describes are mostly horrifying, that more energetic attacks can disintegrate things. It also claims scalar electromagnetism can manipulate space and matter, and even the passage of time itself.

Dr. Nick Begich [pages 34-35]:

"There are several ways that microwaves can affect humans. For instance, the Sheriff and weapons that can heat the skin for crowd control do what the military states but they are capable of much more. The thermal heating weapons act like a car radio; you can change the frequencies to get different effects. The electromagnetic weapons send an impulse through the nervous system. They can transfer sounds, like Woody Norris’ directed acoustic weapons, which is contracted to the US government. It modulates a signal that is a radio frequency, which can be changed to affect certain organs. It can override an organ like the heart or the liver. So changing the perimeter is like changing the broadcast on the radio. These extremely low frequencies also have the capability to send messages directly into the head when only the receiver can hear it. (see the 1985 Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook)."

"The handbook talks about electromagnetics and about the rapid healing of bones. The frequencies can also be used to manipulate the brain and create a disequilibrium. These frequencies can also imbed signals on radio broadcasts to create a feeling of fear or anxiety. The US military would embed these signals on the Muslim prayer broadcasts during the first Gulf War. This was called Project Solo."

"During the 1990’s, in both presidential administrations, non-lethal weapons such as these and others received priority funding. The Secretary of Energy under Clinton, O’Leary, warned that over a 40 year period, 500,000 had been unwitting test subjects for military research on non-lethal weapons, including MKULTRA who claims among many victims, Ted Kaczinky, the Unabomber. There is no way to know who these people are or how to help them because there is paranoia in the military and no oversight in Congress. These black projects probably don’t even make it to the President."

"The problem is that the military’s role is to be paranoid and think up scenarios where the worst can happen then prepare for this in order to protect the people from a hypothetical future event. But there is little to no oversight. The Senate Intelligence Committee is made up of people like Ted Stephens who thinks the internet is made up of pipes and tubes. These people do not have the required background knowledge to ask the right questions. According to the defense budget report, 40% of the budget is dedicated to black projects. There is no oversight and no public knowledge. In the European Union, things are much different."

"In February 1998, I testified before the European Union parliament for an hour and a half and convinced them of the detrimental effects of non lethal weapons on humans, their behavior and their minds. The EU was convinced and passed a resolution banning the use of weapons that can manipulate a person (see Parliament Resolution A4-005/99 entitled "Resolution on the Environment, Security, and Foreign Policy" passed on January 29, 1999). During the hearings, the US representative and NATO representatives sat in the back and declined to participate when asked. In the US, there is no such resolution or anything remotely close to being considered by any member of Congress. There is no concern for it in the US because no one knows about them."

"During the 1980’s and 1990’s, there were a lot of papers that came out of the Naval War College and from top military officials that advocated using weapons that would cut down on the carnage seen by the American public in order to maintain public support. There was another paper that discusses how people will give up their liberties if they lived in a climate of fear by an outside enemy. If the US public knew about these weapons and what they could potentially asked to give up, their minds, the public would resist. So now, these weapons are being developed by the companies that comprise the industrial military complex who are immune from OIA requests."

"Without oversight, these weapons will a government to have absolute control. These weapons are most certainly in the hands of most industrialized countries. China certainly has them as intelligence reports released by the CIA reveal claims about these new concept weapons. There needs to be a debate in the public sphere because while these weapons appear frightening, they have amazing therapeutic potentials. There is the possibility of quicker healing and curing disease and what is just as important about government transparency concerning weapons is the transparency of life saving science being kept from the public. If we have the ability to cure and the government or military hides this, we have just as big a problem."

Iraqi infrantryman Majid al-Ghazali told this amazing story in 2003 of a strange, unknown weapon the U.S. deployed in Baghdad:

In the film, al-Ghazali, whose english is less than fluent, describes the weapon as reminiscent of a flame thrower, only immensely more powerful. It is unclear what principle the weapon is based on. Searching for a description, al-Ghazali said it appeared to be shooting concentrated lightning bolts rather than just ordinary flames. Drawing on his many years as a professional engineer, al-Ghazali speculates that radiation of some kind probably figures into the weapon's hideous capabilities. Like all men in Saddam's Iraq, al-Ghazali was compelled to serve in the Iraqi equivalent of the Army National Guard and fought in three wars over the past thirty-odd years. Via email, he told me he has seen virtually every type of conventional weapon employed in battle, and is well acquainted with their effects on people and machines, but nothing in his extensive combat experience prepared him for the shock of what he saw in Baghdad on April 12th.

On that date, al-Ghazali and his family sheltered in their house as a fierce street battle erupted in his neighborhood. In the midst of the fighting, he noticed that the Americans had called up an oddly configured tank. Then to his amazement the tank suddenly let loose a blinding stream of what seemed like fire and lightning, engulfing a large passenger bus and three automobiles. Within seconds the bus had become semi-molten, sagging "like a wet rag" as he put it. He said the bus rapidly melted under this withering blast, shrinking until it was a twisted blob about the dimensions of a VW bug. As if that were not bizarre enough, al-Ghazali explicitly describes seeing numerous human bodies shriveled to the size of newborn babies. By the time local street fighting ended that day, he estimates between 500 and 600 soldiers and civilians had been cooked alive as a result of the mysterious tank-mounted device.

In a city littered everywhere with burned-out civilian and military vehicles, US forces were abnormally scrupulous about immediately detailing bulldozers and shovel crews to the job of burying the grim wreckage. Nevertheless, telltale remnants remained as Dillon found when al-Ghazali later took him to the site. Dillon said they easily uncovered large puddles of resolidified metal and mounds of weird fibrous material that, al-Ghazali explained, were all that remained of the vehicles' tires. Dillon, who accumulated plenty of battlefield experience as a medic in Viet-Nam, and has since covered a number of wars from Somalia to Kosovo, told me that he has witnessed every kind of conventional ordnance that can be used on humans and vehicles. " I've seen a freaking smorgasbord of destruction in my life," he said, "flame-throwers, napalm, white phosphorous, thermite, you name it. I know of nothing short of an H-bomb that conceivably might cause a bus to instantly liquefy or that can flash broil a human body down to the size of an infant. God pity humanity if that thing is a preview of what's in store for the 21st century."

Forget the source is, which some people say is always unreliable. The story was hotly disputed by right-wing war enablers as the ravings of psychotic, cowardly pacifists. I saw a video interview of al-Ghazali talking about this event. He seemed lucid, not insane, and indignant. Then, I found this in the Project Censored report [pages 36-37]:

Michael Vickers, senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense for the 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review and principal strategist for the largest covert action program in the CIA's history, recently testified on the importance of black operations:

"US Special Operations Command’s (SOCOM) emphasis after 9/11 has been to make white Special Operations Forces (SOF) more gray and black SOF more black. It is imperative, however, that white and black SOF be integrated fully from a strategic perspective."

The money involved in the non-lethal weapons industry is growing and military contractors are reaping the profits. According to Defense Industry Daily, Aaardvark Tactical, Inc. in Azusa, CA won a $50 million contract to develop non-lethal weapons, anti-terrorism capabilities, and riot gear. Ionatron was awarded a $12 million contract to develop the Laser Induced Plasma Channel technology which produces man-made lightening bolts. SAIC received a $49 million in November 2004 to develop High Power Microwave and other directed energy systems while Fiore Industries received a $16.35 million contract for similar technology and ITT received a $7.85 million contractfor the same in 2000. Fiore Industries received a $7.1 million for High Power Microwave Research and Experiment Program as early as 1994 and the same year Hughes Missile Systems Company received a $6.6 million contract for High Power Microwave Suppression of Enemy Air Defense Technology. Lockheed Martin secured a deal with DARPA in 2005 to continue the development of the Space Based Radar Antenna Technology in a $19.5 million contract. According to the Lockheed press release, the technology, "could significantly increase global persistent surveillance coverage".

In May of 2006, the Air Force issued $24 million in contracts for "Electro Magnetic Effects Research and Development" to Northrup Gruman, Voss Scientific, Lockheed Martin, Electro Magnetic Applications, and SAIC among others. The DOD viewed electromagnetic research and development as a key component in future wars as early as the 1990s. Emmett Paige Jr., Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence declared in 1996 that, "Well over a decade ago, a Soviet general reportedly said something like 'to prevail in the next conflict, one must control the electromagnetic spectrum.' That statement proved true in the Bacca Valley and on deserts in Iraq. The Department of Defense is committed to ensuring that 'in the next conflict it is we who will control the spectrum. We know its value'. Increasingly, the value of nonlethal weapons continues to rise as they produce fewer images of death in the media than traditional weapons." [...]

Despite Clinton’s reforms on human testing, the government, military and the corporation will undoubtedly want to test these weapons on humans whenever possible. Easiest to test would be prisoners in undisclosed CIA detention centers, civilians in war torn regions, and even US citizens in protest crowds or civilian jails. In addition to the rubber bullets and pepper spray, which are common in many police forces, new concept weapons are also in use. Perhaps soon Americans will learn firsthand, the effects of the new human control technologies.

However, hundreds of people continue to assert that a person or persons, whom they do not know, have been targeting them with electromagnetic weapons in a widespread campaign of either illegal experimentation or outright persecution.

These experiences involved a number of discrete phenomena:

Hearing voices when no one was present.

Feeling sensations of burning, itching, tickling, or pressure with no apparent physical cause.

Sleeplessness and anxiety as a result of "humming" or "buzzing".

Loss of bodily control, such as twitching or jerking of an arm or leg suddenly and without control.

Unexpected emotional states, such as a sudden overwhelming feeling of dread, rage, lust or sorrow that passes as quickly as it arises.

al-Ghazali's lightning cannon sounds like the kind of thing produced by Ionatron, a magnetically-directed, electrified plasma gun. You don't want to be this bad boy's target. Where's the love? The special people privileged to see the video are desperate for real world applications, and have been openly stating this kind of weapon would be useful for dispersing crowds of protestors in the U.S.; that is, they want to use them on us. Testing them out in elective wars of convenience is just a prelude to their wider use around the world, including at home. Once again, [page 44]:

Power elites who fund and support efforts at supplanting the will of the people do so from on high. Their ability to redirect public attention to ward external threats and away from their own motivations in effect silences opposition to their programs. By controlling the flow of information in society, the power elites provide the public with a limited choice in all matters that pertain to machinations of government and corporate control. Given more advanced technologies for the control of information unscrupulous individuals who ascribe to a "might makes right" philosophy may will find the ways and means of employing these technologies against those who would oppose their plans. The dangers here are great, in that the individual who would direct the torture and killing of innocents is usually removed from the actual fact. It is left up to lesser authorities to administer the beatings, bullets, and mind/body bending technologies.

For the US Government to unilaterally declare that our country will not comply with international human rights laws, nor uphold the core values of our nation’s foundation is an indication of extremism that supersedes the values and beliefs of the American people. When such extremism exists we need to take seriously the founders’ declaration that, "to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." (Declaration of Independence 1776)

The picture that emerges is of a cadre of idle, rich bully-types dreaming of cutting down humanity to discourage resource depletion, promote corporate market saturation and create terror to reinforce their iron-fisted rule. They are simultaneously frightened and fascinated by these weapons, the most destructive ever created, exploiting some of our best technology. Your tax dollars paid for it. Answerable to no one, they're ready to promote themselves to Head Dickbags. History should tell them this illustrious plan is ill-fated; but they think they can pull it off with strong enough weapons. They could be right.

Another popularly-mentioned practice with this technology is controlling weather and making cloud patterns in the sky. You might find this and this of interest.


Brain dead yet? I sure am. If you made it this far, I'm really proud of you. It's hard to choose what about all this is hardest to reconcile, and thinking about it delayed my finishing writing the post by many weeks. I'm humbled and horrified by my inadequate education. No child should leave grade school without being able to mathematically quantify any of Nikola Tesla's work. Yet, education now is a faint shadow of what it was decades ago. I can't give a mathematical description of these devices' performance, or lack of it, and admit the main reason I know it's all real is that Tesla said so and proved it at every opportunity.

In the 1880s Tesla was in his thirties and described to people what radio could do and how it worked. Steam power was an historically new thing, there was no electric or telephone service, and people said it won't work, what is it good for anyway and hey, you must be crazy. So, he put the components together and showed that it worked, demonstrating wireless power transmission the same day. Over and over, it was always the same thing—and the world treated him like rubbish, stole his ideas and made sure he got paid nothing, then vilified him. His best things got put in the back room so wretched cum guzzlers could get wealthy raping humanity.

That part is hard to think about, too. All these technologies are intimately related to radio, and radio proves his multidimensional universe theory is the correct and true reality of nature. If his energy distribution model alone could be put to work next year, it would put a lot of money in the pocket of everyone in the world, and the economy would boom like no living person has ever seen.

Do you think John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama would push that program forward, knowing it would make entrenched industries go the way of the conestoga? No way buddy, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. I don't care what it says on Obama's podium. War will expand. Oil and therefore everything else will get more expensive, and the noble greenback will flop. Not one of the big three can think his or her way out of a wet paper sack. If you think you found a candidate who's different, you are sadly mistaken. The old guard has the situation squarely by the scruff.

Meanwhile your tax dollars are buying horrifying weapons for the intended purpose of culling the population, and the whole process, from appropriations to execution, is beyond anyone's oversight, and done without the knowledge of Washington's top leadership. During the GOP new millenium reign of terror, much fear and condemnation has been characteristically expressed about armed insurrection, and some big blabbermouths have admitted public service is wild with the idea of incinerating civilians with mysterious weapons. If the point is extermination, why not do it cheaply, quickly and quietly with biowarfare? The dumb answer is psychopaths congregate—and when they get together, they come up with some zany ideas. It's an ugly picture. One reader of the Project Censored report expressed the global corporatocracy should be complete within the next decade. That would mean anyone over 40 is finished. God pity humanity indeed.

I wasn't taking any of this seriously. Gigantic defense spending increases and the idea the United States is pinning its future on black op weapons has caused me an extreme about-face. Thinking about it is very hard. The cash register of our tax dollars is open, and spending unlimited, for the development of secret things no one knows about, and the apparently robust program vigorously strives to consume the entire national budget.

No one escapes blame, either, even though these programs are secret beyond classified, because while most people aren't aware of secret weapons development, it is far from unknown. Furthermore, one needn't read far into the "work" of neoconservative think tanks and the likes of Leo Strauss, Albert Wohlstetter and the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought to understand the neocon global empire model and its selective population control aspect. About the time you think you've seen it all, along comes yet another dazzling surprise, and there's nothing "new" or "conservative" about it—just the same tyranny in all its ugly detail which predates the Roman empire.

The difference now is these idiots have amazing new tools to wipe out people quickly, easily and in large numbers, with breathtaking new appropriations made toward their development. You don't know about it because they don't want you to know, and you paid for it. We could use informed discourse and resistance!

But once again, we're really very sorry, but you can't have that. I promised I'd go down this road at the end of part one and meant it. You can't look at George Bush and Dick Cheney, and look at how their administration has conducted itself, and tell me the people of the United States elected them. And, indeed they didn't. You can't look back to the 1960s and every point between and really believe the GOP has had the country's and its own best interests in mind. Any appearance of it is just show, and the poor republican party has become the province of would-be world dictators. You would think so-called "liberals," "politically left," "progressive" "democrats," or some such persons, would scream bloody murder, and people would stampede this nonsense back into the trash. But even those few dedicated left-leaners who get involved in public affairs are solidly and inextricably in denial. As a result, they're bought in and sold to the right wing framework in its entirety. They believe if it's a thing they don't see in their everday experience, it doesn't exist. They believe the only possible source of energy in the universe is oil, and they believe the biotic genesis of petroleum theory and therefore peak oil. They say they oppose war, but "understand" the "necessity" of oil wars, giving their tacit approval, even though events in the real world give them overwhelming evidence that the premises aren't valid. Subliminally mesmerized by the idea of "from chaos, order," they don't believe there are government black ops or black ops weapon development. They don't believe there are people evil enough to envision global conquest by military action, let alone attempt it, and resist getting the education needed to understand it's not only possible but a demonstrated fact dating back thousands of years. So, you don't get opposition from the only people who would call it out, just like you don't get a peace, prosperity and progress presidential candidate. The vote count in the general election has been evenly divided for decades because the candidates are always identical corporate and defense associates.

So, I might vote for Ralph Nader, or I might not. But one thing's for sure, I won't vote for Clinton, Obama or McCain. I can't do it. Not one has the snap to deal with this subject (except maybe Ralph), and one of them will have to deal with it.


I wish I'd made all this up and had the revenues of a hit comic book series safely stashed away in euros. Yesterday, the "official" war death count for Iraq exceeded 4,000. Because the extreme restrictions on which deaths make up the count, some have suggested the real count, including mercenaries, probably exceeds 10 to 20 times that many Americans. If you knew in fact the death count was 80,000, would you invest more time in resisting the war? If you doubt that's possible, and most people would argue with it, read this, and you'll learn everything there is to know about how Bush counts casualties.

I've been on a small rant about this for weeks, and the other day Janie asked how we're supposed to answer. Good question. Those privy to these operations have been warning for years they'll quell violence in the streets with the new generation of "nonlethal" weapons, which I take to mean they intend to start trouble somewhere as a pretext to test some of the new stuff. That might never happen. The real revolution they need fear is the one without a shot fired nor even a single exchange of unpleasantry. How we should answer and what must happen is that the wealthy corporations that own media, government, defense and all of us must find their markets have vanished. My advice to everyone is get off the grid. Don't buy gas. Don't buy anything nonessential. Keep your money. Trade anything you can. Replace old technologies with new ones that don't feed established interests to the extent you can, as an individual. Don't wait to be served, be inventive. You could well spend your whole life trying to do that and fail, but try we must. Like the revocation of your civil liberties, black ops weapons aren't something we think about. But suddenly, these issues become real things of first priority to real people, always to their utter amazement. With new, unbelievable increases in the defense budget and the way big media is rather quiet about the 2009 discretionary budget, one can't help but be curious. I have a couple or dozen tasks for MEGs at my house. My local radiotelephone expert told me it doesn't put out much power, but Tesla said correctly configured, it gives you more than you need. I should spend all my time figuring it out. There are some things around here I'd like to see go the way of the covered wagon.

Update: Sure enough, that report has disappeared from Project Censored's website. They have a different link for it, but it also doesn't work. I have the file and can e-mail it to you if you'll give me an address. I posted it in an MSN group, but the site's permissions require you to join to download the file, so I won't bother you with all that. If anybody can think of a place where I can post it so you can read it, please pass that information along.

Update 2: Send your request to me at and I'll send the report to you.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inner-worlders to the rescue

So, what becomes of humanity after the U.S. attacks Iran? The Arianni will help the few survivors reestablish human culture, later sometime. It comes as a great comfort. Hat tip to Janet.

I'm still working on the previous post! It's a love-hate relationship inspired by my blind devotion.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Goodbye Admiral Fallon; hello obliteration

I knew this would happen:

WASHINGTON - Adm. William Fallon is stepping down as head of the U.S. Central Command, which oversees military matters in the Middle East, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Tuesday.

Gates said that Adm. William J. Fallon had asked for permission to retire and that Gates agreed. Gates said the decision, effective March 31, was entirely Fallon’s and that Gates believed it was "the right thing to do."

Eat shit and die, Gates, you fucking weirdo. I was busily hammering away at 118 people, part two, believe it or not, when I got this news item, which is The Worst Thing That Could Happen, so I thought I'd take a minute to shout shenanigans.

There is only one clear message here: Bush and Cheney will do whatever it takes to kill us all. The neocon agenda won't be denied, and to hell with the whole damn world. No one gives their permission to exterminate the human race in order to rebuild it into some magical, storybook GOP totalitarian monarchy. There are idiots in the world who actually think that will happen, and full speed ahead. Nobody explains how they'll do that without people. I assume it's a secret.

Recently I saw a program on the History Channel which said a meteor strike on one of today's major cities would be enough to cause a worldwide extinction-level event. The planned attack on Iran will launch much more dust into the atmosphere than that, and it will be radioactive dust. Admiral Fallon was an important firewall between that and the Bush administration, and as CENTCOM commander was the single best friend of life on earth. Now the plan is for a third Bush-Cheney administration, if we live that long, and also for the rest of us to kiss our asses goodbye. Esquire on Fallon.