Friday, November 22, 2013

My only flying saucer sighting

I finally submitted a report to MUFON about my one and only near flying disk sighting. It happened 45 years ago.

A couple days later, I got an e-mail from the state director of MUFON who asked if he could call me and talk about it. We had a very engaging discussion. Without saying it, he implied that he wondered what good the reports are. I reminded him MUFON’s work is very important because it advances people’s knowledge.

He thought the report was “amazing.” It’s posted here, and this is what it says:
Beginning in the summer of 1966, Oklahoma City witnessed nightly flights of a black flying disk with its signature circular, three-color underside, donut-shaped light bar. Immediately, someone took a picture of it, and it became the first color picture printed on page one of “The Daily Oklahoman.”

The flights continued for months. From the beginning, word on the street was it was a flight technology being tested by the local air force base, Tinker Field. The Air Force denied it, said they didn’t see it visually or on radar, and that they knew nothing. Most of the people in town witnessed these flights.

People were excited at first. After the first few days, with no official confirmation and in that it caused no trouble and no one could do anything about it, people went from indifference to ignoring it. My family lived north of the city at Danforth and Western Ave., and I thought I was too far away to see it.

But, my brother and I did see it, up close, Saturday, July 17, 1968 shortly after 9 p.m. We rode a motorcycle to Ramblewood Hills at Santa Fe and Waterloo and parked. It was a very clear night, just after sunset. We noticed an unconventional aircraft two or three miles to the north, brightly lit but not flashing, moving back and forth and making no sound.

Without saying anything we hopped on the bike and started it, and after moving a few feet, the disk was right next to us. It was a few hundred feet in altitude and appeared to be over 100 feet in diameter, a classic, black, elliptical disk with no visible seams or rivets. The wide, circular light bar was divided into three segments colored red, blue and yellow. The segments looked like big light-emitting diodes, something we knew about but that weren’t available on the market.

We went west one mile on Waterloo, and the disk flew along with us, much to our surprise and horror. We turned south on Western, and it made the turn with us. Despite the fact we were very frightened, it was a wonderful thing to see. It flew beautifully, tipping from side to side, soaring, giving us a very good look, and completely silent.

I thought that if I never saw one of these up close again, this would always be the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I wished I had a motion picture camera, but alas. It was only three miles to our house, and it seemed like 50. We parked in the driveway, and the disk hovered in the field north of the house over an old hedge apple tree, about 200 feet to the north.

It was clear the vehicle was using a gigantic value of electricity. I became aware that the enormous negative energy holding it aloft struck the ground and fanned out. Some was hitting me, and I knew that it was killing the tree, and that later I would witness the dried trunk and branches collapse.

I couldn’t imagine why I thought that, but I was very certain of it. The disk did not fly away. A white haze energy field about four inches thick enveloped the disk, and it disappeared without a sound, as we both shouted, “wow.” It was about 9:15 p.m.

After the second day, the fronds on the tree turned brown, and by the third day, it was clear the tree was dead. It never again showed signs of life.

I was 14. I graduated from high school, then college. When I visited the house, I went out to see the tree many times, certain the moment had come. It didn’t collapse, but I remained certain I would see it.

Ten years passed. The last time I checked, I saw it collapse. It was dramatic, and sounded like many large panes of glass shattering and clinking into a million pieces. What is the chance I would see something so fleeting that happens in just a couple seconds, and why was I so sure I would see it? It ranks among the few strangest things that have happened to me.

For years I thought it must be an alien technology because we don’t teach that kind of physics at the graduate level, and we don’t. But, I grew up in the era of the antigravity project, and I knew in the back of my mind it might be and probably was earth technology. Certainly, that’s what people who worked at Tinker said.

I began drinking within a couple weeks, and drank heavily for 14 years to drown my sorrow, then gave up drinking.

What was it? I applied everything I’ve seen and been able to learn. I concluded it was one of ours, utilizing Tesla’s antigravity electromagnetic drive developed by the enormously expensive, stolen antigravity project (see When the disk vanished, it went to hidden space, which means what we saw was an actual, whole-universe transportation vehicle, capable of speeds far exceeding light speed and able to traverse time.

I remember this as if it happened today. It was my only close look at an antigravity vehicle, and since then I’ve never doubted the reality of antigravity or free extraction electricity. We’ve been able to do all this since 1958, and those who stole the technical data keep humanity living in the dark ages.
If you read that, and you read this and this, you know the strangest things that have happened to me.

Updated 6/16/14: If you click the link for my contribution to, you get a message saying the page is "forbidden." Their permissions have changed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who killed JFK and why, for crying out loud

Most of the thousands of published books explaining who killed John Kennedy and why tell perfectly reasonable, believable stories that vary widely one to another. The writers range from facetious to well intentioned, but to all those lucky enough to get a publisher’s acceptance, I’m glad they were paid.

We’re left 50 years later with no official agreement as to who assassinated JFK. The sealed part of the Warren Commission report is supposed to be revealed one day. Tell your great grandchildren don’t hold your breath.

Kennedy’s death coincides with the death of U.S. democracy and the birth of a despotic culture of secrecy led now by the world’s big money. The reason for the assassination is never explained by the many books and articles. The reason remains enormously important.

When the Zapruder film was first shown on TV, a few frames showing the gunshots hitting Kennedy were removed “out of respect for the family” and out of disrespect for the truth, if this slow-motion version of the unedited Zapruder film is authentic:

This is supposed to be the real thing. If you watch it several times, it’s easy to see the president is shot from outside the car and from the front seat. The shooting was highly choreographed, with extra snipers as backup and distraction. The operation was conducted by one disciplined team determined to get the job done.

Kennedy wasn’t killed for revenge, but because some people were afraid he was going to do his job. They feared he would set into motion a chain of events that would collapse America’s intelligence community. More likely the chain of events would have upgraded the intelligence community. Their greatest fear was Kennedy’s actions would lead to the disclosure and publication of the highly prized, illegally suppressed technical data for the antigravity project—and the antigravity project is the missing link in the story of JFK’s assassination.

If you want to understand the connection, read these three articles and I’ll tweak the information a little: one, two and three.

I warn readers to be skeptical of stories they read in and Mail Online. That doesn’t mean I think all their stuff is wrong. In this case, they are so close to the bull’s-eye it’s breathtaking.

Don’t think I believe this version of JFK’s killing because I read it on these websites. Everyone who was curious about this studied it and came to some conclusion. The three articles I linked give some details of the version I insist is the only right version, and the only thing that explains brutally slaying in broad daylight a popular president and our country’s beloved democracy, and what’s taken place since.

Failing to remedy this injustice is taking us to no good place. The 50 years of history since Kennedy died are stark, resounding proof. It’s not too late. Kennedy’s death was no vendetta or philosophical difference resolution. It’s a story of a man doing what he was elected to do during the pinnacle of the Cold War in the early 1960s.

By 1962, the Russians were having so much trouble at their missile silos they contacted Washington, the White House in particular. They complained flying disks were showing up at their silos and turning off the equipment. They wanted President Kennedy’s assurance the disks weren’t our defense aircraft.

Kennedy said he didn’t know they were, but he’d ask around and get back. He summoned his CIA liaisons who told him they’d have to check, but that it’s possible they were—and Kennedy hit the ceiling, figuring he should have been briefed. I don’t recall learning whether or how the issue of whose disks attacked was settled.

In the next year Kennedy learned more than any president about classified technologies and contact with alien races. He planned to set up an exchange network with the Russians for this important information. It appears the CIA and other agencies were already doing that, but the project was in its infancy. Intelligence wanted to move slowly and, as always, without scrutiny, especially White House scrutiny.

A choice had to be made, and the choice was some things are bigger than one man, which is a dumb thing to say and a dumb choice. But, there you have it. The U.S. and Soviet Union were in a technology race with antigravity and Tesla’s great scalar electromagnetic interferometer in those days, not just nuclear weapons. The U.S. was behind the Soviets in developing the interferometer, and didn’t seem to understand it.

Intelligence didn’t want the White House in the middle of that. In making this choice, intelligence threw away our democratic republic form of government. With Tesla’s EM drive, we were flying to the moon in about an hour in 1962. You should have been able to take that flight. Intelligence was not right to do this.

Kennedy’s shooting was conducted by a hit team commanded by George H. W. Bush. It effectively killed Kennedy and concealed its involvement, so George Bush’s career prospered.

The team was sent in early November, 1963 to Cuba. It was rumored they were going to rub out Castro, but some say they had other targets. It was rumored something went wrong, but that isn’t clear. The operation was cancelled, and the team was sent to Dallas for the grandfather of all assignments, to kill the president.

Team Bush worked it out, and Bush went to Waco, TX that morning to establish plausible deniability, and to play the part of useless tit and coward. He doesn’t seem to have played much of a part in the operation, but he was the team’s leader, and looks are deceiving. Langley thought he was a very bright boy.

George Bush moved up at the CIA. He was at the frontline of the sale of this fabulous classified technology on the black market, making an untold fortune. He was not particular about the buyer. Today, rich families, organized crime and big banking have nuclear and quantum weapons, in addition to foreign countries’ departments of defense, not all of whom are friends of the U.S. George Bush is chiefly responsible, and did it for money.

He served two terms as vice president and one term as president. George Bush is possibly history’s greatest traitor, truly a standard by which others may be judged.

Keeping this quiet caused the deaths of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy, Jr., who as president would have made demands. The Kennedy family and everyone who will ever live deserves that the true story be told.

George Bush is celebrated today with network television banquets and decorated with big, government gold medals. His son’s wars have ravaged another generation of humanity.

Contained in the classified technology bundle is low voltage, extremely low frequency, negative energy radio pulsing that can heal disease, replace missing limbs and even clean up Fukushima. You paid for its enormously expensive development and got no benefit, all in the name of keeping a secret. Physicists complain we’re building things as large as star systems in our secret space program with this technology. We simple earthlings are told to deal with resource depletion.

Intelligence would sacrifice all life on earth before it would sacrifice secrecy. That’s come to mean anything made secret is held that closely, and everyone loses everything. The remedy is stalled by people who understandably don’t want to admit very poor, wrong decisions were made; then again, I don’t understand. It is unintelligent.