Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is zero point energy technology?

A discussion of zero point energy technology in the aftermath of Dennis Kucinich's articles of impeachment of the president is fortuitous, apocalyptic and monumental. It is appropriate. Presidents can declassify. ZPE is more than classified—it's defense black op's most precious, valuable and highly guarded secret. That was never meant to be.

Zero point energy technology is the biggest little idea you've never heard of, and the biggest news story of the next ten millennia. Of all important things that aren't on the table today, ZPE is the most important.

If I'd never seen a car battery, and someone told me a plastic vessel containing lead plates and an acid solution could take a charge and deliver electric current, I'd say it wouldn't work, and that they'd lost their mind. I probably still wouldn't believe it after seeing a volt meter hooked to it. But, it does work, and I'd have been mistaken, and out of line. At least one can examine a lead battery.

Zero point energy technology was invented about 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla. There are different versions, but Tesla's is the recognized standard. Tesla invented a great many things, most of which you can fully study and examine. But, not the zero point energy device, the motionless electromagnetic generator, or MEG. For decades I've wondered why, resigned to the idea entrenched interests didn't want the competition, until I realized the other day it's highly classified (duh).

Tesla is inarguably our most gifted physicist. Everything that made Edison and Einstein noteworthy was invented by Nikola Tesla. So, why is he so obscure? The corporatocracy, military black ops and legitimate government don't want humanity following his work because this one, simple device enables the most powerful weapons ever made and makes all other forms of energy as obsolete as the conestoga.

Aside from being unbelievably talented, Tesla loved to showboat with electricity at a time when it was a new concept. He was also interested in experiments with devices that required extremely high current, far more than he could get in the ordinary ways around the turn of the twentieth century or even now. So, he started thinking about what he knew about nature and what he could do. He knew the entire universe is a river of electromagnetic energy of unlimited force. He knew if he could capture that force, it could be converted into electric current—a lot of electric current.

His solution was a fiendishly clever, devilishly simple apparatus, the MEG. Think of it as a circuit component consisting of a dipole, or two separated magnets, in a vacuum chamber. One is wired for input power, the other for output power. The vacuum causes the output power to be stepped up a hundred, or hundreds, of times the input power. If the generator is off, it requires a little current to start (like an AAA battery). Then, the device can be close-looped and the power stepped up to the level needed, so it is self-sustaining. So, the motionless electromagnetic generator is a power supply which provides current at levels beyond conventional parameters such as kilowatt hours, produces no waste or exhaust, and uses no fuel. It is a source of unlimited, clean, free electricity.

You can see a picture of a model of this device here. There is a technical discussion of how it works here, although I find it incomprehensible. The author claims his device is not the same thing as zero point energy—and so the confusion on this subject begins. (I expect it varies slightly from Tesla's version.)

That confusion isn't helped by the handful of hucksters, con artists and devotees with their books and websites spewing megabytes of gibberish and off-topic speculation. Here's an example. The author tells lots of compelling stories, and has a good point when he says to forget any idea you have of saving the world by producing these devices, because if you can get it to work, it will be taken away from you. Some people offer instructions or schematics, and none of them are cheap. Keep your money. Tom Bearden wants investment capital. If his prototype works, he doesn't need money: anyone who knows what they're doing could build the device with a few dollars' worth of components.

This one is a prize winner. They're looking for "strategic partners" to manufacture different devices in different regions. They have pictures of their products and even a price list. I went looking for the order form. There isn't one. They have no employees. They're looking for people with working prototypes, and want a demonstration. They either don't know this information is classified, or it's a U.S. government fishing expedition (the company is based in Nevada).

This website, despite its rough appearance, gives a great description of all the unknown things Tesla invented. Don't let the way it looks fool you. He invented these things and said they work. That's the thing about Tesla. He was his own hardest critic, diligent and devoted to checking himself over and over. If he said it worked, it worked. Nobody believed him. Then, he'd put the apparatus together and show them it worked. He invented the electric motor and tested models up to 5,000 hp. If you want to learn about those, you can. You have them in your home, too.

Not the motionless electromagnetic generator. Complete, accurate specifications and schematics don't exist in the public domain. The government swears they don't work. If they don't work, why can't we learn about them?

Because they do work, like gangbusters. Combined with Tesla's scalar wave technology, they are the fundamental enabling technologies of light speed-plus travel. This video is the thing that got me all fired up. In particular, the statements made by Mark McCandlish beginning at approximately 1:13:30 through 1:20 were the final straw for me. Scientists reverse engineering crashed UFOs were puzzled by the propulsion systems that didn't have fuel or moving parts. But, they recognized the power source: Tesla's motionless electromagnetic generator.

To Tesla, it was a piece of lab equipment he'd have been honored for everyone to possess. Tesla hated the idea of infrastructure, and thought of it as oppressive, ridiculous, superfluous. He was absolutely right; but even in his day, corporations he depended on for his livelihood wouldn't have it.

Our (shadow) government has been experimenting with this technology for decades, mastering light speed-plus travel probably in the 1950s or 1960s. They have advanced technology thousands of years right under our noses, on our dime. They didn't buy this technology from Tesla. They stole it from him when he died in 1943. It wasn't among the files they returned to his family. Today, it's the crown jewel of secrets our government keeps from us, and they've spent trillions of our tax dollars on research and development. Yet, we can't have it.

Instead, we get oil wars, economic collapse, global privation and bullshit about terrorism; indeed, these buttholes will turn their advanced weapons on us and kill us all before they'll give up this prize of prizes. Every president since 1943 failed to declassify this information, and deserved removal from office and prosecution. The passage of time makes this greatest crime in history only more venomous. McCain and Obama's backs are against the wall to explain whether or not they will declassify these technologies, and disband our shadow government, the greatest evil humanity has ever known.

I recommend reading U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights by Project Censored, a document which vanished from their website. The 150 footnotes have abundant resources for learning more about these fascinating subjects. My previous posts on the subject are now obsolete.

Update: This article confuses zero point energy with free extraction. They aren't the same thing. Please read part two of this series.