Friday, May 3, 2013

Engineering weather, part two

Today, May 3, marks the fourteenth anniversary of what was history's most destructive tornado outbreak in 1999 in Oklahoma. A mile-wide base twister pulled the grass out of the ground and destroyed 9,000 houses in Oklahoma City.

Today, May 3, 2013, Arkansas received snow for the first time in recorded history.

When I originally posted Engineering weather on the website in 2009, the post eventually caused a major ruckus as the management and staff were forced to realize weather really is engineered. I was not fully aware of how pervasive that engineering is.

After thousands of hours of observing National Weather Service radar, I came to understand the weather is engineered everywhere, all the time—and weather isn't simply modified by use of the scalar electromagnetic interferometer, it is absolutely determined everywhere artificially.

This has been going on for a long time. In a declassified U.S. Air Force report titled Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather In 2025, dated August, 1996, the authors make the fully false claim that total control of the weather had not been achieved.

Use of the scalar electromagnetic interferometer for engineering weather was in regular practice by the late 1960s. And, there is good reason to believe that the dust bowl event of the 1930s was brought about by use of this same technology, having had 40 years' development by the inventor himself, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla envisioned a time when deserts could be hydrated and made productive gardens, and weather extremes could be averted; in short, the whole world could be a virtual paradise everywhere, everyday. However, the scalar electromagnetic interferometer is also a quantum weapon. Now in the hands of classified military programs, wealthy families and organized crime, it is used only as a weapon, and the weather is a weapon. The enemies are all persons.

That's right, all the damage done by all the hurricanes and tornadoes for at least the last 50 years was caused by people at control panels and their command structures. Yes, insurance companies know that, are complicit in keeping it quiet, and the cost is passed on to all of us over and over.

Cold air is being dumped from the North Pole onto Canada and the central plains of the United States as well as Russia deliberately in a scheme to melt the polar ice and facilitate oil drilling at the pole. Decades of lobbying by environmentalists to stop this has officially failed, as big money has the last word. Ironically, if you had the power supply the scalar electromagnetic interferometer uses, the motionless electromagnetic generator, you would not need oil or gas for producing energy. And, if you had a proper, fully restored electrical engineering model, you wouldn't need oil and gas for making all the products that absolutely rely on them now.

What an unbelievable mess this is. The world is this way only because the people who sell oil and coal, and bankers in particular, want to take all of everyone's money until the end of time.

It's possible to buy an MEG online. Go here. You'll need to give these nice people a detailed specification for your intended use. But, unless it's for an approved, secret weapon for the U.S. government or one of a select group of experiments, your purchase order will be refused, and guys in suits from NSA will show up asking you who the hell you think you are.

The MEG should have been in free use for 100 years, should be the most recognizable thing in the world and as common as table salt. But, in the 1890s, J.P. Morgan fixed that, and it still hasn't been made right.

Free extraction electricity is a fact. You see it in use each and every day with whatever the weather is or isn't. Tesla made marvelous discoveries in wave and field theory that still haven't found their way into the public domain, and are used only as weapons.

Because I've spoken openly about engineering weather, someone stopped my online access to NOAA websites. My ISP managed to partially restore my access to National Weather Service websites, so you can know it's a serious subject. Few people in the world have the courage to talk about all that. Will you join them?