Sunday, April 28, 2013

.50 caliber sniper

With all said and done lately in the name of "gun control legislation," you'd think a breakthrough moment would emerge. Assault weapon prohibition has been done and undone. What good is limiting magazine capacity? Some people want you to think these suggested changes are new, cutting edge stuff.

Yeah, it's cutting edge stuff all right: every imaginable excuse to disqualify every possible person from having a gun. The end game is extermination. Think you don't need a gun?

What you need is a BIGGER gun. The video clarifies the issue. You won't see this one on YouTube! It shows a .50 caliber sniper rifle in use by American forces in Afghanistan, effective at over one mile. You'll notice background checks and multiple round clips aren't problems. You'll also notice the bullet doesn't have to strike the target. The third guy who gets it wasn't hit by the round. If the bullet passes within five feet of a person, the shock wave will tear his body apart.

If Homeland Security comes down your street, you can bet they'll have a .50 caliber rifle, and probably bigger weapons than that. My advice is try to stay out of gun battles.