Saturday, July 16, 2016

How this blog made me a traitor

We live in the security era. That means everyone is supposed to be afraid, and Stasi tactics are irrevocably imposed. I didn’t know a few words I’d write on this blog would turn me into a traitor, a threat to society, an enemy of the state, a terrorist and seditionist. But, according to my stepmother Patty, she had to have me designated an enemy of the state because a few words in this post, updated today, on this site indisputably prove it.

I’m surprised THAT’S the thing about which someone took exception. I love the United States, and I don’t see how anything on this site disputes it.

Of course, it took more than words to make me what I am. What was also needed was an asshole. One of her best friends is this guy who operates a “counterterrorism institute.” He got the job done, and in his usual, full-feature fashion. I haven’t met Dave, but feel I know him intimately. I’ve been his gang stalking target for more than 20 years. The last five have been blistering, and the last three were especially aggressive. He’s made a bundle as a hired assassin and hog at the trough. That’s your tax dollars at work.

As a practitioner of highest treason, also known as protected speech, I am stripped of the law’s protection. That means there was no way the defendant would appear in the civil case or the criminal case to recover what he stole from a trust account in which I can’t see statements or do a transaction, $198,825.00 by the fed’s count. He never appeared in either case, just as he was promised by Patty and company, who advised him about how to siphon off the money without raising flags at the bank.

It turns out Dennis Hampton would do anything to get out of going to court, including die. Today is 71 days since May 6 when he died, yet there is no autopsy report or death certificate for him, just this modest notice. Maybe there is documentation, but none of my team has seen it. It is strange he died the morning of his federal sentencing hearing, and unusual it got wall-to-wall news coverage that day in that news companies almost never cover suicides.

Meanwhile, on top of being the worst subversive in history, I’m also labeled a lying nut for complaining about this so-what trouble and for sharing my experience with it.

I uncovered a horrible fact: after Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security is the next largest allocation federal agency. Seventy percent of their budget goes to private security contractors like Dave who do two things, prepare and place in global databases phony, lie law enforcement intelligence and conduct organized harassment or gang stalking programs. That means, after the military, the next biggest thing our tax dollars buy is this Stasi culture, rat-out-your-neighbor-and-get-him-killed-with-the-if-you-see-something-say-something model. That’s an astonishing revelation very few people know because fedgov doesn’t publish the discretionary budget request annually as they had until recently.

So, there you are. Know what I mean there, niblet?