Sunday, April 28, 2013


Psychoenergetics is among the hardest to believe of the exotic, secret electromagnetic technologies—but it has a lot of good company.

If you're looking for a news story of first impression, of interest to every individual, psychoenergetics has it all. A person at a control panel on the other side of the earth can target someone, cause them anxiety, illness, full-blown perceptions, set them on fire, detonate or disintegrate them or turn off any of their bodily organs without leaving forensic traces. News writers don't touch this subject, so anybody who wants to step forward can still be first.

You can find many such stories by reading the academic treatises at Project Censored. Start with this one about "psychological warfare," which is a nice way to put it. Psychoenergetics is practicum of unimaginable horror.

The report is a jewel of modern literature. It mysteriously disappeared from their website a few weeks after it was published. I wrote to ask about it and received no response. Absent until this summer, it was quietly reinstated. That's something that never happens to those guys. That it did with this one means something; what, I don't know. The restored version isn't revised.

It's just under 50 pages and required reading, including footnotes. Scalar technology is said to be the fundamental enabler of antigravity technology, and a good follow-up is to view the Disclosure Project video. In questions at the end, they say if your car were equipped with Tesla's primary power supply and scalar EM technology, it would never touch the ground and could make light speed plus. You learn a few other things about Tesla you might not know in the Project Censored report.

(I thought enough of this report that I styled it and posted it on this site, here.)

You'll discover these fantastic technologies exist in a fine state of evolution. As a taxpayer, their research and development is the most expensive thing you've purchased—another good reason the well-equipped author and broadcast associates of every stripe should be conversant.

I can't testify as to every strange thing of which no one ever heard, and in writing about these things I have to decide what is real. I require at least a half dozen credentialed, credible, attributable sources, and I have to see it myself. Good sources are abundant. I'm related to people who report experiences explainable only this way. During an attack, one died.

It took a four years of study and cross-examination to find an explanation for the many strange things that happened.

If my family's experience represents the wider population, about 25% of all people are attacked and about 10% are killed. No one can prove a thing. Nobody questions it or becomes any the wiser. It can happen to you and yours, as the victims seem to be chosen at random. My education's cost is immeasurable.

Bearden's site talks about the neurophone in an amazing story about directed microwave energy that lets a person hear things others next to him can not, and the teenage prodigy who invented it. Bearden also has an authoritative book on the subject.

Bigger things are possible. Read about geologist/geophysicist Harry Mason and EM weapons testing in the desert of Australia. See the video. Wow. I haven't been able to worm a comment from the one person I know in Australia.

Most everyone knows nothing about the weaponization of this fabulous technology. It's wrong and must change. Talking about it is okay. Be the world's first news company to do it. I'd twist your arm in person, but cannot. Its caretakers include some very bad people, and the reading mentions many world's end designs. The programs' enormous cost is a scourge on humanity. Classified projects are thought to consume 25% of GDP, but no one knows in that the figures are secret. That it gets used the way it does and beneficial uses are withheld from the people who paid the bills is nothing short of unbelievable.