Saturday, April 27, 2013

The highest crime

This is the last post for my classified power and directed energy technologies series. I have much more material. I'm won't make more submissions, because the endless fight with this company's management is pointless.

You can find the information yourself if you have an internet connection, and you don't need me at all. Great technology and intellectual honesty are most proper and appropriate subjects, anytime and anywhere. Most sites will publish my posts. The few that won't are government or oil industry entangled.

That sounds like an unfair, sweeping generalization; but, I've found it's true, and I know what I'm saying. I haven't told this part, so I'll tell it here: I'm the only person on earth who's contributed any volume on these classified subjects in blogs, according to search engines. Word I've mentioned Tesla's primary circuit in personal conversation the last 48 years gets around. I get the occasional, official, look-see visit. I get drive-bys from black SUVs with tinted windows, and in crowds people take my picture. And nothing happens.

Before I write this I can tell you there are people all around who don't want me to tell it or you to hear it. Why this culture of secrecy? It supports depopulation, already underway—the extermination of you and me by the greedy and ROTTEN. Who would think there are things that can't be heard or said, or that you need to be told what you can hear, read or know? Who judges that? I can't post here or Topix. My e-mail to Rise & Shine is discarded. It defies comprehension—until you fill in the blanks.

I've been working on this story since February. It's something wonderful, better than I expected. It's all right if you hear a wonderful story, and it's all right if I tell one.

The highest crime

Remember these words: scenar cosmodic.

If you like to read, and your favorite genre is passion, I recommend the literature about the suppression of technology. Wherever it's found, whoever its author, it's all, and always, the most passionate writing I've ever seen. Machine gun riveting, it hammers the reader start to finish.

Many exciting stories are told here beginning with "In their efforts to improve the well-being of their fellow humans, inventors often suffer poverty, slander, and suppression. Inventors of energy devices in particular have been threatened by large energy corporations who are allied with the United States Government and seek to enslave people in subtle ways. The tactics used against energy inventors include 'legal' imprisonment on false charges, harassment by the IRS, and outright criminal death threats, beatings, bribery, burglary, vandalism, and arson. At least a few inventors have been murdered if they were not dissuaded by other means." The further you read, the better it gets—including Tesla's murder in 1943 and the immediate confiscation of his files, some of the best inventions ever we still haven't seen, requiring two trucks to haul them.

The murder, the stealing, the sneaking around and manipulation of intellectual property to enrich a few greedy, ROTTEN people enslaves the rest of us. Everyone should know these people's names.

The carnage continues at peswiki, with loads of thrills and links.

Our government and others, the Russians in particular, have spent many, many trillions of public dollars as well as crime money developing these fabulous inventions. The U.S. has explored the universe at light speed plus since 1960. According to John Lear, we flew to the moon in under four hours in 1962. We traveled to Mars in 1966 and today, six million humans live in underground cities on Mars. We "unneeded eaters" got the rocket space program to distract and dismiss us. Our secret space program has and still costs an unbelievable, unimaginable amount, and is the real reason we have chronic financial distress. In St. Louis there is a Navy submarine repair depot. Submarines don't reach it via the Mississippi River, but from the Pacific Ocean in a massive, engineered, under-continent seaway. These enormous projects suck dry global money circulation and promote illegal trade in weapons and drugs. You and we paid for it all, yet you and we get none of the benefit of the huge advances in science and technology.

Disclosure of scientific technical data is more than the law, it's a constitutional guarantee (Article 1, §8, clause [8]): "To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries;" generally 25 years. So, add to murder and theft the crime of high treason committed by every person who participates in withholding scientific data, including denier trolls and government and corporate field operatives helping make sure we know nothing. These ROTTEN people are happy to commit these knowing crimes, and love that they evade prosecution.

The real measure of the cost of the suppression of important technology is how much you, an individual, sacrifice.

We are collectively and individually screwed by the suppression of MEG and antigravity technology. The MEG, Tesla's primary circuit, is the main benefit of alternating current! This single device can provide all our energy needs, is compact, portable, clean and free. You don't have it because oil companies and a few secret, government operatives have everything to say on the subject, and the rest of us combined have nothing to say. Widespread deployment of this one technology could set in motion a chain of events that would soon create such abundance as to render money irrelevant and the monetary system obsolete. You can see a possible vision of such a world in the movie Zeitgeist: Addendum. I'm not a member of this association's movement.

If your car had antigravity powered by the primary circuit, it would have no maintenance schedule, would never touch the ground, would use no fuel and could make light speed plus. Compare that with the oil burning technology you have, imposed by greedy, ROTTEN people who want to enslave you and get every dollar you have. The MEG and antigravity have been ready to deploy since the early twentieth century. Instead, we have a filthy atmosphere, and some studying it claim a cover up of the fact so much oil has leaked into the ocean from underwater wellheads it's quickly building up on the sea floor, and is the culprit in a sudden, dramatic decline of whales, sharks and many varieties of the world sea fish stocks. If the sea dies, we won't be far behind.

In this setting, you'd think a clean, robust, sustainable energy source would be the easiest sell there is, NOT the toughest—and it's the toughest because big carbon energy has all the money and the only voice, and slime balls think they need to keep secrets so as to enslave the world.

How and why this technology was suppressed (I like the part where Tesla is poisoned and robbed of everything). So, you sacrifice a wonderful life of abundance in a fascinating world.

That's a lot to sacrifice, and it's caused by lying, thieving murderers in the service of the greedy and ROTTEN.

The technologies are developed under secret programs and secret budgets. No one knows how much money it is. American black ops has had a free hand in an open till for more than 70 years. Government employees and agencies compete for new patents that enrich individuals in violation of the law. The patents are doled out to favored contractors that build devices and weapons, which our government buys with your money. You pay and pay and pay—and get nothing but technological stagnation and endless financial despair.

There are many technologies that would be of great benefit to the world. But, the Americans would rather exterminate humanity than give up a single one—and the deciders call that "patriotism." It is the extreme opposite. The caretakers of these great things are chosen for their ability to keep secrets, not make moral judgments—so they are in the hands of some of the world's worst people. And there is all too much talk among the operators of quantum weapons about culling the population, or outright extermination. They have the best tools to do the job, and we have no defense.

In 2002, I had reason to read the transportation statutes in U.S. Code. I was amazed at the many, generous tax incentives for anyone researching magnetically levitated trains. A big corporation could turn a handsome profit exploiting these incentives, and many did, as I learned later from Phil Schneider that such trains in deep underground military tunnels achieved nearly Mach 3 by the early 1990s. Schneider was murdered days after sharing this news with us. Today, John Lear says deep underground military base (DUMB) tunnel transportation can take one between any two points on earth in under an hour, so they are probably now using antigravity.

We insignificant surface people have nothing like that. All of this was stolen from us, we paid for its development many times over, and the thieves holding it employ legions of people making careers out of keeping it secret. The government doesn't offer incentives to bring technology to market, but instead to control it and keep it off the market. In committing the crimes of suppression, you and everyone sacrifice these amazing abilities, and inherit increasingly worthless money and a toxic environment.

As a youngster I expected to soon be able to travel throughout the solar system in 1960, and it was a reasonable expectation. Nope, sorry, not even close 50 years later. Bill Cooper saw an antigravity disk the size of an aircraft carrier emerge from the ocean, fly around a cloud bank and descend back into the water using a force field to push the water away from the hull, allowing it to slip in easily and travel at high speeds underwater in 1965. For revealing this, Cooper was murdered by a small town sheriff over an illegal rifle that never materialized.

NASA, the Air Force and others have operated flying disks since 1960. Since then, we've probably visited the entire galaxy and points throughout the universe with Tesla's hidden space theory. The MEG coupled to antigravity provides the enormous energy needed to do it. That governments would disclose this almighty tool once developed was understood. But alas, governments decided to keep it to themselves and let us go on paying, and intimidate or kill anyone possessing the technical data or making serious plans to put these and other curtailed technologies out in the wild. So, the electrical engineering model taught in America is truncated and incorrect, and you lose unimagined advantages to manufacturing and construction, and the ability to travel anywhere quickly and without energy cost.

In almost 50 years of asking why we don't have these things, I'd come to think I'd never see any of the great suppressed technologies. Then, in February, Tom Bearden posted this correspondence in which he casually mentions this secret gadget "scenar cosmodic" that Russian astronauts had used for 30 years as a personal medical assistant to correct the debilitating effects of time spent in zero gravity, especially bone mass loss and muscular atrophy. They discovered it could produce benefit for many health disorders. I couldn't believe my eyes. Russian intelligence shared the greatest technology release I've ever seen, leaving America lying in the dirt. Bearden explains this technology can cure any disease and repair any injury, including loss of tissue. And that's not all...

...Bearden says age is something in your body with structure this technology can target, that you can be made any age you choose, and if you can continue treatment and aren't accidentally killed, you've achieved immortality. That's what I call real health care reform! Pause for a few seconds, and consider what that means.

If this is true, and the literature supports it, you and all of us sacrifice far more than a modernized world and a prosperous life. We sacrifice everything and needlessly give our lives, all of us—as have generations of people who have lived since inception in the 1930s. So, everyone sacrifices everything, plus all our lives, all in the name of illegally keeping a secret. No crime extracts so much from humanity or from you, an individual. The suppression of fabulous technologies, the deliberate noncompliance of greedy, ROTTEN people, really is the highest crime. No one will ever be charged.

Thousand-year-old people can become common. How changed the world would be if there were many such people. How differently would you live if you thought there were a way to live for many centuries or possibly forever? Very differently. The conditioned assumption hammered into each of us that our lives can be no more than making money, spending it and dying isn't valid. And, "Dirac sea tickling" or pulsing, as Bearden calls it, can do much more.

Scenar cosmodic technology employs Dirac's theory. Paul Dirac's equation, his theory of everything, won the Nobel prize for physics in 1933. It was immediately and ruthlessly slashed from American physics, in the name of retaining the established order and because the revelation of how to easily tamper with the fabric of existence scared some people. In less superstitious Russia, it remained in university physics courses. In the good ol' U.S.A., your tax dollars buy expensive, secret R&D that produced some great things, like the ability to open portals large enough for flying aircraft in and out of underground bases anywhere—a city street, a mountainside or field of grain, for example—and when zipped shut leaves no seam, mark or trace whatsoever. The Russians use this technology to make titanium liquid at room temperature, quickly and with very little power. The titanium is poured into molds to produce seamless submarine hulls. After it's poured, the liquid metal becomes solid in a few hours.

Then,there's Klein's watergas process in which he runs a car 100 miles on four ounces of water. What he calls his "electrolysis process" is actually separation by this low voltage method. It can convert an existing car to run on water with a small kit between the tank and engine. You won't get this in the United States, so quit whining.

This is so useful, I couldn't believe a government intelligence outfit would let the rest of us in on it. How tragic is it schools don't start with Paul Dirac grade one, day one? You can read Hotson's oft-cited, marvelous academic treatise on the subject: part one and part two. Dirac sea refers to the completely full, densly packed ocean of negatively charged electrons that is the universe and that extends through all space and physical matter. Influencing this ocean of negatively charged electrons with low voltage, negative radio waves allows you to disintegrate any object, change one thing into another or bring physical matter into existence from nonexistence. That could be anything, including complex, living things, and there is no size limit. You could make your own star system. That means we need never run out of anything. That means we can provide ourselves with everything needed to colonize a planet, including atmosphere and water features. It's a real world way to clean the air and oceans of this planet. You sacrifice all this, in the name of keeping secrets (and, of course, the opportunity for mass destruction is self evident).

The process action takes place at the level of the latticework of molecular bonds and happens in a handful of nanoseconds; therefore, the process is not visually observable. Therein lies the naysayer's claim, as Hotson delightfully states: "The problem with the medieval debate over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin was that angels were unobserved entities, and so could have any desired properties. Each of these classes of unobserved entities in the SM amounts to a fudge or patch applied to save a failing theory. So long as these fudged entities are made unobservable in principle, like the angel or the quark, they are safe from experimental falsification."

All you need is a proper radio transmitter, the frequencies and very little voltage. Scenar cosmodic is a pocket-sized, handheld device that runs on two AA batteries.

Lo and behold, this is something you can actually buy! Five different versions are priced here from $1,700 to $7,400. The inventor, Alexander Karasev, sells them from Russia at his site. How is this not the news story of the century? The device is a negative energy, low voltage, extremely low frequency radio frequency generator with a very precise tuner. It is capable of distinguishing and transmitting frequencies taken to many decimal places when written, as all frequencies pertaining to the human body fall in a single Hertz range, like 30 Hz.

One reason you haven't heard of scenar cosmodic is the promotional material makes no extravagant claims. Video. By reading FAQs and many case studies on Karasev's site, you can get a better idea of what it can do.

Bear in mind these are not studies conducted under strict scientific method, the doctors are not in the U.S. and their spelling and grammar aren't perfect, and the reader takes their statements on faith. The website wants adherence to stringent copyright rules, so I'll summarize. Some doctors claim up to 90% of patients experience benefit, but some claim only about 60%. Some patients experience limited benefit; but the majority experience 90-100% recovery. Patients and complaints are typical for a general practice doctor's office. Here a patient is cured of baldness. Here the process benefits bone loss and breaks associated with osteoporosis can help a stroke patient if the first treatment is administered within three hours. It says some patients may experience 90-100% recovery. That's pretty good. Here is an ongoing case of Parkinson's disease. I thought enough of it to write the Michael J. Fox Foundation. In this case, the patient arrived in a wheelchair complaining of transverse myelitis. The patient was walking with a walker the second day, and unaided albeit unsteadily the third day—with the doctor and patient exclaiming that they couldn't believe it. The claim is made this process is especially effective with diseases that leave the patient paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair, like MD and MS, correcting the condition at all levels including the genetic indicator and even bed sores and muscular atrophy—although treatment may require a year's time. It offers a treatment alternative for a damaged or severed spinal cord, and can repair it in those who experience benefit. Impressive, genuinely—no stem cells, drugs, surgery or other therapy. The site makes no claims about cancer or Alzheimer's, although I notice they've added a study on pancreatic cancer. The site states the process does not make patients younger, but does restore the body's cells to optimal condition, as in a young person. The aim of the process is to sense disorder electrodynamically and make it ordered physically through its electrodynamic aspect. The site reminds us these versions of scenar cosmodic are early generation, and much more is coming. With development, this process will become one of a doctor's most powerful tools. I have hearsay evidence and reason to think our own DoD has been highly proficient in negative sea pulsing as a healing method for two generations. The certainty in Tom Bearden's descriptions at times sugggests he's actually seen the technology in action, and this is one of those times.

Scenar cosmodic moves the cause of health care ahead a thousand years, if not two. It is not history's biggest step forward in health science. This one technology is the very birth of it. For a few dollars you can read the inventor's short operator's manual.

In conclusion

American industry and government could easily suppress scenar cosmodic, and it may never proliferate in the United States. The attitude continues that technology must stand absolutely still. It costs everyone everything, even if you ignore that fact. Even though President Obama promised transparency with regard to classified information, Washington's mouths and treasure troves remain officially closed. The only contact you're likely to have with advanced technology is if you are used for cadet target practice by weaponized radio.

Why should you care about what classified intelligence contains? You may need to make big decisions about your changing, everyday life sooner than you think, and it will definitely help you to know what to think before those changes happen—and they will happen. If you aren't already in safe haven, you aren't going. You will face whatever changes or anarchy happen in the world with the rest of us.

Many authors have recently published books claiming disclosure of earth's contact with alien races, and therefore disclosure of advanced technologies, is beginning. Richard Hoagland and Stan Fulham predicted UFOs would hover over major cities in mid to late October beginning with New York, and it happened, in New York and El Paso, although you didn't get network news coverage in the U.S. Take a look at those pictures. One reader commented it looks like a Project Bluebeam operation. What is Project Bluebeam? It's your tax dollars at work: satellite based, high power 3D laser holograph projectors, ostensibly for use terrorizing and distracting our enemies. John Lear said he expects the next big thing to be a hoax UFO attack in 2012, a Project Bluebeam operation. He said the government will tell us the aliens have arrived and intend to destroy the planet, but won't do it if we will all surrender our firearms. Far out, but I can believe someone has made this plan. If this news comes with denial of service from internet, phones and/or the electric grid, you and we will not be able to participate in a group discussion, and must know what to think before such a thing happens. The laser hologram projection technology is good enough to fool you. That's one reason knowing a little about classified programs matters.

Don't believe it! No extraterrestrial cares if you have a gun, or if we have guns, and never will. Hopefully, talking about it will stop such a stupid thing from happening.

Fulham said he's seen hangars full of 40 foot diameter flying discs marked "USAF," saw one fly in, and spoke with the pilot who told him it's powered by electromagnetic drive invented by Nikola Tesla. We are intended to never have such things, and those who hold these secrets won't give them up without a fight. You must question the accuracy of any information you might discover. Hoagland said he expects the episode beginning with UFO appearances over major cities will become "interesting" around election day, so we will see. Their sources include TV series codespeak and the counsel of a group of "old souls," so I'm not optimistic. The fact they were right about UFO sightings indicates we're getting set up for the bum's shuffle, in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong to suppose this is a black ops rumor mill story, but as the story goes, these are benevolent aliens introducing themselves slowly in order to intervene and clean our environment in 2014. Why are they so interested in us? Because we're unique in the universe as most emotionally energetic. I don't believe all that so-what baloney, either.