Sunday, April 28, 2013


Ninety four years ago, Serbian born American physicist Nikola Tesla tried to sell antigravity technology to our military. They didn't buy it, freezing technology and education and the industrial revolution we in the public domain still await.

The military came to understand how important the technology is. In 1943 Tesla was murdered and immediately robbed of his files, spawning layer upon layer of secret infrastructure with a free hand in the open till of our tax dollars. The programs drew evil people who would like to rule the world for all time, and live in the unimaginable luxury of working with the best things ever invented, spending an unlimited budget and never worrying about legal consequences.

In a 2005 episode of the radio program Coast To Coast AM, John Lear, distinguished CIA pilot and son of Bill Lear, father of the Lear jet, says we were flying to the moon in an hour in 1962 and to Mars in 1966 using antigravity. Part one of 12. You need to listen to all 12 parts. He covers many subjects and gives an example of how it would sound in the beginning if we finally got disclosure of these technologies, and what's been done to suppress and hide them. Sobering.

You can see what antigravity technology looks like at the end of this video. Please note the soundtrack lyrics are explicit.

Since then, we've had a phony, roman candle-style rocket space program, while behind the scenes the real but secret program traveled the solar system and beyond. Lear steps right up and says these very black ops programs killed John Kennedy and run the drug war for funding, gave us the foreign wars and all the economic trouble we've had, essentially because they overdraw the total money in circulation to fund research and development and conduct experiments. The calamities we suffer are supposed to serve as a distraction.

I've long suspected it, but he's the first guy I've heard say it. Antigravity cost more than the Manhattan Project. I know we mastered it. I got an up close look at a flying disk in Oklahoma county in the summer of 1968. It, or one like it, had been spotted by a great number of people over a period of more than two years, and was thought to be an experimental craft based at Tinker, and not a big thing. I saw the object dematerialize.

At 14, I knew what I saw took a lot of electricity, and demonstrated a higher knowledge of physics than what is taught at the graduate level. The observation demonstrated evolution in MEG technology, antigravity and Tesla's "theoretical" hidden space propulsion. It's taken me decades to categorize what I saw. We could do all that in 1968, and we paid for it. But we can't have it. We can't have more than 1915 technology, and we don't.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of buying big, expensive, fine things I'm not allowed to know about, use or have. We are indeed ants, living at our evil lords' convenience, and punished ruthlessly for the privilege. I know this much is true, and agree with John Lear. I don't know what to think about his assertion the human soul is a small apparatus installed in newborns by our alien creators that records our lives, and is then recycled in a seven-mile-high glass temple ruin on the moon before the device is sent back to earth for installation in another body. I'm going to be creeped out and feel betrayed if suddenly I find I'm dead, and I'm going to the moon. That John and his cohorts seem agreed as to the facts and say they have photographs of this structure is troubling, but you don't see pictures in the video.

Thank goodness. Those technologies belong in the public domain. The interwoven, covert bureaucracy caretaker in this country is so powerful and shielded, some think it's invincible. I don't have a million ideas of what to do about it, just one: try to crack the ice on this story. I know it's dumb to think I can force the issue—so I do the smart thing and think I can't NOT force the issue. I write and talk to many people, and hope someone will do likewise because I could use some help. The federal legislative and executive branches can't control these programs in any way—nor would they if they could. They need some help, too.

Updated 6/12/14: Please also see this, this and this describing my limited experience with antigravity. Gravity occupies a place on the electromagnetic spectrum. It is electrodynamic and can be engineered. In the modern era, that's been known since at least the mid nineteenth century.