Monday, September 7, 2009

Working on it—I promise

Thanks for reading the blog. I've been working on the preparation of the next post for months. There is much that goes in it. I promised the next and first thing I will do is revise "zero point energy," that is the plan and it's hard.
Fortunately, I learned some very important things and can clarify the subject, slightly. Although it remains a matter of digging for material, it gets a little easier all the time to find something new to read. I regret it doesn't come nicely packaged in an easily understood, consumable form, because most people could fully grasp the material, and engineer their own hardware.
As I work on the post, I've changed the appearance of the blog a little, attempting to make it easier to see. I'm still not satisfied, and will probably change it over and over. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.
I don't know when all the work gets finished, and that includes the post. But, it should be worth the wait. So far the post is okay, but like the rest of these, painful to write. It doesn't have a snappy lead or other journalistic self aggrandizement.
One document described the push for the technological bounce as being like trying to climb a greased pole. People keep trying and failing, but eventually, someone will make it to the top. I pray to think I'm helping push. I make small, invisible victories, and otherwise accomplish nothing. So, you'll no doubt want to see what happens and perhaps join in the fun, because there are endless opportunities for spectator participation.