Saturday, April 27, 2013

Engineering time, space and physical reality

I expressed to channel 4 that their forecast of the Christmas eve storm was the only precisely correct one in the midst of many different ones, including that of the National Weather Service, which diverged widely from 4's. Really nice work, congratulations, and thanks for watching the isobar map so closely.

The low pressure center delivering snow traveled from Washington state and passed us in a day before it stalled out roughly between Shreveport and Little Rock. It wobbled and slid northwest to central Minnesota, where it dissipated—only to reappear a week later as a huge donut over Ontario, helping to drive down the polar air we had at the end of the first week of January.

There's no way that's a natural weather occurrence. The natural state of the jet stream is for it to lie flatter than that. Big bends in the jet stream are a hallmark of tampering by scalar EM interferometer.

It could well be the spiral over Norway has something to do with our current, extraordinarily cold weather. Brian Williams reports. This video has animation that gives some explanation of how it's done.

The site's censor doesn't want you to know this or anything else I have to say—so I'll give him another one of my desert recipes when pigs fly. Meanwhile, there's this:

Engineering time, space and physical reality

An important part of this series has been that things with an electrodynamic aspect can be engineered. Some of those things are unexpected, like health and weather.

Tesla said one can create life itself, and in its infinite variety. And, Tom Bearden says he witnessed an impromptu experiment in the spontaneous creation of living things: "To cinch the matter of 'engineering living forms,' I once participated in a accidental and unplanned experiment where Golden materialized living things. Not little bitty things, but big things. In my view we actually materialized thought forms, since much later we were able to piece together exactly what apparently engendered each part of the phenomena. There were multiple (scared) witnesses who prefer never to discuss it. The experiment also altered all the clocks in the area for four days before the 'time-energy charge' we had inadvertently created dissipated. Let me just say that it really got my attention! We never repeated that experiment again. But the changes were substantial and the phenomena were substantial, and to this day I prefer not to discuss that experiment. It simply cannot be understood without the outline sketch we are speaking of, where one accounts for time-energy and dynamics as well as material energy and dynamics, and also for the coupling dynamics between the two."

Bearden also says one is not limited by size in the engineering of physical reality.

I'm only a little familiar with Tesla's hidden space theory. Basically it says there are many, perhaps infinite, alternate planes of existence or time-space, and you can enter one of these alternate universes; further, you can engineer the alternate space such that you can move very little and re-enter this time-space at a point quite far away, and even move back and forth in time. I haven't read this book, but it looks great, and you can order it by e-mail: "Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It" by William Lyne for $10 plus $2 shipping.

Still don't buy all this? It happens all around you, even in central Oklahoma, from time to time. Remember a news story about a guy who was arrested sitting in a car in an apartment parking lot with no clothes?

He was babbling nonsense, and the police couldn't learn who he was. They booked him into jail. His arrest records were filed at the jail and the state bureau.

During the night, his arrest records at both locations disappeared, as did the suspect from his cell.

No clue about how that happened was found in the 24-hour surveillance video at these locations. Police still don't know who he was, or how it happened. They assumed it was an exercise in classified technology. Sure enough, this technology would explain it.