Sunday, April 28, 2013

The guards of love

Last week we learned two state payrollees were fired after a department of corrections (DOC) internal affairs investigation found they'd raped women inmates in their custody and care groundskeeping at the governor's mansion.

The DOC investigator has lied every time his mouth moved. The DOC investigative report is censored, edited and revised, and whatever truth might have been in it is now gone.

The issue is raised by eight women, not two or three, and the number is probably greater, possibly much greater, and the violations happened over a period of months if not years—brutal, violent crimes, committed by state employees, at the governor's mansion.

The reaction by some citizens is no surprise:

"So what! They were inmates. I would say thats a good way for them to repay their debt to society."—LOL

"You don't like Oklahoma leave."—Crystal

"Criminals don't learn from their mistakes. Once a criminal... always a criminal."—Idiot Patrol

So much for paying one's debt. Isn't that special? So, how do you three like working for department of corrections? Do you like those fringies, and do you get enough forbidden inmate love? I'm sure you don't.

Cuckhold for the shackle challenged is not in anyone's job description. I have an opinion some people may not comprehend. It's just my opinion. They have theirs and I have mine. I think we should dig a large pit, march these two and everyone in their department into it, followed by everyone in department of corrections, all these departments' policy manuals and other paperwork, followed by every state trooper who regularly swarms the governor's mansion and finally, the governor and his whole family, because even the Henry's children are complicit, cover them up and pray like mad we never hear anymore from them. But we will hear from them, and we'll be needing lawnmowers, for they will rise again as mutant broadleaf weeds and dandelions growing atop a septic field.