Sunday, April 28, 2013

What causes crop circles?

What causes crop circles? What do they mean? I've been eager to ask you that.

Channels 4 and 43 have alluded to a possible upgrade in the newscasts and other programs. We have been told Rise & Shine is the top Nielsen-rated morning program, and on this site some news associates have asked for suggestions to improve the news programs.

Anyone, everyone who goes to work for any company at some time wonders what it would take to make the company more profitable. Often that idea leads to the notion the company should expand its market, such as offering more products to national or global buyers. I'm sure every person who ever worked for this market's magazines, newspapers and broadcasters has wondered what it would take to have global influence.

Even a medium-sized market TV station can create news stories of world class importance. All it takes is some reading, the honesty to tell the truth, and the strength and courage to deflect the brickbats and bullets that get fired. Of course you can make video stories that have meaning everywhere!

It makes me think of crop circles. Did you know the United Kingdom had a rash of crop circles in July and August? The Brits call them "croppies" and it's all ever so fun, but it's not funny.

It's part of the most serious issue of our time. Crop circles aren't caused by UFOs, local yahoos mashing plant stalks with 2x4s on ropes or little green worms.

Crop circles are made with a PC, a graphic arts program and some artwork, and scalar electromagnetic interferometry technology. What is a scalar electromagnetic interferometer?

It's a electronic device very similar and closely related to a radio transmitter, but instead of radio waves, it engineers and emits a scalar wave, which resides on the electromagnetic scale between electricity and the light photon.

Scalar interferometry can precisely target an object thousands of miles away, large or small, and do it all good or harm, even disintegrate it. It can cure illness, repair injury, physical or mental—even regenerate missing limbs. Hey, I don't write this stuff! It's in the literature.

In the case of crop circles, a scalar electromagnetic interferometer is manipulating a plasma ball, or perhaps bundle of enfolded electromagnetic energy, to push down the plants, and make precise, fascinating, intricate, possibly prophetic, large, symmetric images.

Their existence annoys me, and should annoy you, because some rogue, military contractor, hostile country or even international crime organization is pushing these things in the world's face and saying, "ha, ha, look what I have you DON'T have, a machine that could make sickness and disability things of the past, kill everyone on earth or even blow up the sun, I'm doing this dumb thing with it and you people are too stupid to even know it."

Scalar electromagnetic interferometry is a classified technology, and that is not right. The Bearden team has the stellar discussion.

Those of you whose livelihoods are derived from work with an organization operating a broadcast transmitter should be intimate experts without peer, in spite of the fact you weren't taught about this in school or may never see it in action and know what you're seeing. The reasons are many. First and foremost is because the same person who invented scalar electromagnetic interferometry also invented the x-ray device and radio transmission and reception, Nikola Tesla. It was not Marconi. He was a patsy, and we were all played. Why we were played is a whole other story.

Traveling from home to work is an act of death defiance, which means you already have the courage to produce a feature about what causes crop circles (or some other such story). There are people loudly screaming the failure to disclose this and other technologies powers degradation of the biosphere, but that the collapse of civilization is a more urgent problem, and will begin in a matter of months. That model is possible.

So, on top of reporting in the public interest, making improved ratings and looking after the shareholders, can you also save the world? Yes you can!