Sunday, December 14, 2014

What's hot on this site

I started this site with posts about politics. I developed other reading interests because it was clear unseen hands in foreign countries run the United States, and many strange, unexplainable things are happening around us.

The more exotic things are far more popular than politics. These are the five most viewed posts.

What is zero point energy technology is most viewed. Unfortunately, I relied on the incorrect use of this term by people making statements for The Disclosure Project. I wrote a follow-up for it straightening out the error and linked to it at the end of the first post. As a kid, we called this free extraction, not zero point. They are not the same. Both rely on natural processes and have no moving parts. Zero point is a phenomenon and feeble. Free extraction is robust and intended as a power supply.

The second most viewed post was taken from Project Censored, U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights. This is a mysterious thing. It appears on a few other sites, including David Icke’s great site. Project Censored carried this article for about 30 days, then it disappeared for five years despite their stating they don’t censor themselves. I wrote to them and asked if they could tell me about that, and they did not respond. Then, it reappeared buried in an archive. I’m not sure how long it was there. I went back and tried to find it three times. It wasn’t on their site, and I assume it’s gone for good.

The third most viewed post is My only flying saucer sighting, something I wrote for MUFON. The state director called and wanted to talk about it and put me on his email list. Thereafter, MUFON changed their permission policy. In the past, anyone could access their reports. Now, you have to be a member to read the reports. Did that happen because of what I wrote? Yes! I used a forbidden term, “hidden space theory.” Even MUFON doesn’t want you to know about that. If you don’t know what hidden space theory is, you should, because it’s fundamental, curtailed science.

The fourth most viewed post is surprising. It’s National Geographic to explore underwater city, which was the first of a short series I wrote for local NBC affiliate KFOR’s website. It alone is viewed every day. Most views start when someone searches the name “Paulina Zelitsky.” I wrote the post in 2009 before the expedition. A team planned to dive near the coast of Cuba where there was thought to be a 40,000-year-old city sunk by an earthquake. I haven’t followed the story. People on radio talk shows who like to hear their heads flap tell us they found things, and now it’s all secret. We can’t know why. I don’t know if that’s right. There was a rumor they might find a large pyramid. I haven’t read beyond the first linked article. This suggests Paulina was told to shut up.

The fifth most viewed post is Something big kept secret: the antigravity project. It restores my faith in things there are a few people in the world interested in it, and they understand that two crown jewels of physics, free extraction energy and electromagnetic drive, are of utmost importance. You should have seen cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships phased out in the 1920s. These technologies have infinite application potential, and can do much more than transportation only.

So many people have a career rewriting history! A few of them feel obliged to take a swipe at good old Uranus, like I invented existence. This is why the Project Censored article on EM weapons eludes. It tells you Tesla tried to sell Department of Defense his unmanned aerial drone technology based on the MEG and antigravity in 1915, 100 years ago.

I pointed out this fact and a few others in comments under this ridiculous story in propaganda site, and discovered this is a lie website. The site removed the original story and comments, replacing it with the last linked story without my comment and after my sign-in account stopped working.

So, while EM weapons are a big secret, antigravity and the stolen antigravity project technical data is a bigger secret. There is an ongoing, full-time effort to wipe clean all knowledge of that. Tesla would have sold it at a bargain price and given after-sale support, but NO. DoD adopted wood-frame, cloth covered, oil-fired airplanes because Tesla’s light speed plus vehicle didn’t burn oil. It was better, silent and didn’t need fuel. Who would want that?

Instead of buying it at a bargain price, its development with only note fragments was the most expensive project in written history. Millions of people knew about the antigravity project from 1955-1958. It was classified. It wasn’t secret because of its great cost and the inevitable culture shock of publication of instructions, taking humans from cattle hustling to intergalactic travel. Most people knew nothing about it in the 1950s. Today, this gigantic violation of the public trust is almost completely unknown.

The antigravity project happened. It produced a fantastic, working technology that is the basis of our secret space program. It was sold on the black market. Scummy people profited, and the rest of us were robbed.

A few people experimented with antigravity after 1915 and before Tesla’s death in 1943 by acquiring information from Tesla, with or without his permission. Different people made it work. If you didn’t know that, it’s easy to think we won’t have EM drive until a crashed alien craft is successfully reverse engineered, and it hasn’t happened. It has, and no one left behind an easily acquired, comprehensive, how-to guide. People who say we don’t understand gravity and have not produced a working antigravity device are wrong and have ulterior motives.

As a preschooler, I knew gravity and time occupy places on the electromagnetic spectrum. Those are forbidden words.

If this site gets three or four dozen views, that’s a very good day. It’s had as many as 120 views in a day. The biggest month was November 2013 with 1,204 views. So, while there are people interested in these subjects, it isn’t many. If these facts pollute people’s minds, it isn’t many people.

There are bigger secrets than antigravity.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Toxic Cheerios

The previous post about seeing a flying disk got this site its most views in a month in November 2013. It received its first views from the African continent and its first translations into Chinese. Thanks for all your support and welcome to my nightmarish walk in the world with myself.

As I told you in Storm story, I’ve been master of ceremonies for a ridiculous, impossible battle waged by my trust and an errant trustee who helped himself to over $190,000.00 of mine, and insisted to the state I would never need ANY money.

The bulk of the money has been gone almost 16 months. I’m approaching the eleventh month of pursuing remedial action. This week I’m asking why this dirty thief isn’t in jail, among other questions. After all, a guy takes a couple hundred bucks from a convenience store and the cops often pick him up within minutes, not knowing what he looks like or his name. Is stealing almost $200,000.00 legal when you know exactly who did it and it’s beautifully documented? YES!

Law enforcement told me to report ongoing mischief related to the crime. I had the unpleasant task to make a couple calls to report the silliness of food that mysteriously goes bad for no reason, and consider it part of the trouble in that poisoning is a recurring theme in the bundle of events related to the trustee’s stealing. One of the foods that suddenly became vomit inducing is a favorite snack, General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios.

Coincidentally, it happened after I’d eaten a couple small servings the usual way, dry. Those were fine. Then, I left the house to run errands, came back, ate a serving, and found myself leaning over the trash can yacking like a dog. I’ve had that experience about a dozen times with different foods since pop died, which is exceptional. I’ve done my own cooking for more than 40 years. I don’t make many mistakes. If I do, I know what they are. If you eat bad food, you generally know what it is and what went wrong. I don’t have an explanation for Cheerios that become toxic two or three days after they’re opened.

I posited to the agent that maybe General Mills was using genetically modified oats in Cheerios. That may be the explanation. General Mills has terms for people who like them on Facebook: those people can’t join class action lawsuits and must submit disputes to arbitration.

Cheerios commercials show adults feeding this cereal to babies in high chairs. For generations, Cheerios has been marketed as synonymous with purity and goodness in food preparation, and considered a standard candle food. Now, after air hits them for a few hours, they ooze the weed killer Round Up. That can’t be good for business. This small detail is a giant paradigm shift.

Updated 5/3/14: After thinking about it, I don't think General Mills is to blame, and I don't think the problem is in my body, because this same thing has happened with a variety of foods and with the water I chill in the refrigerator for the first time. No one in town can analyze food and water for contamination, so far as I can tell, because I live on the lone prairie. It may later be shown that General Mills is peddling funky Cheerios. I seriously doubt it. Nevertheless, I threw out an unopened box.