Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dodd's bill creates stunning new database to track all online sales, purchases and credit card transactions

Digby doesn't understand Barack's supporting telecom immunity.

If she'd been reading the few things I write she would. I even told her that. But she doesn't. So, she doesn't. I despise telephone and internet companies, and in about a week will attempt to go through the rest of my life without them. So, I may not be writing here—but don't count on it.

Election fixation is letting a lot of really big deals slip under the radar. Did you know Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd's senate housing legislation contains a breathtaking, sweeping provision to create a new federal database which collects each and every online purchase, sale and credit card transaction? You can read about it here. Hat tip to Janet.

This has little or nothing to do with lobbying. The same thing causing Barack to support exonerating lawbreaking phone companies and the politicians enabling them makes this legislative provision and others like it happen: the more powerful, secret budget operations thought to consume one-fourth of the gross national product. Because of that, there are those who advocate bulldozing Washington. I prefer to think Washington needs our help, and I don't mean by writing on blogs.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is zero point energy technology?

A discussion of zero point energy technology in the aftermath of Dennis Kucinich's articles of impeachment of the president is fortuitous, apocalyptic and monumental. It is appropriate. Presidents can declassify. ZPE is more than classified—it's defense black op's most precious, valuable and highly guarded secret. That was never meant to be.

Zero point energy technology is the biggest little idea you've never heard of, and the biggest news story of the next ten millennia. Of all important things that aren't on the table today, ZPE is the most important.

If I'd never seen a car battery, and someone told me a plastic vessel containing lead plates and an acid solution could take a charge and deliver electric current, I'd say it wouldn't work, and that they'd lost their mind. I probably still wouldn't believe it after seeing a volt meter hooked to it. But, it does work, and I'd have been mistaken, and out of line. At least one can examine a lead battery.

Zero point energy technology was invented about 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla. There are different versions, but Tesla's is the recognized standard. Tesla invented a great many things, most of which you can fully study and examine. But, not the zero point energy device, the motionless electromagnetic generator, or MEG. For decades I've wondered why, resigned to the idea entrenched interests didn't want the competition, until I realized the other day it's highly classified (duh).

Tesla is inarguably our most gifted physicist. Everything that made Edison and Einstein noteworthy was invented by Nikola Tesla. So, why is he so obscure? The corporatocracy, military black ops and legitimate government don't want humanity following his work because this one, simple device enables the most powerful weapons ever made and makes all other forms of energy as obsolete as the conestoga.

Aside from being unbelievably talented, Tesla loved to showboat with electricity at a time when it was a new concept. He was also interested in experiments with devices that required extremely high current, far more than he could get in the ordinary ways around the turn of the twentieth century or even now. So, he started thinking about what he knew about nature and what he could do. He knew the entire universe is a river of electromagnetic energy of unlimited force. He knew if he could capture that force, it could be converted into electric current—a lot of electric current.

His solution was a fiendishly clever, devilishly simple apparatus, the MEG. Think of it as a circuit component consisting of a dipole, or two separated magnets, in a vacuum chamber. One is wired for input power, the other for output power. The vacuum causes the output power to be stepped up a hundred, or hundreds, of times the input power. If the generator is off, it requires a little current to start (like an AAA battery). Then, the device can be close-looped and the power stepped up to the level needed, so it is self-sustaining. So, the motionless electromagnetic generator is a power supply which provides current at levels beyond conventional parameters such as kilowatt hours, produces no waste or exhaust, and uses no fuel. It is a source of unlimited, clean, free electricity.

You can see a picture of a model of this device here. There is a technical discussion of how it works here, although I find it incomprehensible. The author claims his device is not the same thing as zero point energy—and so the confusion on this subject begins. (I expect it varies slightly from Tesla's version.)

That confusion isn't helped by the handful of hucksters, con artists and devotees with their books and websites spewing megabytes of gibberish and off-topic speculation. Here's an example. The author tells lots of compelling stories, and has a good point when he says to forget any idea you have of saving the world by producing these devices, because if you can get it to work, it will be taken away from you. Some people offer instructions or schematics, and none of them are cheap. Keep your money. Tom Bearden wants investment capital. If his prototype works, he doesn't need money: anyone who knows what they're doing could build the device with a few dollars' worth of components.

This one is a prize winner. They're looking for "strategic partners" to manufacture different devices in different regions. They have pictures of their products and even a price list. I went looking for the order form. There isn't one. They have no employees. They're looking for people with working prototypes, and want a demonstration. They either don't know this information is classified, or it's a U.S. government fishing expedition (the company is based in Nevada).

This website, despite its rough appearance, gives a great description of all the unknown things Tesla invented. Don't let the way it looks fool you. He invented these things and said they work. That's the thing about Tesla. He was his own hardest critic, diligent and devoted to checking himself over and over. If he said it worked, it worked. Nobody believed him. Then, he'd put the apparatus together and show them it worked. He invented the electric motor and tested models up to 5,000 hp. If you want to learn about those, you can. You have them in your home, too.

Not the motionless electromagnetic generator. Complete, accurate specifications and schematics don't exist in the public domain. The government swears they don't work. If they don't work, why can't we learn about them?

Because they do work, like gangbusters. Combined with Tesla's scalar wave technology, they are the fundamental enabling technologies of light speed-plus travel. This video is the thing that got me all fired up. In particular, the statements made by Mark McCandlish beginning at approximately 1:13:30 through 1:20 were the final straw for me. Scientists reverse engineering crashed UFOs were puzzled by the propulsion systems that didn't have fuel or moving parts. But, they recognized the power source: Tesla's motionless electromagnetic generator.

To Tesla, it was a piece of lab equipment he'd have been honored for everyone to possess. Tesla hated the idea of infrastructure, and thought of it as oppressive, ridiculous, superfluous. He was absolutely right; but even in his day, corporations he depended on for his livelihood wouldn't have it.

Our (shadow) government has been experimenting with this technology for decades, mastering light speed-plus travel probably in the 1950s or 1960s. They have advanced technology thousands of years right under our noses, on our dime. They didn't buy this technology from Tesla. They stole it from him when he died in 1943. It wasn't among the files they returned to his family. Today, it's the crown jewel of secrets our government keeps from us, and they've spent trillions of our tax dollars on research and development. Yet, we can't have it.

Instead, we get oil wars, economic collapse, global privation and bullshit about terrorism; indeed, these buttholes will turn their advanced weapons on us and kill us all before they'll give up this prize of prizes. Every president since 1943 failed to declassify this information, and deserved removal from office and prosecution. The passage of time makes this greatest crime in history only more venomous. McCain and Obama's backs are against the wall to explain whether or not they will declassify these technologies, and disband our shadow government, the greatest evil humanity has ever known.

I recommend reading U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights by Project Censored, a document which vanished from their website. The 150 footnotes have abundant resources for learning more about these fascinating subjects. My previous posts on the subject are now obsolete.

Update: This article confuses zero point energy with free extraction. They aren't the same thing. Please read part two of this series.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kucinich introduces 35 articles of impeachment against Bush

Think Progress has video.

I thought they'd never go after Nixon. Once it started, it was a beautiful thing. Kucinich has 'em by the short hairs now.

Monday, June 9, 2008

They didn't have to die.

I have a friend who had nine siblings—count 'em, nine—who died of cancer. They didn't have to die. Your government has the science that could have saved them. I have pinched nerves in my back and neck. Some days it causes so much pain I can hardly move. I'm also at risk for Alzheimer's disease. Our health care system has no effective treatment. But the cures exist.

Any physical or mental impairment can be quickly, painlessly and unobtrusively normalized with scalar wave technology. It was invented by an American. When he died, the government stole the technology and has spent trillions of your tax dollars developing it, while moving mountains and bending over backwards to erase the inventor's name from history. It's their most closely guarded secret and prized possession. Coupled with zero point energy technology, it makes light speed plus travel possible. It can bring matter in and out of existence and manipulate matter, space and even the passage of time itself.

You can't have that technology, even though we invented it and paid for it—and black ops doesn't have a better excuse than they think they're special. All you get is Mickey Mouse technology, half-assed, expensive health care and a parasitic insurance industry, which costs all your money, destroys the environment and isn't effective, all so some overstuffed scumbags can rob and betray you. Oh, and don't forget the upcoming economic collapse. When oil is selling at $500 a barrel, and it could be within months, and 9 out of 10 people in America can't get anything to eat, you'll understand what a pernicious disease America's shadow government really is.

I'm furious about all that, and you should be, too. There is nothing more important you can do than carry the news about zero point energy and scalar wave technology, and demand Washington produce these ultimate instruments of human progress immediately.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Transparency or Armageddon

I can be tortured and brutally killed for simply talking to you about zero point energy technology. I wasn't aware of that. So, cherish these words, and count how many days it takes for the goons to come for me.

The crown jewels of physics, zero point energy and scalar wave technology are simple enough for a high school graduate to understand. In the marketplace, these technologies would modernize the world in a very big way and a very big hurry. Pollution, our energy woes, our economic troubles, disease and want would all vanish.

But this technology was stolen by America's shadow government, developed by your tax dollars at a rate of around a trillion dollars every two years and is now the exclusive property of defense black ops. This technology enables weapons that make the H-bomb look like a ladyfinger. Its caretakers are the worst, slimiest and dumbest people who ever lived. These programs are also funded by illegal arms and drug sales programs conducted by psychotic-criminal "public servants" who believe they are saving the world from hostile, interdimensional, shapeshifting aliens. The real plan is to make as much trouble and destruction as possible for everyone.

The antidote is transparency, disclosure and submission to the public domain. The battle is between more than good and evil, it is between prosperity and privation. This is about access to the Grand Unified Theory. The alternative is Armageddon.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A unified theory of authoritarianism: they aren't human.

For Janet and Robin

Recently, we've discussed the causes, motives and goals of America's newborn fascism, totalitarianism, monarchy or whatever you'd like to call it. It's been a hotly debated subject for over 100 years in this country, but is as old as communal living.

Depart forever from the very mistaken idea the terms conservative and liberal are relevant. Far more true are the ideas that if one is uneducated and frightened, he tends to embrace authoritarianism, and if one is educated and unfrightened, he tends to embrace freedom. There is nothing partisan or socioeconomic about it. Granted, it isn't absolutely true, but more so than the overused, misused notions conservative and liberal.

Numerous, popular models of modern oppression explain some or much of why we suffer from diminished freedom and the decay of everything. However complete, the best of them falls short of explaining the full horror of what is unfolding. We fail to understand this phenomenon at our peril. There can be no effective solution to an unknown problem.

So, we busy ourselves with endless discussion while we politely wait, generation after generation after generation, for "the system" to do its work and stampede this garbage back into the trash from which it arose, as we acknowledge the system is hopelessly broken. Ghandi's approach to British subjugation may have worked where and when it did. Our approach to what's wrong in America has been substantively the same thing. But the jury has returned. It hasn't worked. It never will. Could it be we just don't comprehend the problem?

It could be. The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, which recently closed its website, alluded to global American hegemony. That's what happens when the defense industry funds a think tank. Another well accepted, understood idea is corporate control of government and all of us, once national, now seeking to go multinational. That's the idea of one world government, the so-called New World Order, explained in Zeitgeist, The Movie. One world government sort of explains why the Bush administration has done every conceivable thing to destroy our economy and as many others as it can—but not really. And, if the next part of the plan is to dissolve Canada, the United States and Mexico and form the North American union, why is our government breaking laws and busting our asses to build a very long fence along our southern border?

That doesn't make sense at all, unless the real purpose is to make a lot of people mad. Inspiring anger is a thread running through virtually everything these snakes have done. That doesn't amount to a unified theory, either. Is there a single concept that actually explains this mess? With all we've been through, we could use a few laughs. Let's get to that business first—and try to keep a straight face, although you will fail.

Could it be our evil, corporate overlords and political enablers...are somehow different than the rest of us? If so, it could help to know. Do I even have to say it?

These things aren't human.

I must be the last to find out—I'm not the first. They look human, don't they? Except that, no, they don't, they don't even look human. That's the funniest part of all. I've read thousands of miles of text scroll in search of what makes the Neoauthoritarians tick, and all I had to do was just look at them. You can see what it is. These things aren't human.

They don't like humans either, buddy. I've been hearing about hostile nonhumans among us since the 1960s, and I never believed it. Just because Tom Delay acts like a reptile doesn't mean he is one. If a writer calls Rumsfeld or Cheney a reptile, it's just another day.

The idea of other intelligent species living on earth has a long history. One of the most unusual stories came from Admiral Richard Byrd's expedition to the north pole in 1947. One of his day's most admired figures, Admiral Byrd was not known for telling fairy tales.

To a rapidly growing legion of people, the idea authoritarians aren't human is the plain and literal truth. Does that make them the species equivalent of a racist: are these people specists? The sale is made tougher by websites asking for eyewitness accounts when people post things like this:

Greetings, I am Ashtar of the POOP (Protection Organization Ordacity People), section of the Federation of Light. I would like to inform the people on this site, about the impending threats of lizard men, and the things which you call "greys". First of all the lizard men who you people are so intent on destroying, can simply be destroyed by saying the words Kebert Xela in an irish accent. Greetings, I am Ashtar of the POOP (Protection Organization Ordacity People), section of the Federation of Light. I would like to inform the people on this site, about the impending threats of lizard men, and the things which you call "greys". First of all the lizard men who you people are so intent on destroying, can simply be destroyed by saying the words Kebert Xela in an irish accent. Also, there is no such thing as a "grey". These rumors you people are spreading are doing nothing but making people fear the "grey"'s, which they need not. I hope this has been helpful.

P.S. The Lizard Men's correct name is the Zorganakis Magnifitalicus.

Good grief. Run for your lives, it's the attack of the lizard people. I can't believe this story; look at how he misuses quotation marks. Other posts ask where humans could meet lizards of both sexes for forbidden, reptile love. Then, there are the many others with tales of chilling encounters, written by people who act like they wish it hadn't happened. Here's a woman who says our reptilian overlords manipulate us in the "dreamscape," particularly sexually. Still, my beating heart.

This site has a fabulous image of Cheney in mid-shapeshift about halfway down and lots of links. Entertaining, but detrimental if the site owner's intention was affirming the existence of lizard-humans.This glitzy site has regular features on the subject. Can you say "reptilian shapeshifter" quickly three times without laughing? I can't either.

Something is going on all right, and the truth is more awful than you think—and downright hard to dig up, cloaked under the heaviest veil of American black ops secrecy—more to protect their own stupid blunders than to deprive us of panic.

I needed something more to convince you. Does this go from myth to reality? Yes. I don't believe everything I read, and you don't either. It's an important subject with the big news story of the next 10,000 years embedded. It doesn't end like I expected.

The idea of reptilian humanoids wasn't dreamed up to answer the question of why there is so much evil in the world. It began with eyewitness accounts, like this famous story of Wes Penre. Alex Collier has a serious discussion about the subject.

No one is bigger or having more fun with this genre than David Icke. On his website you can watch many hours of video. I watched a few hours and discovered he's maybe the most engaging public speaker I've ever seen. It's not all about reptiles, either: the video about "repeaters" struck a nerve—those people who repeat news or opinion because someone else repeated it to them. He's written many thick books. Janet is reading two of them now and says they're fantastic. Icke tells us these things are more than present on earth, they're running the world. Glory be, after all this time and effort, a radical, exotic, single, simple theory that actually explains it all.

James Casbolt says some of them are terrestrial and some are alien. This Navy yeoman says he's seen pictures of aliens. This document talks about strange things observed on the moon and Mars, far more than we've been told. Persuasive, fun to read, but I still wasn't sold.

Suddenly last Sunday, all that changed. I saw a video and have been seething with fury ever since. This website must be new, because no one seems to have been aware of it. Before I give you the link, I want to point out a few things about it. The video might hang up or not start. If that happens, refresh the page and try again. The video is two hours long and well worth your time. It advances by great measure the material in U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights. What you see is over 20 expert witnesses representing more than 400 others called The Disclosure Project, carefully vetted, from government, science, intelligence and the military, with documentation and the offer to testify under oath to Congress on a variety of black ops topics about which they felt we should be informed. All these very serious people tell sobering stories, particularly about UFO sightings and crash scene recovery. They documented UFOs' disabling our ballistic missiles. They explain the weaponization of space was never to defend the U.S. from attack by other nations, but done solely to fire upon UFOs—and that this judgmental failure credibly risks provoking an extraterrestrial attack on the world. Watch The Disclosure Project.

I was especially interested and embittered by remarks near the end of the video about reverse engineering crashed UFOs. We are told the U.S. spent more (successfully) developing an antigravity device than it spent on the Manhattan Project, and has been testing faster than light speed spacecraft for many years. At first, scientists didn't understand the propulsion systems at all. However, they recognized the power supply device, the very same device invented by Nikola Tesla a hundred years ago to exploit the naturally occurring flow of electromagnetic energy everywhere in the universe, the MEG, or motionless electromagnetic generator. It turns out it works after all, and it turns out the MEG is the most closely guarded and valuable black ops secret in the U.S. arsenal. They explain in questions and answers that if your car were powered by this device coupled with the antigravity device, the vehicle would never touch the ground and you could travel at light speed plus.

That's a lot of electrical energy, and the MEG, my favorite of Tesla's work, turns out to be the big news story of the next 10,000 years. It's the electromagnetic equivalent to putting a sail in the wind. You can see a supposed model of it here. Tesla never intended for it to be patented or anyone's exclusive property. When he died in 1943, the FBI confiscated all of his paperwork and gave some of the files back to his family. Apparently, the MEG was not among them. The device can be small. The pictures in the preceding site show a device about the size of a breadbox. It's simpler than your PC. It isn't connected like a rotary generator, it's more like a circuit component. If it is off, it requires a small charge of electricity to start it; then, it close-loops and powers itself. The device is a simple dipole magnet in a vacuum chamber. Current enters one side and is increased in exponential magnitudes for output by the immense force of electromagnetic current flowing everywhere. For a few dollars worth of parts, you could build your own; but, as Tesla pointed out, it doesn't work if it isn't configured properly.

So, here is a simple device that produces almost unlimited power, has no moving parts, produces no exhaust and uses no fuel. Black ops lets certain weapons contractors have this most privileged information. It was stolen from Nikola Tesla and the world, and black ops thinks of it as their personal property, which it is not. We paid the money it cost to develop the technology. It belongs to us. We don't get the benefits. Instead, its main use has been to test light speed travel vehicles, start trouble with alien races and power horrifying weapons. We get coal and oil, a trashed environment, economic collapse, deprived of our rights and endless war, and junk like Main Core.

The news conference in the Disclosure Project video took place in May, 2001—seven years ago. No one in the American Press Association picked up the story. You can know, then, that even this private organization was owned by the military industrial complex, as the media is still today. Usually, when I mention Tesla in these forums, government debunker troll-reptiles converge to tell me I'm out of control and to shut the fuck up. Until I saw this video, I talked about this, hoping it was true but not really believing it, I admit. To think it works this well but only benefits bad and greedy people who stole it and want to cause all harm to the world is the ultimate betrayal and perversion.

Referred to in the video by the Air Force's Mark McCandlish, Tesla's zero point energy technology and scalar wave technology, called "fundamental enabling technologies" for light speed travel, are the crown jewels of physics, and will be the vehicle of humanity's progress and greatest adventures in the next ten millenia—assuming we survive. No other energy technology is worth one more penny or one more second of our time. We must ask the candidates if, as their first act as president, they plan to declassify Tesla's zero point energy technology and make it available to the public domain, as it should be—and if not, why not. Sorry gang, but the answer will be no. They don't care about the consequences.

Do you still doubt we are being led by politicians and corporatists who are not human, and hate humans? Look at every issue in the authoritarian agenda. Bush's immigration program alone is designed to start a world war. Washington has done everything it can think of to destroy the country's and world's economies. Look at Roe v. Wade. Who would want to make virtually every woman in the country furious? Only a damned fool and monumental troublemaker. But even that doesn't explain it. Congress has powerful tools to compel testimony and produce evidence from the executive but doesn't use them. The country has been screaming for impeachment for years; yet, Congress won't consider it. How do you explain it? It doesn't defy description: these things aren't human.

Need more proof? Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert urged President Dickface to attack Iran. As I've said before, the attack plan of choice is to strike underground targets with ballistic missiles armed with five megaton nuclear warheads fired up and down in a maneuver called "over the shoulder bombing." The plan specifies 2,000 or more targets. Five megatons times 2,000 is a yield of 10 billion tons, or 10 gigatons. Nuclear warheads are not conventional ordnance. This bombing method would put the warheads 50 to 75 feet below the surface, not deep enough to contain the explosion or ejection of radioactive particulate into the atmosphere.

There is some confusion among readers about whether or not this is dangerous. Astrophysicists from Carl Sagan to the present day agree that a rapid succession detonation of 100 megatons is enough to create an extinction-level event. What the White House wants to do in Iran is 100 times that yield. The executive and legislative branches are fully aware of that, don't believe for a second they are not. The whole world has been telling them for years. Yet, the Senate was more than happy to virtually cede its authority to declare war to the White House in an almost unanimous vote. Why would they do that?

There can be only one possible answer: these beasts, these creatures, these things may look human, but they aren't. They include your presidential candidates, who in recent days have promised that so far as the war effort is concerned, nothing will change. John Hagee? Rod Parsley? Pffft. Can you look at Roberts and Alito, Bush and Cheney, Perle, Hadley, Addington, et. al., and tell me they're human? What about the 118 people Project Censored says make all the big decisions?

We'd best get the list started. Selecting which reptiles to apprehend will take extensive screening, and is a sacred thing. The other day David Swanson had this fine article about arresting war criminals. His article is based on the premises the rule of law is in force (and it isn't) and that these people are human (and they aren't). Impeachment and prosecution don't apply to them, and will not work. That isn't how the local shelter handles dogs at large. I recommend as many people as possible get the idea they are suicide jockeys, and at peace with it. Then, we should all acquire a long, heavy-duty snare pole. Then, you chase the subject down the street, snag it and take it to central processing. If it's healthy, spay or neuter and vaccinate, and try to adopt it out to a loving family. Not a pretty picture, but that's what we have to do. In the future reformed America, if any, the snare pole could be depicted in the national seal. If you are uncertain about the morality of such a program, acquire (probably through your library) and view the movie, "Hanged On A Twisted Cross: The Life, Convictions and Martyrdom of Dietrich Bonhoeffer," a film by T. N. Mohan, another outstanding investment of a couple hours.

Finally, it appears we'd better be happy with being at least an interstellar waystation, if not an all-out star war fortress. There is word scientists are doing time-space and interdimensional experiments using supercolliders and satellites. Could a gigantic supercollider be underneath this 20 km. high monolith encircling Iapetus, a moon of Saturn? Also, the moon appears geodesic, not spherical. If so, it's artificial—not natural. Does that have anything to do with this 15,000-mile-wide hexagonal structure that has appeared in the atmosphere of Saturn? It's been suggested it's related to an alien time-space portal. One thing is certain: these objects don't appear to be natural. If none of the other resources in this article convinced me we have the company of other intelligent species, the Saturn-Iapetus phenomena do...still...

...the idea the world's authoritarians are reptiles seems unfair to other reptiles. I'd have sworn they are vermin or rodents.