Saturday, April 27, 2013

Engineering health

I'm puckering up, because by dog, this time I'm going to get kissed.

In his weekly address October 17, President Obama laid into the insurance industry for confusing the issues and conversation about forcible inscription in a (swindle) health insurance policy for everyone and whether or not the federal government can get in on the (take) program. Watch it: [video deleted]

As it stands, I don't get coverage until I make an annual copay that is more than I can make. So, the insurance I buy will always pay nothing, as it always has, and if I get a cavity you have to put a bullet in me. I can see how the answer to this is yet another nonperforming insurance policy.

Restricting the discussion of "health care reform" to how the government can force people to buy more insurance, and whether or not the government can make money from this windfall is the most mind-numbing, dumbing-down mishmash I've ever tried to ignore.

Scalar electromagnetic wave technology can be used to produce crop circles, attack and kill people or enable your vehicle to make light speed plus. It can do many other things, including cure disease.

In fact, directed energy for healing has among the most solid support in the literature of any of the suppressed EM technologies. Antoine Priore demonstrated a device which cured 100% of rats with malignant cancer in thousands of experiments conducted under strict scientific method in 1960. Tom Bearden says this technology can regenerate lost limbs.

Bearden says elsewhere scalar technology can correct the genetic indicator for inherited diseases in one second flat, and repair the damage done by diseases like multiple sclerosis or Alzheimers. Once again, the inventor is Nikola Tesla, who said scalar can do that and much more.

Remember, Tesla was murdered so this and other technologies could be stolen from him, and many trillions of taxpayer dollars have funded research and development, all in secret. Tesla said this technology can make a fission level detonation from nonfissile material, disintegrate matter or bring it into existence from nonexistence. He said you can transmute matter, and turn one thing into anything else. In this video, the men turn a rock partially into gold:

Yeah, I know that was easy to fake, but those guys aren't kidding. From what Tesla said, once one masters a few basics, a number of things are possible, including engineering the passage of time itself and creating life, and in all its infinite variety.

In this video, Dr. Kanzius demonstrates how to set salt water on fire discovered as he set about to cure his wife's cancer using radio waves. His cancer treatment is under study, and is said to be very promising.

The rapid healing of bones (as in seconds, painlessly, unobtrusively) was discussed in the Army's Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook, a radio field manual, in 1985.

Other sources indicate technology is well developed. These things belong to all of us. Bearden says the average person should be able to live 200 years in robust health, possibly much longer. Tesla said the technology could fix any injury, cure any illness, so quickly and easily it could be done on an out patient basis and at little cost. It makes sense. The electrodynamic aspect of your body extends to every atom. Big pharma will never be able to intervene, to cure and repair something like Parkinsons disease, or muscular dystrophy. The developed technology has been ready to disclose for decades.

It is deeply hypocritical for the federal government to criticize the automotive industry when it continues to suppress the precise technologies the industry needs and the world wants. Likewise, real health care reform has nothing to do with insurance. Deployment of existing technologies would probably make health insurance go the way of the conestoga—and these words are among the sweetest I ever heard.