Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Still alive

Yes, I'm still alive. I won't say there is a concerted effort to keep me quiet, but things have sure worked out that way. Life without a phone or internet service is really great, and not getting those weekly bills from Cox Communications, which thought it should be able to worm $2-400 a month out of me, is even better. I've made a few nice discoveries and some that are unwanted, such as the new intrusion of rain water around my house's exterior doors, threatening the structural integrity of the whole building. So, the natural course of things changes my routine into something I don't want and will no doubt spend my meager savings. I was disappointed to find there is no wi-fi signal in my neighborhood I could exploit to log onto the web on the sly. Maybe I'll find some cheap dial-up service or just say to hell with the whole thing. This ISP market isn't competitive thanks to the zombies of the state corporation commission. I continue to seek and create advocates for the declassification of Tesla's overunity device and scalar wave technologies, and encourage everyone to do the same for the sake of these primarily significant things.