Wednesday, October 19, 2011

He's lying in the cold, cold ground

Nothing's caused such block in me as resolving my brother's death. I satisfactorily concluded he was killed by EM weapons.

It's more than writer's block. He was my only sibling. He'd just turned 53 and was a couple weeks away from his first wedding anniversary. He died January 27, 2004, the day after the tsunami.

I didn't begin reading about classified technologies with the idea of explaining it, or did I? I doubt I'd have attributed his death to anything other than natural causes except that his wife wasn't satisfied with that, knew a crime scene when she saw it and raised the subject with me again and again. I didn't want to discuss it at first, and admit I let the discussion begin from her need for comfort and assurance, patronage bouyed by skepticism and denial.

Her identifying the situation as a mystery was interesting, though. He told me days before he died he thought he was losing his mind. I told him it was clear he wasn't, and I could see what was happening didn't come from something he'd consumed or from inside his head. It looked like some kind of radio bleedover—maybe?—that thusfar had made him feel anxious and experience dazzling perceptions, but had done no real harm, and we couldn't know whether it was benign or a hazard. They wanted to talk about it in real time in an attempt to figure it out.

I concluded he died by psychoenergetics after a million questions, pouring over the entire episode a thousand times and and plenty of reading over not quite but almost four years. The conclusion explains everything that happened. We learned a few things; sadly, too little too late to have acted and saved his life, although the killers were determined, there is no available defense and you won't last forever on preventive measures. The best I could have done probably wouldn't have mattered.

It's also called for me to decide, once and for all, if Tesla's primary circuit is real and if all the things I learned as a child were true. So, as one by one the OMG moments made me hit the floor, I allowed time to reflect and let the reverberations die out before the next meteor strike. I haven't told this story except to a few people and a member of Congress. His hair immediately turned white. Can you guess who? Note to him: sorry about that. Bubba's wife doesn't want to talk about it and doesn't want me to talk about it, because she doesn't want us to die. This makes very good sense. With what she's been through, I'm surprised she hasn't gone totally insane. One mustn't contemplate whether life makes sense. My dad said, "your brother was a piece of work." Indeed he was. If he were in my place and made this discovery, would he act? Yes, any possible excuse to start a fight was the rule, and I was never above the rule.

Directed energy devices used as psychological weapons can be thought of as quantum weapons and don't leave forensic traces for most kinds of attacks. Spontaneous human combustion is an example where that isn't true, and SHC is never an accident or natural occurrence. Visually observable physical evidence including disintegration, or the transmutation of matter into dust is an example. That isn't necessary to kill someone, and generally the heart or breathing is turned off. The death looks natural, and the crime eludes detection.

In my brother's case, we had lots of clues, because the operatives conducted their business in carnival fashion. They were ruthless, remorseless psychopaths of serial killer mentality. They attacked and tortured him, and then both him and his wife, for about a year before the last attack when he died. They were attacked two or three times a week, and the attacks lasted five to perhaps 20 hours or more, and they may have had more than three attacks in a week. I spent a couple hundred hours or more with them as it happened, beginning one day they called and said a police tactical team was about to kick in the door. I'd been hearing this story from them, and they told others. I went to the house, but no one else was there, nor had anyone been there.

The activity increased, and their descriptions became more exotic. They saw lights that weren't there and people coming through walls. He kept seeing a tall man dressed in a fire helmet and long coat come through the window. She saw a big, red hairless cat with big, glowing red eyes. Almost always, there was a SWAT team outside that arrived with sirens blaring starting miles away. They were sure of it, and described their perceptions in great detail. They could smell the dust kicked up, hear radios crackling and rifle actions snapping. They could hear the dogs running and barking, and feel the ground vibrate from the people's footsteps. They could identify the insignias on the vehicles and the officers' uniforms as local, state and national. They perceived it many times, but it only happened in their minds' eyes.

The killers allowed them to hear conversation among themselves, and they told me what they heard. The killers knew who they were, and had the audacity to let them know. At first, the whole thing looked very silly to me. I could posit one theory after another that was a joke or insult, but I quickly saw it wasn't behavioral, hysteria or substance-induced, and stopped joking about it.

Lights in the house went on and off by themselves. His television turned itself on every morning on the same channel despite the setting when turned off, at full volume. An identical television put in its place and hook-up didn't behave that way. We left it hooked up awhile, then pulled the plug because it was too spooky. She moved the TV to another house a few miles away and this behavior continued. Then, she gave it to a relative in the next town, and after it left the city limits, it behaved normally. The TV didn't have an internal clock, snooze or alarm feature, and we had no explanation for why this happened.

They weren't both having onset of psychosis, and at times they were both perceiving the same things that weren't there. I saw and heard nothing, and these are all clues or hallmarks. They were shown images like Daniel Perle's beheading and other video vulgarity. The attacks came and went very suddenly, then they immediately returned to normal. One night he dropped her at my house and sped away. She was crying and told me he said a couple cops confronted him at a convenience store and said she wanted them to arrest him. The cops then did nothing, and I told her I knew he thought this happened, but it didn't happen, and he wasn't imagining it—but I couldn't explain it beyond that.

At sunrise the day he died, he dropped out of his chair onto the floor. She had been seeing dead people and the grim reaper pointing at him, and was told he was to die. She heard a voice say the operation had progressed from enforcement up to the next level, although no actual enforcement occurred. He crawled to the bathroom, told her not to leave him and became unresponsive. She called 911 as she administered CPR. He went in and out of consciousness. The last thing he said to her was if he dies, to make sure she got the KKK going again in our state, which was a joke, unfunny but meant as humor. The ambulance company came and put him on a gurney, ceasing CPR, and he died before they loaded him.

She received at least one more visit where it seemed she was being observed visually through the walls, and her life was threatened. They described many more things to me I've forgotten in discussing the volume. After that, she wasn't attacked until recently, and while always willing to share what she experienced, she was reluctant to tell me for fear I'd think she was beginning to crack! My brother was a character who left a wide swath of destruction in my life. But, he wasn't guilty of any capital crimes. My father said it was a wonder he lived as long as he did. But, this wasn't an example of revenge.

From what we saw and can read, we learned attacks by directed energy weapons are very common. If the experience of my family is representative of the greater society, roughly 30% of all people have been attacked in the last 20 years, and about 1 in 10 of those has been killed. The attacks are specific to location, so traveling out of your city limits or into a town from a rural area can remove you from the transmission. This is the only defense suggested by what I saw. A technological solution would be better, but the data is classified. That means no one in the world can defend himself. Electrical devices can be targeted, and the attack is specific to individual devices. Murder has no statute of limitations, but the words "scalar electromagnetic interferometer" don't appear in U.S. Code. You can report it to the police, but they are powerless to proceed, and you might end up as a handful of dust almost immediately. This is murder by a method that conceals the perpetrator, leaves no forensic traces and isn't illegal, the perfect crime. Suppression of this technology fully deprives you of your second amerndment rights. I don't know who conducted this operation. The technology is the exclusive possession of military intelligence and their contractors. I understand it's farmed out sometimes to state and local law enforcement, and due to the high police image content, I suspect someone local was complicit.*

It doesn't matter what his or my name is. My brother is your brother, your father, your husband, your cousin, your The horror in me grows larger with every passing second.

Supplement, 10/20/11: I forgot this, and it's very important. It became very clear the ability to tap his cell phone and read its GPS location was essential. Precise location data enables attacks. They can't happen without it, although the literature suggests there are other ways to target people and things. Knowing what you do and where you are at all times helps the perpetrators play dirty tricks and conceal the crime. Talk about this is ruthlessly suppressed, and entities that operate these devices spend lots of money to keep it quiet. They wish to retain the element of surprise because genocide is so easy by this method. It's been going on for decades. I'm furious. It's unacceptable.

*Update July 16, 2016: My deranged stepmother told me a statement in this post caused her to have me designated an enemy of the state. I have no doubt I’ve been so designated after years of the organized harassment or “gang stalking” experience. No way to recover $198,825 (the Department of Justice count) stolen from my trust account after three years of fighting a finance fraud case that would ordinarily be disposed in a few months demonstrates I am stripped of the law’s protection. That doesn’t sound like anything. Then, I encounter a police officer. The handling code he sees tells him at any contact to immediately arrest or shoot me. I learned that from hard experience. Thanks to the fact the policemen I’ve spoken with had a modicum of human decency, and that as a Class A driver I talked to many police officers over the years and knew a little about how to talk to police officers, I got lucky and didn’t get arrested or killed.

The troublesome statement concerns directed energy technology being the sole property of military intelligence and contractors. Some douchebag, troublemaking, idiotic, little fucking pussy coward twisted its meaning to be I think good old Uncle Sam killed my brother, and I published this thought, two things I by God should not have done—or so I was told. Forget that this is protected speech and above that statement I said I don’t know who did it. The fact is I didn’t think that, and I didn’t say that. I still don’t think that. When I said only military intelligence and contractors have the technology, I meant many governments, not just the United States. That statement reflected the state of my study of the subject at the time. It was all I could assume with any assurance.

Since, I’ve learned many entities have such technology, including other countries, rich families, big banking, special interest groups, aerospace companies, research organizations, unknown others who bought it on the black market and organized crime. I considered many theories as to who might have killed my brother. The best theory is that organized crime did it as retribution to his wife. She did something conspicuous crime did not like, causing diminishment of a popular form of money laundering. She paid with her forced retirement from law enforcement and a gang stalking program that included people driving by and yelling they were going to kill both of them, and heaven knows what else. I left out specific details so she can be anonymous; trust me, she did, and bad people saw it as a problem, for some reason.

The type of attack they experienced relies mainly on microwave technology, so it doesn’t require a full-blown interferometer. Directed energy weapon attack is a textbook gang stalking tactic, although the linked author says he can’t be sure. He says that to avoid retribution. It is suggested one can avoid this kind of attack by placing their whole body in a Faraday cage grounded to the ground. I don’t know if that’s true, or where to buy such a thing.

I said elsewhere on this blog, which I’d like to remind prying eyes, gets very light traffic (as of today this post has been viewed 289 times), that I make an effort to present factually accurate information. That doesn’t mean I know everything or can’t make an error. I had not reviewed this post until the other day since this was mentioned to me more than three years ago. I forgot about it, thinking it had no meaning. I’ve taken a whale of a beating over these few words.

No one is owed an apology from me. Appending this post or deactivating the site won’t help me. One would have to be perceptually defective to think this is subversion. It’s pathetic we now rob and kill people for exercising protected speech. My poor, elementary writing exists to possibly provide search terms for these tremendously significant subjects, which are slightly represented in literature because they’re classified. It isn’t a crime to discuss classified subjects. It isn’t a crime to put people’s names on secret watchlists and steal everything they have, torture and kill them. So, before you see something and say something, remember you’re sentencing someone to extrajudicial execution, and have a little heart. Some people want to exterminate humanity. Don’t help them.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bradley Manning is dead

No, I haven't seen the cadaver. But, there is no reliable eyewitness who's seen Bradley Manning since before December. Manning was facing the death penalty. Under the circumstances, I'd say he's dead.

Rep. Kucinich has been trying to see Manning since the first week of February, and describes his experience with DoD as 'Kafkaesque.' Meanwhile, Manning's captivity is perfectly analogous to burning Christians at the stake for the heresy of translating the Bible.

Quantico probably made a mistake, broke his neck or beat him to a pulp, and he bled to death. They don't want to tell on themselves, and you can't blame them. Corpses are smelly messes, and public relations was never DoD's long suit. It isn't their fault anyway Manning is dead. When I tell you what killed him, you won't believe it. What killed Bradley Manning is the same thing tearing down everything in this country that's being torn down, and is at the heart of many things gone wrong.

It's odd enough Quantico, which isn't Guantanamo, would deny access by the UN Rapporteur on Torture and a member of Congress. That these individuals were treated with rough dismissal is noteworthy. Last week, Kucinich managed Scott Walker's admission that eliminating public employees' collective bargaining would save Wisconsin no money. You can bet Dennis Kucinich would like to know what the hell is happening. My money says he does know, and wonders how anyone can bear to hear it.

At a time when the FBI and other intelligence agencies are declassifying documents at a breakneck pace, including some of the first official admissions we've collected crashed extraterrestrial aircraft, what is the value of torturing and most likely killing an active service member accused of leaking classified information? These things can be explained.

Manning's hometown is Crescent, OK, one of the things giving the story a close, personal aspect for me. Crescent is a few miles away from where I live. It's a small town where the country's oil pipelines intersect, and what happens at this intersection influences how the price of oil in America is determined. The few people needed to turn the valves and staff the local prison form Crescent's economy—a narrow, grim cross-section of socioeconomic deprivation like the rest of this state. People here are good hearted and straight talking, and will not spare your feelings. When Oklahomans say they support the troops, they mean they support people like Bradley Manning.

I was glad to be the first and only person to point out the week it was enacted that the Military Commissions Act of 2006 had an obvious, glaring provision so offensive no one had dared to mention it, or read enough to notice...

...Congress could have set up this unnecessary injustice system another way or done nothing. They chose to make it part of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, meaning its primary application was for active service members, not terrorists. I said the act provides for use on soldiers, and given half a chance it would be. I theorized it could be accidental expediency to throw a little water on my own argument, knowing it was no accident.

I was getting acquainted with people in political blogs. Any person can find himself in Manning's predicament, a simple matter of ticking the right checkboxes on the paperwork. Making these statements may have been popular on that site, but it began a long process of pushback for Uranus on many websites. That's no coincidence.

With this article attacking the Innocent Images program, Luke shortly thereafter announced he was closing the blog. I was shunned by third hand friends and went forward to argue with some of these big names who didn't ignore me completely and disagreed with points in those posts. Luke Ryland is a young man in Australia whose reading and summary of the daily news I'd called the best in the world. He must have been reading a thousand pages a day of only great sources, and published 6 posts or more, and had been doing it every day of the week for years. He had a global following, and I became aware governments were reading it. We asked him if he'd been threatened and he said no, but he gave no other explanation. Since, a surprising list of sites won't post comments signed Uranus.

I told that wrenching story in part because the same thing that somehow produced the Military Commissions Act of 2006 killed Bradley Manning and causes Scott Walker to chisel labor and makes Paul Ryan choose starvation for retirees. It closed Luke's blog. It gags Sibel Edmonds, it causes lawmakers to promote repression, it destroyed manufacturing and continues to chew away at labor in America. It's the trouble in banking, what's behind bankrupt states and why the Federal Reserve continues to print $75 billion a month. It's why you get insurance instead of cures, the internet kill switch, the drug war, the pro-life movement, affirmative action, our prison culture, wars and the suppression of technology.

It's why Karl Rove didn't get a grand jury indictment, even though one was drawn up and Patrick Fitzgerald delivered it himself, trusting no one. It's why for reporting such stories, underwent a hostile takeover, ostensibly for union organization, but almost two years later continues to operate without a contract while making the fraudulent claim it is a union organization—and this noncompliance is heartily endorsed by Bill Moyers. Even NLRB says (now spelled) truth-out (ironically) is the one outfit that doesn't need their scrutiny, certification or a contract. It's a formula. The same ideology does all this.

The story of attempts to learn Manning's fate is austere, and the reporting is a solitary cry in the wilderness. In early March, Kucinich sought to invoke the name of Robert Gates in hopes of enlisting his support. In early February, some speculated Manning was crafting a defense from the claim of torture—ya think? He was probably already dead then. This article claims Firedoglake's David M. House saw Manning in late January even though the UN could not, suggesting House's account is undependable. Shoq suggests psychological voodoo in pursuit of propaganda, then accuses others of self-aggrandizement with false witnesses and holds a Twitter slap fight with Jason Leopold.

Poor Bradley! Last week more than 250 legal scholars signed a protest letter to the president. Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor and legal advisor to the Obama justice department until three months ago signed the letter. Tribe joins P.J. Crowley as the only two Obama figures at odds with Manning's captivity. Did they think their letter would resurrect Manning? Did the lawyers remember to ask if Manning's grieving family could recover his body? Recall Tribe is from Harvard, and see how strange this picture really is.

All the things I mentioned, Bradley Manning's handling and many more you can imagine, bear hallmarks of Common Purpose, ostensibly a fraudulent charity and Oxford-based education program. The website calls Common Purpose "a criminal organisation that is dependent upon insider dealing, secrecy and corruption for its existence. Common Purpose creates control over its members by doing them 'favours,' such as finding them lucrative employment in powerful positions, covering for their mistakes, and benefits from accessing its secret network. In return, Common Purpose requires that its graduates act illegally on its behalf, as salespeople for their snake-oil products, exploiting their positions of power, and helping the organisation grow in power."

CP's American counterpart is the 'Advanced Management Program' offered by—guess who—Harvard University. If you look at no other links, look at that one. It's hilarious in that they say the program isn't for everyone, and its two versions cost $64,000 and $66,000. Housing is included and damn sure should be. Harvard vets applicants to be sure they represent the proper combination of promotion, psychopathy and corruputibility. The courses serve as induction and indoctrination. Its mission is to establish a single, communist-style, world government, described as a designer government form drawing from other oppressive types called "communitarian" or "communitarianism." Its modis is the production of a network of complete asshole troublemakers who infiltrate business, government, unions, banking, media and every possible sector and tear the organization apart through audacious acts, secrecy, fear, profligate spending, tax evasion and a variety of other means. It operates like a cult. Common Purpose is one of the most powerful and secret groups that is almost completely unknown. It is rooted in the old European banking system headquartered in London.

David Icke remarks Harvard offers two different programs and says, "Harvard is a key proponent of Common Purpose ideology. And that's friggin' scary." Bankers want to rule the world, and set to the task of destroying what they think opposes their world communist government vision, according to the linked articles.

This is a smoking gun, but it seems it's only one of so many.

I had hoped pointing out the Military Commisisions Act of 2006 legalizes torturing our own soldiers, for God's sake, would derail tragedies like Manning's, but big money had more to say. Old, big money in London—so that's why my car doesn't fly. It may be too late for Bradley Manning, but hopefully not for He Who Should Have Been President Dennis Kucinich. To those precious, third hand friends who defended Innocent Images, you see what happened to Alberto Gonzales and Rachel Paulose. You found consternation in my statements about the Military Commissions Act. Look at where we are today. I felt no regret about all that. I knew the reason behind it would be revealed, and so it is.

You can battle the endemic evil of communitarianism by understanding it, calling it out and opposing it where you find it. But, what breaks this fortification? The antidote is to do what Bradley Manning, the only person who is right in this dreary picture, did: disclose what's classified, open source all of it. Intellectual honesty and the revelation of hidden science will bring about the industrial revolution a century past due. Nothing less will burn back all this ugliness. Suppression is the reason you don't have free energy, the ability to transmute matter, miracle cures, free travel to anywhere in the universe, even your own planet. Unseen hands stop it like they hold Bradley Manning.

They don't consider disclosure would improve even their privileged lives. Civilians, soldiers, money, the intelligence community and politicians will have to hold hands better than this, or after they exterminate us, these idiots will exterminate themselves.