Monday, April 29, 2013

Chemtrails and other magic words

I was sick for a period equivalent to two or three years, in five instances, over the last 20 years, thanks to this damned aerial spraying.

Breathing this "chemtrail" dust gives you chronic, upper respiratory distress complete with post nasal drip, mucous, coughing and vomiting. It's debilitating. Most doctors don't understand it, and most people don't look at the sky. They deny it's been happening for two decades.

With what's thought to be 7-8,000 U.S. Air Force planes dedicated worldwide to high altitude spraying, this super-secret program is misunderstood by most of the people who realize it's actually happening. Because the spray contains micro fine aluminum dust, they think its primary purpose is weather manipulation in conjunction with the scalar electromagnetic interferometer—and fancy themselves great, discerning scholars.

That could play a part, although it's hard to say, in that it's so super-secret-so-shut-up-about-it. But, weather modification isn't its primary purpose: extermination is.

The spray contains, in addition to aluminum, cadmium, barium and strontium. It may also contain desiccated human blood cells, viruses and associated materials including Morgellons disease, and even microscopic nanobots that plug into different parts of your body, like your brain.

The purpose of chemtrails is to kill you and every other living thing on the planet, including the ocean, in that everything in the spray is poisonous to all live things. This happens slowly or not slowly, and you can expect to kick on average seven plus years before reaching life expectancy. It's your tax dollars at work!

If you haven't heard of chemtrails, you might start with Scott Stevens' Weather Wars, then take a look at this collection of pictures and articles. The satellite pictures put things in perspective, and that's where I got the spray nozzle photo.

I shot the other picture over Oklahoma county. It was the last photo posted by anyone on KFOR's blog website before it was deactivated. At that moment, my phone and internet service were turned off (for the third time) following my online objection to military tribunal governance, The New Greatest Sin Of All Time.

Forget that every child who's gone to school anywhere on earth in the last 2,000 plus years was taught military tribunal governance is bad—saying those words today makes you the ultimate pariah.

What do you think the point is? Simple: extermination is coming. Censoring this language makes you an enabler, a helper troll and a member of the league of exterminators. Governments are asking Google/Blogger to remove these references, because retaining the element of surprise helps the exterminators. Site owners are specifically commanded to not talk about such things as NDAA, and commentary is ruthlessly suppressed. Don't think any of it has gone away because you don't see it in the news. Like chemtrails, the march to government by gunpoint and gagging discussion under threat are happening globally. KFOR's owner, Oak Hill Capital Partners, is part of the great media takeover by dark forces from roughly 2000 to 2009 hell bent on achieving the death of every living thing on earth, and keeping that hope quiet. That's some ugly stuff.

My blog posts to KFOR's site appear under What is zero point energy, part two, have these titles, and I give a little explanation:

National Geographic to explore underwater city | Written to see if their censor would accept something not too exotic after requesting I make no further submissions.

Heavener monolith? | Everything we're taught about the history of the human race is wrong.

Cheese cake | Recipes got view count on their website, but not this one. That cheese cake is really very tasty.

Cats in chains | Protesting some of the first of new laws enacted here to make agony and death acceptable via the war on cats, of all things. The laws enable organized crime in the form of cat dumping. It creates war among people, has new relevance, and is intended to eliminate what's seen as an important predator of rats and birds, which the New World Order sees as effective disease delivery platforms.

What causes crop circles? | My most popular one, where I went out on a limb and mentioned the scalar electromagnetic interferometer. People are curious about secret technologies, in spite of what repressive media thinks.

Antigravity | EM drive is the real way to travel, both on the earth and in space. The technical data from the antigravity project was stolen at completion in 1958 by what Eisenhower called the "military industrial complex," and now these thieving killers want to kill every living thing.

Collapse, anyone? | People like being scared.

Lied to you | Everything we're taught about energy, healing and how the universe works is a deliberate fabrication.

The MEG | Tesla's primary circuit, with an elementary description. Most people have no knowledge of the invention of the AC electricity generator, possibly history's greatest narrative.

Causing and stopping collapse | We have what is needed to live in an abundant, prosperous, fascinating world, if we can take it back from the dirty, thieving killers who stole it.

The guards of love | I gave this story to KFOR, and it made the international press. The department of corrections investigator lied about grand jury indictments being handed down for two state employees fired for raping women on work release at the Oklahoma governor's mansion. Because no charges were brought against these two clowns, I elicited the station's raptor-like contempt.

Psychoenergetics | Resolving the facts surrounding my brother's death made this series happen.

Why are we in Afghanistan? | It drives me crazy we find ourselves in one stupid war after another, destroying our country, and nobody bothers to wonder why.

Engineering health | Big pharma doesn't want you to know directed energy treatment options are an important bridge to the future.

Engineering time, space and physical reality | People don't realize time occupies a place on the electromagnetic spectrum, and that the creation, transmutation and destruction of physical matter have electromagnetic handles.

Engineering weather | Fought with the administrator for more than a year about this one. Figured it was important because we're in the middle of tornado alley. I stated in comments the dust bowl was probably brought about by weather modification utilizing the scalar electromagnetic interferometer, in that the device had 40 years' research and development by then.

The highest crime | My final submission that says the suppression of technology costs all of us everything, and all our lives—making all other crimes small by comparison.

I still like life and want a better world, and have no regret saying it.