Saturday, July 16, 2016

How this blog made me a traitor

We live in the security era. That means everyone is supposed to be afraid, and Stasi tactics are irrevocably imposed. I didn’t know a few words I’d write on this blog would turn me into a traitor, a threat to society, an enemy of the state, a terrorist and seditionist. But, according to my stepmother Patty, she had to have me designated an enemy of the state because a few words in this post, updated today, on this site indisputably prove it.

I’m surprised THAT’S the thing about which someone took exception. I love the United States, and I don’t see how anything on this site disputes it.

Of course, it took more than words to make me what I am. What was also needed was an asshole. One of her best friends is this guy who operates a “counterterrorism institute.” He got the job done, and in his usual, full-feature fashion. I haven’t met Dave, but feel I know him intimately. I’ve been his gang stalking target for more than 20 years. The last five have been blistering, and the last three were especially aggressive. He’s made a bundle as a hired assassin and hog at the trough. That’s your tax dollars at work.

As a practitioner of highest treason, also known as protected speech, I am stripped of the law’s protection. That means there was no way the defendant would appear in the civil case or the criminal case to recover what he stole from a trust account in which I can’t see statements or do a transaction, $198,825.00 by the fed’s count. He never appeared in either case, just as he was promised by Patty and company, who advised him about how to siphon off the money without raising flags at the bank.

It turns out Dennis Hampton would do anything to get out of going to court, including die. Today is 71 days since May 6 when he died, yet there is no autopsy report or death certificate for him, just this modest notice. Maybe there is documentation, but none of my team has seen it. It is strange he died the morning of his federal sentencing hearing, and unusual it got wall-to-wall news coverage that day in that news companies almost never cover suicides.

Meanwhile, on top of being the worst subversive in history, I’m also labeled a lying nut for complaining about this so-what trouble and for sharing my experience with it.

I uncovered a horrible fact: after Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security is the next largest allocation federal agency. Seventy percent of their budget goes to private security contractors like Dave who do two things, prepare and place in global databases phony, lie law enforcement intelligence and conduct organized harassment or gang stalking programs. That means, after the military, the next biggest thing our tax dollars buy is this Stasi culture, rat-out-your-neighbor-and-get-him-killed-with-the-if-you-see-something-say-something model. That’s an astonishing revelation very few people know because fedgov doesn’t publish the discretionary budget request annually as they had until recently.

So, there you are. Know what I mean there, niblet?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What's hot on this site

I started this site with posts about politics. I developed other reading interests because it was clear unseen hands in foreign countries run the United States, and many strange, unexplainable things are happening around us.

The more exotic things are far more popular than politics. These are the five most viewed posts.

What is zero point energy technology is most viewed. Unfortunately, I relied on the incorrect use of this term by people making statements for The Disclosure Project. I wrote a follow-up for it straightening out the error and linked to it at the end of the first post. As a kid, we called this free extraction, not zero point. They are not the same. Both rely on natural processes and have no moving parts. Zero point is a phenomenon and feeble. Free extraction is robust and intended as a power supply.

The second most viewed post was taken from Project Censored, U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights. This is a mysterious thing. It appears on a few other sites, including David Icke’s great site. Project Censored carried this article for about 30 days, then it disappeared for five years despite their stating they don’t censor themselves. I wrote to them and asked if they could tell me about that, and they did not respond. Then, it reappeared buried in an archive. I’m not sure how long it was there. I went back and tried to find it three times. It wasn’t on their site, and I assume it’s gone for good.

The third most viewed post is My only flying saucer sighting, something I wrote for MUFON. The state director called and wanted to talk about it and put me on his email list. Thereafter, MUFON changed their permission policy. In the past, anyone could access their reports. Now, you have to be a member to read the reports. Did that happen because of what I wrote? Yes! I used a forbidden term, “hidden space theory.” Even MUFON doesn’t want you to know about that. If you don’t know what hidden space theory is, you should, because it’s fundamental, curtailed science.

The fourth most viewed post is surprising. It’s National Geographic to explore underwater city, which was the first of a short series I wrote for local NBC affiliate KFOR’s website. It alone is viewed every day. Most views start when someone searches the name “Paulina Zelitsky.” I wrote the post in 2009 before the expedition. A team planned to dive near the coast of Cuba where there was thought to be a 40,000-year-old city sunk by an earthquake. I haven’t followed the story. People on radio talk shows who like to hear their heads flap tell us they found things, and now it’s all secret. We can’t know why. I don’t know if that’s right. There was a rumor they might find a large pyramid. I haven’t read beyond the first linked article. This suggests Paulina was told to shut up.

The fifth most viewed post is Something big kept secret: the antigravity project. It restores my faith in things there are a few people in the world interested in it, and they understand that two crown jewels of physics, free extraction energy and electromagnetic drive, are of utmost importance. You should have seen cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships phased out in the 1920s. These technologies have infinite application potential, and can do much more than transportation only.

So many people have a career rewriting history! A few of them feel obliged to take a swipe at good old Uranus, like I invented existence. This is why the Project Censored article on EM weapons eludes. It tells you Tesla tried to sell Department of Defense his unmanned aerial drone technology based on the MEG and antigravity in 1915, 100 years ago.

I pointed out this fact and a few others in comments under this ridiculous story in propaganda site, and discovered this is a lie website. The site removed the original story and comments, replacing it with the last linked story without my comment and after my sign-in account stopped working.

So, while EM weapons are a big secret, antigravity and the stolen antigravity project technical data is a bigger secret. There is an ongoing, full-time effort to wipe clean all knowledge of that. Tesla would have sold it at a bargain price and given after-sale support, but NO. DoD adopted wood-frame, cloth covered, oil-fired airplanes because Tesla’s light speed plus vehicle didn’t burn oil. It was better, silent and didn’t need fuel. Who would want that?

Instead of buying it at a bargain price, its development with only note fragments was the most expensive project in written history. Millions of people knew about the antigravity project from 1955-1958. It was classified. It wasn’t secret because of its great cost and the inevitable culture shock of publication of instructions, taking humans from cattle hustling to intergalactic travel. Most people knew nothing about it in the 1950s. Today, this gigantic violation of the public trust is almost completely unknown.

The antigravity project happened. It produced a fantastic, working technology that is the basis of our secret space program. It was sold on the black market. Scummy people profited, and the rest of us were robbed.

A few people experimented with antigravity after 1915 and before Tesla’s death in 1943 by acquiring information from Tesla, with or without his permission. Different people made it work. If you didn’t know that, it’s easy to think we won’t have EM drive until a crashed alien craft is successfully reverse engineered, and it hasn’t happened. It has, and no one left behind an easily acquired, comprehensive, how-to guide. People who say we don’t understand gravity and have not produced a working antigravity device are wrong and have ulterior motives.

As a preschooler, I knew gravity and time occupy places on the electromagnetic spectrum. Those are forbidden words.

If this site gets three or four dozen views, that’s a very good day. It’s had as many as 120 views in a day. The biggest month was November 2013 with 1,204 views. So, while there are people interested in these subjects, it isn’t many. If these facts pollute people’s minds, it isn’t many people.

There are bigger secrets than antigravity.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Toxic Cheerios

The previous post about seeing a flying disk got this site its most views in a month in November 2013. It received its first views from the African continent and its first translations into Chinese. Thanks for all your support and welcome to my nightmarish walk in the world with myself.

As I told you in Storm story, I’ve been master of ceremonies for a ridiculous, impossible battle waged by my trust and an errant trustee who helped himself to over $190,000.00 of mine, and insisted to the state I would never need ANY money.

The bulk of the money has been gone almost 16 months. I’m approaching the eleventh month of pursuing remedial action. This week I’m asking why this dirty thief isn’t in jail, among other questions. After all, a guy takes a couple hundred bucks from a convenience store and the cops often pick him up within minutes, not knowing what he looks like or his name. Is stealing almost $200,000.00 legal when you know exactly who did it and it’s beautifully documented? YES!

Law enforcement told me to report ongoing mischief related to the crime. I had the unpleasant task to make a couple calls to report the silliness of food that mysteriously goes bad for no reason, and consider it part of the trouble in that poisoning is a recurring theme in the bundle of events related to the trustee’s stealing. One of the foods that suddenly became vomit inducing is a favorite snack, General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios.

Coincidentally, it happened after I’d eaten a couple small servings the usual way, dry. Those were fine. Then, I left the house to run errands, came back, ate a serving, and found myself leaning over the trash can yacking like a dog. I’ve had that experience about a dozen times with different foods since pop died, which is exceptional. I’ve done my own cooking for more than 40 years. I don’t make many mistakes. If I do, I know what they are. If you eat bad food, you generally know what it is and what went wrong. I don’t have an explanation for Cheerios that become toxic two or three days after they’re opened.

I posited to the agent that maybe General Mills was using genetically modified oats in Cheerios. That may be the explanation. General Mills has terms for people who like them on Facebook: those people can’t join class action lawsuits and must submit disputes to arbitration.

Cheerios commercials show adults feeding this cereal to babies in high chairs. For generations, Cheerios has been marketed as synonymous with purity and goodness in food preparation, and considered a standard candle food. Now, after air hits them for a few hours, they ooze the weed killer Round Up. That can’t be good for business. This small detail is a giant paradigm shift.

Updated 5/3/14: After thinking about it, I don't think General Mills is to blame, and I don't think the problem is in my body, because this same thing has happened with a variety of foods and with the water I chill in the refrigerator for the first time. No one in town can analyze food and water for contamination, so far as I can tell, because I live on the lone prairie. It may later be shown that General Mills is peddling funky Cheerios. I seriously doubt it. Nevertheless, I threw out an unopened box.

Friday, November 22, 2013

My only flying saucer sighting

I finally submitted a report to MUFON about my one and only near flying disk sighting. It happened 45 years ago.

A couple days later, I got an e-mail from the state director of MUFON who asked if he could call me and talk about it. We had a very engaging discussion. Without saying it, he implied that he wondered what good the reports are. I reminded him MUFON’s work is very important because it advances people’s knowledge.

He thought the report was “amazing.” It’s posted here, and this is what it says:
Beginning in the summer of 1966, Oklahoma City witnessed nightly flights of a black flying disk with its signature circular, three-color underside, donut-shaped light bar. Immediately, someone took a picture of it, and it became the first color picture printed on page one of “The Daily Oklahoman.”

The flights continued for months. From the beginning, word on the street was it was a flight technology being tested by the local air force base, Tinker Field. The Air Force denied it, said they didn’t see it visually or on radar, and that they knew nothing. Most of the people in town witnessed these flights.

People were excited at first. After the first few days, with no official confirmation and in that it caused no trouble and no one could do anything about it, people went from indifference to ignoring it. My family lived north of the city at Danforth and Western Ave., and I thought I was too far away to see it.

But, my brother and I did see it, up close, Saturday, July 17, 1968 shortly after 9 p.m. We rode a motorcycle to Ramblewood Hills at Santa Fe and Waterloo and parked. It was a very clear night, just after sunset. We noticed an unconventional aircraft two or three miles to the north, brightly lit but not flashing, moving back and forth and making no sound.

Without saying anything we hopped on the bike and started it, and after moving a few feet, the disk was right next to us. It was a few hundred feet in altitude and appeared to be over 100 feet in diameter, a classic, black, elliptical disk with no visible seams or rivets. The wide, circular light bar was divided into three segments colored red, blue and yellow. The segments looked like big light-emitting diodes, something we knew about but that weren’t available on the market.

We went west one mile on Waterloo, and the disk flew along with us, much to our surprise and horror. We turned south on Western, and it made the turn with us. Despite the fact we were very frightened, it was a wonderful thing to see. It flew beautifully, tipping from side to side, soaring, giving us a very good look, and completely silent.

I thought that if I never saw one of these up close again, this would always be the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I wished I had a motion picture camera, but alas. It was only three miles to our house, and it seemed like 50. We parked in the driveway, and the disk hovered in the field north of the house over an old hedge apple tree, about 200 feet to the north.

It was clear the vehicle was using a gigantic value of electricity. I became aware that the enormous negative energy holding it aloft struck the ground and fanned out. Some was hitting me, and I knew that it was killing the tree, and that later I would witness the dried trunk and branches collapse.

I couldn’t imagine why I thought that, but I was very certain of it. The disk did not fly away. A white haze energy field about four inches thick enveloped the disk, and it disappeared without a sound, as we both shouted, “wow.” It was about 9:15 p.m.

After the second day, the fronds on the tree turned brown, and by the third day, it was clear the tree was dead. It never again showed signs of life.

I was 14. I graduated from high school, then college. When I visited the house, I went out to see the tree many times, certain the moment had come. It didn’t collapse, but I remained certain I would see it.

Ten years passed. The last time I checked, I saw it collapse. It was dramatic, and sounded like many large panes of glass shattering and clinking into a million pieces. What is the chance I would see something so fleeting that happens in just a couple seconds, and why was I so sure I would see it? It ranks among the few strangest things that have happened to me.

For years I thought it must be an alien technology because we don’t teach that kind of physics at the graduate level, and we don’t. But, I grew up in the era of the antigravity project, and I knew in the back of my mind it might be and probably was earth technology. Certainly, that’s what people who worked at Tinker said.

I began drinking within a couple weeks, and drank heavily for 14 years to drown my sorrow, then gave up drinking.

What was it? I applied everything I’ve seen and been able to learn. I concluded it was one of ours, utilizing Tesla’s antigravity electromagnetic drive developed by the enormously expensive, stolen antigravity project (see When the disk vanished, it went to hidden space, which means what we saw was an actual, whole-universe transportation vehicle, capable of speeds far exceeding light speed and able to traverse time.

I remember this as if it happened today. It was my only close look at an antigravity vehicle, and since then I’ve never doubted the reality of antigravity or free extraction electricity. We’ve been able to do all this since 1958, and those who stole the technical data keep humanity living in the dark ages.
If you read that, and you read this and this, you know the strangest things that have happened to me.

Updated 6/16/14: If you click the link for my contribution to, you get a message saying the page is "forbidden." Their permissions have changed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who killed JFK and why, for crying out loud

Most of the thousands of published books explaining who killed John Kennedy and why tell perfectly reasonable, believable stories that vary widely one to another. The writers range from facetious to well intentioned, but to all those lucky enough to get a publisher’s acceptance, I’m glad they were paid.

We’re left 50 years later with no official agreement as to who assassinated JFK. The sealed part of the Warren Commission report is supposed to be revealed one day. Tell your great grandchildren don’t hold your breath.

Kennedy’s death coincides with the death of U.S. democracy and the birth of a despotic culture of secrecy led now by the world’s big money. The reason for the assassination is never explained by the many books and articles. The reason remains enormously important.

When the Zapruder film was first shown on TV, a few frames showing the gunshots hitting Kennedy were removed “out of respect for the family” and out of disrespect for the truth, if this slow-motion version of the unedited Zapruder film is authentic:

This is supposed to be the real thing. If you watch it several times, it’s easy to see the president is shot from outside the car and from the front seat. The shooting was highly choreographed, with extra snipers as backup and distraction. The operation was conducted by one disciplined team determined to get the job done.

Kennedy wasn’t killed for revenge, but because some people were afraid he was going to do his job. They feared he would set into motion a chain of events that would collapse America’s intelligence community. More likely the chain of events would have upgraded the intelligence community. Their greatest fear was Kennedy’s actions would lead to the disclosure and publication of the highly prized, illegally suppressed technical data for the antigravity project—and the antigravity project is the missing link in the story of JFK’s assassination.

If you want to understand the connection, read these three articles and I’ll tweak the information a little: one, two and three.

I warn readers to be skeptical of stories they read in and Mail Online. That doesn’t mean I think all their stuff is wrong. In this case, they are so close to the bull’s-eye it’s breathtaking.

Don’t think I believe this version of JFK’s killing because I read it on these websites. Everyone who was curious about this studied it and came to some conclusion. The three articles I linked give some details of the version I insist is the only right version, and the only thing that explains brutally slaying in broad daylight a popular president and our country’s beloved democracy, and what’s taken place since.

Failing to remedy this injustice is taking us to no good place. The 50 years of history since Kennedy died are stark, resounding proof. It’s not too late. Kennedy’s death was no vendetta or philosophical difference resolution. It’s a story of a man doing what he was elected to do during the pinnacle of the Cold War in the early 1960s.

By 1962, the Russians were having so much trouble at their missile silos they contacted Washington, the White House in particular. They complained flying disks were showing up at their silos and turning off the equipment. They wanted President Kennedy’s assurance the disks weren’t our defense aircraft.

Kennedy said he didn’t know they were, but he’d ask around and get back. He summoned his CIA liaisons who told him they’d have to check, but that it’s possible they were—and Kennedy hit the ceiling, figuring he should have been briefed. I don’t recall learning whether or how the issue of whose disks attacked was settled.

In the next year Kennedy learned more than any president about classified technologies and contact with alien races. He planned to set up an exchange network with the Russians for this important information. It appears the CIA and other agencies were already doing that, but the project was in its infancy. Intelligence wanted to move slowly and, as always, without scrutiny, especially White House scrutiny.

A choice had to be made, and the choice was some things are bigger than one man, which is a dumb thing to say and a dumb choice. But, there you have it. The U.S. and Soviet Union were in a technology race with antigravity and Tesla’s great scalar electromagnetic interferometer in those days, not just nuclear weapons. The U.S. was behind the Soviets in developing the interferometer, and didn’t seem to understand it.

Intelligence didn’t want the White House in the middle of that. In making this choice, intelligence threw away our democratic republic form of government. With Tesla’s EM drive, we were flying to the moon in about an hour in 1962. You should have been able to take that flight. Intelligence was not right to do this.

Kennedy’s shooting was conducted by a hit team commanded by George H. W. Bush. It effectively killed Kennedy and concealed its involvement, so George Bush’s career prospered.

The team was sent in early November, 1963 to Cuba. It was rumored they were going to rub out Castro, but some say they had other targets. It was rumored something went wrong, but that isn’t clear. The operation was cancelled, and the team was sent to Dallas for the grandfather of all assignments, to kill the president.

Team Bush worked it out, and Bush went to Waco, TX that morning to establish plausible deniability, and to play the part of useless tit and coward. He doesn’t seem to have played much of a part in the operation, but he was the team’s leader, and looks are deceiving. Langley thought he was a very bright boy.

George Bush moved up at the CIA. He was at the frontline of the sale of this fabulous classified technology on the black market, making an untold fortune. He was not particular about the buyer. Today, rich families, organized crime and big banking have nuclear and quantum weapons, in addition to foreign countries’ departments of defense, not all of whom are friends of the U.S. George Bush is chiefly responsible, and did it for money.

He served two terms as vice president and one term as president. George Bush is possibly history’s greatest traitor, truly a standard by which others may be judged.

Keeping this quiet caused the deaths of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy, Jr., who as president would have made demands. The Kennedy family and everyone who will ever live deserves that the true story be told.

George Bush is celebrated today with network television banquets and decorated with big, government gold medals. His son’s wars have ravaged another generation of humanity.

Contained in the classified technology bundle is low voltage, extremely low frequency, negative energy radio pulsing that can heal disease, replace missing limbs and even clean up Fukushima. You paid for its enormously expensive development and got no benefit, all in the name of keeping a secret. Physicists complain we’re building things as large as star systems in our secret space program with this technology. We simple earthlings are told to deal with resource depletion.

Intelligence would sacrifice all life on earth before it would sacrifice secrecy. That’s come to mean anything made secret is held that closely, and everyone loses everything. The remedy is stalled by people who understandably don’t want to admit very poor, wrong decisions were made; then again, I don’t understand. It is unintelligent.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Something big kept secret: the antigravity project

With the show trial of Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden's predation and Michael Hastings' mysterious death, some have wondered what it is the government keeps secret that begs everyone to hop aboard under threat of imprisonment or death.

Keeping secrets is not a good idea. It's done for no good reason, and if you could know a few of the big things the government stole and keeps secret, you'd understand. One of the crown jewels is the antigravity project.

I promised myself I wouldn't let the story of the antigravity project go unspoken or be forgotten, and that I wouldn't give up trying to start a discussion of it. I continue to fail after almost 60 years.

The story's profound silence has produced a void in our collective memory and mine too—almost. Everything in the story is as grand and provocative as it is enchanting.

The vast majority of people in the world never heard of the antigravity project.

For as long as I could understand English after I was born in 1953, I heard about the antigravity project around the house. It was among the first things I heard preschoolers discuss when I hit the sidewalk in my neighborhood without mom in tow in 1956, just before I turned three. That was fortunate, because people living just feet away didn't hear a thing, and most people in the country didn't hear any of it, although a lot of people knew about it.

It was classified, but it wasn't a secret, due to its incredible cost and culture shock potential. It wasn't mentioned in newspapers, radio or television, which was brand new. The millennia-old oral tradition method of sharing information was still intact, and after TV proliferated in the 1960s, oral tradition suddenly vanished.

It was fast, sophisticated and highly structured, with utmost regard for factual accuracy. Kids discussed everything. Science, politics and history were of special interest. As I learned the names of jack knife bodies, blades and handles and the different marbles, I learned about Tesla. Oral tradition was totally unlike the media-style, politicized interpersonal conversation of today.

For instance, I first heard "government by the military is a bad idea" from preschoolers. It was filed under "Short List of Third Reich Errors." Going forward I saw history demonstrates it again and again. It is an idea with such long historical roots, the Romans should have known not to try it. Today, the name Uranus is a red flag to propaganda websites and news outlets can't post my comment because they're afraid I might say, simply, that history shows military government isn't good and doesn't work.

When I saw that seven years ago, I became determined to write about anything and everything, and I was thinking about antigravity and Nikola Tesla. I put it off, hoping it wouldn't be necessary. Clearly it is.

In his 1961 farewell speech about the rise of the military industrial complex, President Eisenhower skated and obfuscated, leaving us to wonder what he meant. He should have been more direct and said, "wake up, dumb bells! The best and biggest thing ever made and that you bought has just been stolen, and you are not getting it back. You were promised the antigravity project technical data, because its cost was roughly equal to the amount of cash in circulation worldwide, approximately $70-80 trillion in 1958 dollar value. Every person on earth and their descendants have a stake in that gigantic investment. The technology provides you with whole-universe transportation and unlimited work potential. Without publication of the data, a few people can now outrun and outshoot you by a very, very great measure, and you have the ultimate in poverty and privation. If this doesn't change, extermination is inevitable."

Since 1958, we've lived in the chaotic economic aftermath of this greatest violation of the public trust. It's caused technological stagnation and reinforcement and safe haven to the idea prosperity and success are the exclusive province of stealing and killing.

"EM propulsion" is a search term a few people enter to find their way to this site, and this is something everyone should definitely know about EM drive. The 1955-1958 antigravity project developed the hardware and operational expertise making light-speed plus travel a reality. It was extracted from Tesla's stolen notes to himself, notes that were things Tesla didn't want to have to remember and far from a how-to guide. Making the technology work was the biggest, most expensive task known to that date. The failure to deliver the promised publication of the technical data remains among the biggest thefts of all time.

The parents of kids in my neighborhood who worked at the local air force base openly described the fantastic things they worked on and learned at the dinner table, then the Sacred Place of Truth. Some of those kids had photographic memories, and talked about fine details I didn't comprehend and can't recall.

They said the drive system consists of two main parts, the input power supply and the output interferometer. The power supply is Tesla's primary circuit, the MEG, or motionless electromagnetic generator. When the data was published, they said, you would have as much power as you could put to work, and it would never cost anyone another penny.

The reason you don't have it already, they said, is because the electrical engineering model had been deliberately castrated to exclude self-charging circuits so rich scumbags could make money selling gas and electricity. Tesla, who started out with free extraction generators, also designed the rotary generator under orders by these people to fool the world into thinking you have to turn a shaft to make electricity.

These generators discard the enormous, diverged Heaviside component, they said, such that one trillionth of the available energy is put into the line for service. The rest is discarded and disregarded. The Heaviside component, they added, could be captured from a rotary generator by simple hardware, and with a fundamental circuit, converted into electricity and put back in the line, stepping up the generator's output by exponential magnitudes.

We don't do that even today. But, rotary generators were always wrong. Tesla himself said that from the start, although his work on these generators and the AC induction motor introduced him to rotating fields, which he found interesting.

The new power supply, it was said, could produce any value of electric current that could be described numerically—without fuel, cost or pollution. It seemed too good to be true, because it would redesign and rebuild everything, kicking off history's largest industrial revolution.

Antigravity, we imagined, made lifting objects of any weight not only possible but relatively quick and easy. Its applications to building, manufacturing and industry were limited only by the imagination. After the data's publication, we pictured everything around us quickly vanishing, replaced by huge, beautiful things no one would have thought possible just a few years before. Ground transportation culture would disappear along with roads, and the sky would hold giant, floating cities.

A local amusement park, like many others, had a flying disk ride that had the straight-faced purpose of indoctrinating people to this very different vehicle we'd all ride. Textbooks told children they'd definitely go to the moon and beyond.

The project was sold on the "threat" of the approach of Planet X, or Nibiru, said to happen after 2012 per Mayan prophecy. I always doubted this story because of the thin support in literature. We've all heard many versions of Nibiru. It turns out Nibiru's last pass was in 550 BC, so it isn't expected for another 1,100 years—assuming Nibiru is real. You can't know. If you had antigravity technology, as you were promised, you could find out by visual observation all by yourself.

We were told that the destruction of the earth would happen, and we would have to put as many people as possible in space exploring for a place to move, and that the world would be very busy with this daunting task. We wondered, but assumed it was a cover story.

The real story, we thought, was that the Roswell crash was real, and part of what seemed an increase of alien air traffic brought about by our growing electromagnetic emanations. At ages three to five, I had to wonder what was true, if any of it was true—but, true or not, it was the best story anyone ever heard.

The kids knew gravity and time occupied places on the electromagnetic spectrum, and they knew Newton's ecliptic solar system model was incorrect, and that even Newton knew it was incorrect. Those things are still not correctly taught in schools.

We knew about Tesla's hidden space theory, that it allowed one to move at speeds far faster than light while avoiding material hazards and cosmic rays, and it allowed one to traverse time and arrive at a specific point in space and time the operator could specify. We considered the implications.

Almost daily we heard of the roadblocks, challenges and advances the project associates encountered, and throughout the work everyone wondered if it could be done. Near the end, the scientists began to experience victories. The discussion grew hotter.

Students of Tesla knew he tried to sell antigravity to the military in the form of a radio-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle that could remain aloft indefinitely and make light speed many years previously. He tried to sell it to DoD in 1915 for a bargain price. They didn't buy it, one of the monumentally stupid things that ever happened. Otherwise, you'd have seen the end of cars, trucks, boats, planes and trains by about 1920, and there'd have been no need for gasoline or diesel engines.

The kids talked about another technology, one that is among the most closely held secrets today. Because with free extraction a space journey could last indefinitely, it was impractical to take everything one might need. Otherwise, one would need a huge vessel filled with things that were mostly useless.

What was needed was a way to create anything at all. Kids said another secret program had highly developed a gadget the size of a transistor radio that could produce anything at all, and destroy anything at all. The gadget could also cure disease, fix injuries and keep you alive virtually forever. So, along with free energy and transportation, we were all about to receive free everything.

It was fun to think about what you'd want if you could have anything free, and as much as you wanted, and what other people would do. Interestingly, we knew what a transistor radio was, but nobody had seen one, and you couldn't purchase one at a local store until sometime in 1959. I've thought about that every time I saw a transistor radio.

Today this is the utmost hot button secret, what Tom Bearden calls "precursor engineering."

In the fall of 1958, I was standing in the curve leading to the end of our street, talking to some kids. I was almost five. One guy who'd had much to say about the antigravity project told us the work was complete, and that the project leaders said the results exceeded expectations. I asked him when we would see the technology. He shrugged and said, "soon." We're still waiting.

It's been sobering indeed through the years to discover, one by one, that the inventions these preschool children talked about are real. We were incredibly happy and excited about standing at the threshold of this unbelievable future. After that boy told me we'd have the information soon, the daily conversation about the antigravity project went totally silent. Then, government made it a point to portray as insane anyone who talked about flying saucers, disqualifying the witnesses—simple and effective, dismissive and vicious.

Apparently someone decided it was too valuable and important to give to the people who paid for it, so it was specially classified and sold on the black market. Tesla would have loved to sell the technology cheaply, and we could have had it after 1915. The antigravity project really happened, and while we reverse engineered crashed alien vehicles, it wasn't necessary because we had Tesla. I knew that at five years old, so very long ago.

I don't possess technical data, never took a secrecy oath, and am free to talk about things told to me by preschoolers as a preschooler. No one used the term "secrecy oath" until after 1960. I had a close look at a flying disk in action in July, 1968. It went to hidden space—a true, whole universe vehicle and one of ours. I didn't learn any of it on the internet or from books.

Radio hosts pull back when John Lear says there are two million humans living on the moon and more on Mars. It's actually possible. Someone born on the moon who had lived there all his life could be more than 50 years old. We went to the moon in an hour in 1961 while launching the Mercury rocket program as a distraction.

I proudly, gladly and sadly salute the fine, excellent dreams of the worthy people in my old neighborhood.

The intelligence community, the military and we the people deserve a better method of declassification than the butchering and barbecuing of guys like Manning and Snowden. It isn't better because the data thieves are such selfish, wretched, filthy killers. With knowledge from programs we paid for, we are their perpetual worker ants. Any person of conscience who had seen and heard what I have and could disclose this important data would do it without hesitation, even at the cost of his life.

Revised 11/5/13: I made superficial changes to this article and wished to link you to this one, in hopes it explains a little more about why this is so important. I gave the opportunity to reprint this article, and they joined my dreaded list of prior restraint websites.

Storm story

On rare occasions it seems one imagines things. It seemed strange when a tiny thunderstorm blossomed directly above me midnight August 9 and hammered the neighborhood with lightning strikes so close I heard them hit the ground.

Usually, falling leaves or the slightest gust of wind takes out the electric service, but not this time. Instead, the lightning took out phone service, including mine. The neighbors got their phones working within a day or two, but mine took a provider change and two full weeks. Since my internet service is by phone, I discovered my adapter was shot, too.

And, that's what the neighbors told me: the storm took out their phone lines, routers and modems. Isn't that interesting? It was another two weeks getting the part and replacing it, but at least it was cheap.

That's the second phone service interruption in the last year. As with other service interrupts, it came after I made politically controversial statements on websites. But, that's just a coincidence, isn't it?

It was just my imagination that something was horribly wrong with the draconian trust my father and stepmother insisted upon—until July when the trustee finally produced the bank statements, and I saw he helped himself to $177,000, all the assets in the trust. No wonder he wouldn't let me spend anything.

Embezzlement by trustee is a crime punishable by 10-plus years. Add to that fraud and stealing from a person on disability, and he's looking at 15-plus. But, justice isn't automatic; in fact, it's like carving marble with a wet chicken feather.

Meanwhile, my former friend and trusted business associate is laughing because he got away with it. I even paid the taxes for him. Boy, am I stupid. He's a licensed professional. I should have known better.

I suspect my stepmother paid him to do it. I might as well mention names, but not now. Why hurry? The only sure thing I can do is complain on the internet anyway. Like the doctor told me, "add that to your list of complaints."

I didn't imagine those bank statements—as in "OMG dude"—so, I asked law enforcement about it. A guy told me that I needed an audit reviewed by a lawyer. I went shopping for this service.

Lawyers wouldn't take my money or refer it. Everyone told me I'll never recover one penny of this stolen money. I wrote a description and submitted it with supporting documents to the police. They gave it to an investigator who is still in school, and the complaint gathers dust. It's a long way from the DA's approval and a judge doing his bit. The state licensing authority is also inert and mute.

Time isn't on my side, because the narrative of stealing the assets has included "removing" or "eliminating" me, with two honest attempts so far as I know, once by poisoning, once by an attempt to burn down my house.

Having the phone and net fail for so long at this point caused me to become mildly perturbed, an amazing departure from my usual stone composure brought about by low blood pressure. They'll have to try harder, and "they" will. I understand how Glenn Greenwald feels.

And, being so perishable, I wrote this post about the antigravity project a month ago, listing the things I learned as a little kid from other little kids whose parents worked for the Air Force. Talking about that shit today can get me killed, which is ridiculous.

Despite the fact the law never does a thing to help me, I'm not worried. Thieves and killers are little chicken shit motherfuckers. They are easily frightened. It's game on.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Is Michael Hastings dead?

This week preceding we received news Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, 33, died in a fiery car accident in Los Angeles.

In a very few days, so many versions of the story emerged, I'm left wondering, as with Bradley Manning, if Hastings is dead or alive.

All of the stories can't be true. If you tried to chase down the facts on the Benghazi embassy/consulate/outpost attack, you know what I'm saying. I read 15 or 20 different articles about Benghazi offering at least 10 versions of the story that were equally convincing, but so different they couldn't all be true, if any were true.

Could Hastings still be alive? It would come as no surprise.

Check it out: presented this article dated June 20, 2013, claiming Hastings was assassinated under President Obama's legalized hit list program as retribution for destroying the illustrious careers of Generals McChrystal and Petraeus, which is on its face a specious assertion.

The article offers cogent support, including this article from describing "facts" leading up to the accident and about the accident itself.

Both articles want you to see the video purporting to be that accident. If it is, the whole story structure falls apart. Both articles say the car didn't hit a tree, that the car's front end is intact, but the rear is obliterated as if it had been struck by a missile. At three minutes into the video, the fire is out enough finally to show the car. What you see is a burned vehicle pointed at and next to a tree. Everything in front of the firewall is destroyed. The rear end of the car is intact, directly contradicting these articles' statements.

In this case, the mainstream media's story that Hastings' car struck a tree seems more factually accurate than the account offered by alternative media. Mainstream media doesn't insinuate there are covert forces or dark secrets about it. I don't believe that version, either. How can anyone believe anything one might read anywhere these days?

These websites get millions of views each day. This site gets a solid five to 10 views a day, and this week finally broke 7,000 total views. Considering I don't advertise it at all, I think that's pretty good. I might make inadvertent mistakes, but I'm not trying to intentionally mislead you and present fake news. Even though I read these sites, I do so with lots of doubt. These guys call Alex Jones "the king of alternative news."

What are we, blind? I laughed at this lame bullshit. just joined my dreaded list of prior restraint, black hole websites, and experience tells me sites that engage in prior restraint in comments regularly present phony, factually unreliable news.

Will we get the real story about Benghazi or Michael Hastings? Don't hold your breath—honest to God.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Engineering weather, part three: the May 20 Moore, OK tornado

Electric service in my Oklahoma hometown was knocked out May 19, 2013 by a severe thunderstorm that contained a tornado, and I couldn't watch it on internet delivered radar.

The next day, May 20, a mammoth tornado made a $2,000,000,000-plus mess in Moore, OK, about 30 miles away from me. I watched that one on radar. Like all weather everywhere, this storm was created, manipulated and resolved by scalar electromagnetic interferometer, a process that is visually observable, not just on Doppler radar but in clouds as well.

In print and broadcast media since this happened, I've heard and seen it blamed on many things. Some are so far removed from reality they are laughable.

I care for cats that like to feed in the hours after midnight, so I'm a fairly regular listener of Coast To Coast AM. They had a guest whose name I won't mention insisting this extreme weather is caused by electrical disturbances from the planet Saturn! This is the kind of bullshit-dreck that gets a person a tenured university professorship and book deals. A good many of their other guests forcefully argued the culprit is solar activity, coronal mass ejections in particular. This is all wrong.

It's propaganda, it's irresponsible and it's obfuscation; furthermore, this is definitive, model treason, defined as giving comfort to the nation's enemies. To be silent is treasonous, and so is telling lies about weather manipulation used as a weapon of death in a self-evident way that is so easily seen. Websites are afraid to say these simple words, and broadcast station owners refuse to allow it.

Media Matters had an article attacking Alex Jones . In a short audio clip, a woman calling in asked Jones to talk about the scalar electromagnetic interferometer used as a weather determinant. Alex quickly tap-danced his way out of addressing the issue, saying weather manipulation may have taken place if planes or helicopters were observed spraying the clouds above Moore, OK, as in the obsolete, old-fashioned cloud seeding. Then, hundreds of readers showed up in comments to declare Jones had lost his marbles to believe in a "government weather machine," when that was not at all what he said, and none of these armchair experts knew what they were talking about or cared in the least.

This nonthinking weakens the nation and verges on complicity in homicide. It would be so easy to exterminate humanity with quantum weapons when 99% of the population is in denial about their existence, so much is spent and done to keep the secret, and all media refuses to speak a handful of magic, forbidden words. It's unbelievable.

Alex Jones is a better than very good student, and he knows what's happening. But, specifically avoids references to classified technologies like almost everyone else in mainstream and alternative media. I like Alex and, but he and they do not like me, and determined in less than two months they needed to join the list of websites that never allow comments signed by Uranus.

Yes, I don't have enough horror to break my heart.

The atmosphere where I live is so highly charged with electromagnetic energy that at times I get a ringing in my left ear so overpowering, I get in the car and relocate just to stop it. Other times it seems like the physical matter around me is about to come apart at the level of the molecular bond from the bombardment of this continuous, highly powered energizing.

When people still tell me none of this has been proved, I can only wonder how they find their shoes and their way out the door. I don't know how to fix that level of willing ignorance, or what to do to stop the weaponized use of this great technology and deliver its benefits to the world. But I do know that if people are afraid of words—WORDS, mind you—and it stops discussion, our obliteration is absolutely certain. It will be over before anyone knows it started, and we got exactly what we deserved.

In the 1950s, we had civil defense sirens that sounded after tornadoes passed. One day I went down my street asking people if they knew someone who disappeared with their house in a tornado, and three or four people said they did. It was the scariest thing in the world to me as a little kid. The only other way you could know about these storms was listening to chasers on shortwave radios tapping Morse code. TV broadcasting of radar was against the law. One night, Oklahoma City meteorologist Harry Volkman said "screw it" and broadcast a radar image, in violation of the law, at the risk of his job and arrest.

Harry wasn't arrested or fired, and the community loved him so, and rallied around him—and the rest is history.

The Moore, OK tornado of May 20, 2013 was a bit larger and faster than the tornado that caused destruction in Joplin, MO. The destruction areas were roughly equivalent, as was the population density. Yet, Moore suffered only 25 casualties compared to Joplin's 150. That's because Oklahoma's broadcast meteorologists know what to look at in the radar images, and gave warning 33 minutes in advance (congratulations Mike Morgan and KFOR), and our many great TV weather units are well connected to radio stations. Early warning and accessibility make the difference and save lives. Moore had one sixth the casualties of Joplin, and this is the reason why.

The same technology that causes these horrible storms could and should stop them. I've seen it happen. It is so easy to say that! Please do it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Engineering weather, part two

Today, May 3, marks the fourteenth anniversary of what was history's most destructive tornado outbreak in 1999 in Oklahoma. A mile-wide base twister pulled the grass out of the ground and destroyed 9,000 houses in Oklahoma City.

Today, May 3, 2013, Arkansas received snow for the first time in recorded history.

When I originally posted Engineering weather on the website in 2009, the post eventually caused a major ruckus as the management and staff were forced to realize weather really is engineered. I was not fully aware of how pervasive that engineering is.

After thousands of hours of observing National Weather Service radar, I came to understand the weather is engineered everywhere, all the time—and weather isn't simply modified by use of the scalar electromagnetic interferometer, it is absolutely determined everywhere artificially.

This has been going on for a long time. In a declassified U.S. Air Force report titled Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather In 2025, dated August, 1996, the authors make the fully false claim that total control of the weather had not been achieved.

Use of the scalar electromagnetic interferometer for engineering weather was in regular practice by the late 1960s. And, there is good reason to believe that the dust bowl event of the 1930s was brought about by use of this same technology, having had 40 years' development by the inventor himself, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla envisioned a time when deserts could be hydrated and made productive gardens, and weather extremes could be averted; in short, the whole world could be a virtual paradise everywhere, everyday. However, the scalar electromagnetic interferometer is also a quantum weapon. Now in the hands of classified military programs, wealthy families and organized crime, it is used only as a weapon, and the weather is a weapon. The enemies are all persons.

That's right, all the damage done by all the hurricanes and tornadoes for at least the last 50 years was caused by people at control panels and their command structures. Yes, insurance companies know that, are complicit in keeping it quiet, and the cost is passed on to all of us over and over.

Cold air is being dumped from the North Pole onto Canada and the central plains of the United States as well as Russia deliberately in a scheme to melt the polar ice and facilitate oil drilling at the pole. Decades of lobbying by environmentalists to stop this has officially failed, as big money has the last word. Ironically, if you had the power supply the scalar electromagnetic interferometer uses, the motionless electromagnetic generator, you would not need oil or gas for producing energy. And, if you had a proper, fully restored electrical engineering model, you wouldn't need oil and gas for making all the products that absolutely rely on them now.

What an unbelievable mess this is. The world is this way only because the people who sell oil and coal, and bankers in particular, want to take all of everyone's money until the end of time.

It's possible to buy an MEG online. Go here. You'll need to give these nice people a detailed specification for your intended use. But, unless it's for an approved, secret weapon for the U.S. government or one of a select group of experiments, your purchase order will be refused, and guys in suits from NSA will show up asking you who the hell you think you are.

The MEG should have been in free use for 100 years, should be the most recognizable thing in the world and as common as table salt. But, in the 1890s, J.P. Morgan fixed that, and it still hasn't been made right.

Free extraction electricity is a fact. You see it in use each and every day with whatever the weather is or isn't. Tesla made marvelous discoveries in wave and field theory that still haven't found their way into the public domain, and are used only as weapons.

Because I've spoken openly about engineering weather, someone stopped my online access to NOAA websites. My ISP managed to partially restore my access to National Weather Service websites, so you can know it's a serious subject. Few people in the world have the courage to talk about all that. Will you join them?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Chemtrails and other magic words

I was sick for a period equivalent to two or three years, in five instances, over the last 20 years, thanks to this damned aerial spraying.

Breathing this "chemtrail" dust gives you chronic, upper respiratory distress complete with post nasal drip, mucous, coughing and vomiting. It's debilitating. Most doctors don't understand it, and most people don't look at the sky. They deny it's been happening for two decades.

With what's thought to be 7-8,000 U.S. Air Force planes dedicated worldwide to high altitude spraying, this super-secret program is misunderstood by most of the people who realize it's actually happening. Because the spray contains micro fine aluminum dust, they think its primary purpose is weather manipulation in conjunction with the scalar electromagnetic interferometer—and fancy themselves great, discerning scholars.

That could play a part, although it's hard to say, in that it's so super-secret-so-shut-up-about-it. But, weather modification isn't its primary purpose: extermination is.

The spray contains, in addition to aluminum, cadmium, barium and strontium. It may also contain desiccated human blood cells, viruses and associated materials including Morgellons disease, and even microscopic nanobots that plug into different parts of your body, like your brain.

The purpose of chemtrails is to kill you and every other living thing on the planet, including the ocean, in that everything in the spray is poisonous to all live things. This happens slowly or not slowly, and you can expect to kick on average seven plus years before reaching life expectancy. It's your tax dollars at work!

If you haven't heard of chemtrails, you might start with Scott Stevens' Weather Wars, then take a look at this collection of pictures and articles. The satellite pictures put things in perspective, and that's where I got the spray nozzle photo.

I shot the other picture over Oklahoma county. It was the last photo posted by anyone on KFOR's blog website before it was deactivated. At that moment, my phone and internet service were turned off (for the third time) following my online objection to military tribunal governance, The New Greatest Sin Of All Time.

Forget that every child who's gone to school anywhere on earth in the last 2,000 plus years was taught military tribunal governance is bad—saying those words today makes you the ultimate pariah.

What do you think the point is? Simple: extermination is coming. Censoring this language makes you an enabler, a helper troll and a member of the league of exterminators. Governments are asking Google/Blogger to remove these references, because retaining the element of surprise helps the exterminators. Site owners are specifically commanded to not talk about such things as NDAA, and commentary is ruthlessly suppressed. Don't think any of it has gone away because you don't see it in the news. Like chemtrails, the march to government by gunpoint and gagging discussion under threat are happening globally. KFOR's owner, Oak Hill Capital Partners, is part of the great media takeover by dark forces from roughly 2000 to 2009 hell bent on achieving the death of every living thing on earth, and keeping that hope quiet. That's some ugly stuff.

My blog posts to KFOR's site appear under What is zero point energy, part two, have these titles, and I give a little explanation:

National Geographic to explore underwater city | Written to see if their censor would accept something not too exotic after requesting I make no further submissions.

Heavener monolith? | Everything we're taught about the history of the human race is wrong.

Cheese cake | Recipes got view count on their website, but not this one. That cheese cake is really very tasty.

Cats in chains | Protesting some of the first of new laws enacted here to make agony and death acceptable via the war on cats, of all things. The laws enable organized crime in the form of cat dumping. It creates war among people, has new relevance, and is intended to eliminate what's seen as an important predator of rats and birds, which the New World Order sees as effective disease delivery platforms.

What causes crop circles? | My most popular one, where I went out on a limb and mentioned the scalar electromagnetic interferometer. People are curious about secret technologies, in spite of what repressive media thinks.

Antigravity | EM drive is the real way to travel, both on the earth and in space. The technical data from the antigravity project was stolen at completion in 1958 by what Eisenhower called the "military industrial complex," and now these thieving killers want to kill every living thing.

Collapse, anyone? | People like being scared.

Lied to you | Everything we're taught about energy, healing and how the universe works is a deliberate fabrication.

The MEG | Tesla's primary circuit, with an elementary description. Most people have no knowledge of the invention of the AC electricity generator, possibly history's greatest narrative.

Causing and stopping collapse | We have what is needed to live in an abundant, prosperous, fascinating world, if we can take it back from the dirty, thieving killers who stole it.

The guards of love | I gave this story to KFOR, and it made the international press. The department of corrections investigator lied about grand jury indictments being handed down for two state employees fired for raping women on work release at the Oklahoma governor's mansion. Because no charges were brought against these two clowns, I elicited the station's raptor-like contempt.

Psychoenergetics | Resolving the facts surrounding my brother's death made this series happen.

Why are we in Afghanistan? | It drives me crazy we find ourselves in one stupid war after another, destroying our country, and nobody bothers to wonder why.

Engineering health | Big pharma doesn't want you to know directed energy treatment options are an important bridge to the future.

Engineering time, space and physical reality | People don't realize time occupies a place on the electromagnetic spectrum, and that the creation, transmutation and destruction of physical matter have electromagnetic handles.

Engineering weather | Fought with the administrator for more than a year about this one. Figured it was important because we're in the middle of tornado alley. I stated in comments the dust bowl was probably brought about by weather modification utilizing the scalar electromagnetic interferometer, in that the device had 40 years' research and development by then.

The highest crime | My final submission that says the suppression of technology costs all of us everything, and all our lives—making all other crimes small by comparison.

I still like life and want a better world, and have no regret saying it.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

.50 caliber sniper

With all said and done lately in the name of "gun control legislation," you'd think a breakthrough moment would emerge. Assault weapon prohibition has been done and undone. What good is limiting magazine capacity? Some people want you to think these suggested changes are new, cutting edge stuff.

Yeah, it's cutting edge stuff all right: every imaginable excuse to disqualify every possible person from having a gun. The end game is extermination. Think you don't need a gun?

What you need is a BIGGER gun. The video clarifies the issue. You won't see this one on YouTube! It shows a .50 caliber sniper rifle in use by American forces in Afghanistan, effective at over one mile. You'll notice background checks and multiple round clips aren't problems. You'll also notice the bullet doesn't have to strike the target. The third guy who gets it wasn't hit by the round. If the bullet passes within five feet of a person, the shock wave will tear his body apart.

If Homeland Security comes down your street, you can bet they'll have a .50 caliber rifle, and probably bigger weapons than that. My advice is try to stay out of gun battles.

What is zero point energy, part two: homage to Tom Bearden

(I wrote and rewrote this post at least four times, and it magically vanished from my file archive. This is the long-promised review of the Tom Bearden website, and clarification of zero point energy. The original bit was about four times this long. In the course of doing that, local NBC affiliate KFOR launched a blog website. The site administrator sent me a personal note with my first submission telling me to put my stuff somewhere else. So, I wrote a series of articles for that site, and fought with him until they were all published in 2009. I present them here, as at the end of October, the KFOR site was deactivated.)

I am back, and with a dull, rusty axe to grind. It was difficult to believe my former ISP, Cox Communications, Inc., discontinued my service because they disliked something I discussed online. But after I asked AT&T about DSL service and they were ready to hook it right up, but added several caveats and required I subscribe to multiple services after demanding my social security number, I started to wonder. Yes, I know I said I'd try to get along without phone and internet service. I thought I could tap a wireless router or service. Where I live is like the lone prairie, and there is no such thing.

So, I got a budget dial-up account instead. Yes, it's slow and frequently disconnects. They didn't ask for my social security number—all they needed was to be paid: good, old-world craftsmanship. I'm happy as hell keeping everyone off the considerable fiber optic network (we paid for) was so profitable for the few too-rich men who stole the money we prepaid to connect homes and businesses, and I understand the federal government was completely helpless, slavishly courting Big Telecom's comity so as to tap all our phones. Such huge shit pies are worth every penny they cost, and heaven knows I can't get enough of them.

What does that have to do with better energy technology? What doesn't it? I promised my first online task upon my return would be to update and correct my previous post now that after nearly 60 years of discussing this technology, I was finally starting to learn something, thanks in large part to the Tom Bearden website.

If you plan to read the website, you'd best get started because it's like four years of college, a couple years of graduate study and an extended internship. It would help if I were a millennium-class physicist. That I'm not doesn't mean I fail to recognize the Bearden team's biggest, best, most fantastic, amazing and frightening story ever told, by any writer of any time or genre—and that's so whether you believe all, some or none of it.

I don't find anything in movies, news or elsewhere in all literature that is its equal—and during my sabbatical I came to realize how much it explains and that I know now certainly that MEG and scalar wave technologies are real. I haven't felt I could make that statement, but now I'm certain. I haven't been in a hurry to talk about these things, not because some people think it's crazy talk but in that I've been too busy in a state of wide-eyed amazement.

My thinking and reading these sites was new, and I inadvertently made a false impression when I said:

That confusion isn't helped by the handful of hucksters, con artists and devotees with their books and websites spewing megabytes of gibberish and off-topic speculation. Here's an example. The author tells lots of compelling stories, and has a good point when he says to forget any idea you have of saving the world by producing these devices, because if you can get it to work, it will be taken away from you. Some people offer instructions or schematics, and none of them are cheap. Keep your money. Tom Bearden wants investment capital. If his prototype works, he doesn't need money: anyone who knows what they're doing could build the device with a few dollars' worth of components.

Bearden and team aren't joking with us, and I didn't mean to lump them with the sideshow crowd. I've felt very badly about writing those sentences, and putting that paragraph together like that, especially when I hadn't studied a tenth of the technical papers or their patent, or seen any MEG schematic, and not understanding the operation of the MEG at all.

But that's what people do when they don't understand the subject. I think of it as a personal moral failing, sloth and perhaps God-given piss ignorance. I've thought about that a lot. Since then, I made it a point to more thoroughly read the website. It's long. Entries in the table of contents take you to other tables of contents. I want to give you a little walk-through after I deal with some leftover, residual nastiness.

I was yanked offline and had drive-bys from new, shiny black Suburbans with tinted glass. I'm not the paranoid type, but after all, I do write to rich investors, automotive chief executives and politicians and all kinds of people. The Suburban drivers look me over and don't come back—so far. I don't think anything of it, except that it's too bad. I get zonked for talking about the technology in online forums. The Smirking Chimp was hacked immediately after I made the first post. The comments were so bad, I deleted the content so they wouldn't hit the search engines. I apologized by e-mail to the site owner, telling him I had no idea it would cause all that commotion (and hoping he understood).

I'm sorry for those who never heard of the technology, the last couple generations who got detention instead of an education, and for people who commented 'all overunity devices are scams.' Basically, the MEG is conventional as it is fundamental, something easily understood, with a handful of facts, by the average grade school student. I didn't know that. And how much time do I want to spend arguing? Oh, around none. Fine. Tesla lied all those times he referred to it because it doesn't work. Is that why I can't read Tesla's file? Seems like if it doesn't work, I could read the file; indeed, people would be standing on every street corner trying to pay me to take copies of it off their hands.

Instead, it's classified. That's because it doesn't work, and busy decision makers don't want to clutter up the world with more stuff that doesn't work. Or... runs like six white horses, delivers as stated and makes amazing things possible. That the second possibility is correct is the most sorrowful and ongoing, tragic catastrophe I know or every knew, and by a great measure. Sure, Colonel Bearden wants you to buy his books and discs. You can even get the website on CD, which is great. But the primary thing he sells is something that costs no money, honesty—simple intellectual honesty.

The truth will change the way you see everything, for the rest of your life.

And, it will make you mad. Another matter to clarify is the term "zero point energy." Although Tesla's primary device was tagged as ZPE in the Disclosure Project video, the MEG is not a zero point energy device, and has nothing to do with zero point energy.

Zero point energy has a lengthy description. It is divided into different varieties. It helps to start like this:

The simplest experimental evidence for the existence of zero-point energy in quantum field theory is the Casimir effect. This effect was proposed in 1948 by Dutch physicist Hendrik B. G. Casimir, who considered the quantized electromagnetic field between a pair of grounded, neutral metal plates. A small force can be measured between the plates, which is directly ascribable to a change of the zero-point energy of the electromagnetic field between the plates.

Ordinary quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and quantum perturbation theory have unique approaches to ZPE. The suggestion is that zero point energy may be, or nearly be, the cosmological constant, or theory of everything. Within these categories are inevitable subgroups. Then, there is the human element—and people endlessly demonstrate their boundless interpretations of precisely what it means in infinite assertions. Tom Bearden comments about a 1996 patent for zero point energy.

I intended to write about Tesla's MEG technology, not zero point energy. ZPE may be useless bunk, except as it applies to nanotechnology. Bearden dismissively calls ZPE energy extraction "eyewash" and "jitter:"

A major difference between taking the energy directly from the virtual state vacuum flux, as opposed to the ZPE zitterbewegung process that produces a feeble amount of "jitter" of an observable particle such as an electron, is that one is trying to capture some of the "observable jitter." Extracting jitter energy in the observable state is a secondary process applied to a more fundamental primary process extracting the "jitter" energy from the virtual vacuum.

So the "bad guys" will allow funding and slow progress along the "jitter energy" or ZPE route, but will strongly react to any DIRECT extraction from the virtual state with strong suppression and countermeasures.

More from Bearden on ZPE. It's been my experience that saying self-charging circuits can be built starts a heck of a good fight. That's because rotten, evil people don't want you to know you should have always had free electricity, and as much as you wanted. They only see energy as something to sell and tax, and never consider it's a good thing for them, too, even at the cost of their livelihood.

So it became and remains an invisible catastrophe, unknown to almost everyone. At a time when some scientists say we have just five years, 60 months, to put into place the clean energy technologies we will use henceforth or the global climate will rapidly decline to a state unfit for life, you'd think this would be the easiest pitch in the world, not the toughest. I think we have passed the point of no return. Jim Inhofe thinks it's the biggest sham ever scammed. That event horizon exists, and wherever it is, you know good and well nothing will change, and we will cross it, and die.

Bearden says we have two years, just two years, to put those great, clean energy technologies into place, or western civilization will collapse, and 70% to 90% of the world's people will die or be killed. That link is one of many pieces of correspondence, and it makes many very fascinating statements. He says DoE is suppressing asymmetric magnet technology, which can make permanent, self-powered motors. He says he has reproduced the engineering of physical reality; that is, bringing matter into being from nonbeing. Tesla said that is possible, as is creating life itself, in all its infinite variety.

Indeed, here he describes an unplanned experiment that materialized living things. It was witnessed by many people who don't want to talk about it, and made waves in spacetime that caused local clocks to malfunction for four days.

He talks about the removal of negative energy from physics literature in the early twentieth century, and all the technology we lost because what some scientists observed frightened them so much. Bearden states there is no physical limit to our ability to engineer reality. That ability is required if we expect to inhabit other planets, because we can't take everything we need.

He describes a process by which the Soviets slip the molecular bonds of titanium, causing it to liquefy, and pour it into molds to make hulls for ships. He tells of a newly discovered jellyfish that can reverse its aging process, return to youth and which is immortal—as in can't die unless it is killed.

How is it these things exceed our view and grasp? There is so much to see here, and Bearden never shows all his cards, preferring to live rather than be snuffed for saying too much. I don't doubt it. Here he says the intelligence community both listens to him and wants to kill him from time to time.

Each link contains lots of interesting information. The last one contains a gem. Throughout the site, Bearden says a small country protects the United States from attack with its scalar interferometer. In that article and nowhere else (that I've found), he identifies that country as Israel. You may remember Cheney wanted to bomb Iran back to stone not long ago for fear they would build an atomic device and nuke Israel. If Israel protects the United States with the scalar electromagnetic interferometer, it can certainly protect itself, and attacking Israel would be the ultimate act of suicide. And Cheney, a man who's made a career portraying one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, is a guy who would have known that. This small factoid changes every aspect of the issues of what to think and do about Iran's nuclear project.

That, combined with a lot of reading, made me strongly suspect that all or almost all of what he presents represents more than theoretical or experimental technologies, but real technologies in use every day, many with decades of development. He is inexact on that point in much of the literature, and certainly wouldn't come right out and say it over and over in many places. When he suggests it's possible to make portable scalar devices to treat soldiers' injuries, you can bet there are some of those floating around in the world.

Actually, I get the idea that if Bearden says the device is possible, it is because he has seen it in operation—and my cross-referencing related to reading his website supports that. I read the complete website many times, and followed the annotations as much as possible.

I have nothing but the greatest praise for Bearden and his team.

He speaks of the urgency of revising our truncated electrical engineering model:

14.1 All potentials are special aspects of the master potential of the seething virtual state vacuum. This includes all EM potentials and thus includes each EM field as a particular type of change or dynamics in a parent EM potential.
14.2 All EM potentials and fields in empty space are force-free. Further, the transverse force-field EM wave presently assumed in space actually exists only in charged matter, a priori. In space, the EM wave occurs as sets of more fundamental force-free longitudinal EM waves, as shown by Whittaker { , }.
14.3 Vacuum engineering – i.e., patterning, changing, and using particular aspects of the vacuum potential to then interact with matter and produce desired effects – is possible electromagnetically by a variety of ways and mechanisms.
14.4 Such vacuum engineering is effective and usable only in those asymmetric Maxwellian systems that were arbitrarily discarded by Lorentz prior to 1900, and still arbitrarily discarded today in the standard CEM/EE model.
14.5 Asymmetric Maxwellian systems, such as those properly using asymmetric effects such as the Aharonov-Bohm effect and its derivatives, can be utilized to extract free and usable EM energy directly from the vacuum via the local (decentralized) system. Indeed, all present EM systems already extract their EM energy directly and freely from the vacuum interaction of the source charges and dipoles.
14.6 Present electrical power engineering using only symmetrical systems continually destroys the source dipolarity and the free flow of usable EM energy from the vacuum. Hence the inane combustion of fuel, nuclear fuel rods, or wind input, water current input, and solar energy input in order to continue to remake the source dipolarity that the symmetric system continually destroys.
14.7 There is an urgent need for the scientific community to quickly correct and extend the CEM/EE model used in electrical engineering, and apply and teach a more comprehensive “supermodel” in all universities. A new technology of free “energy from the vacuum” EM systems is in the offing.
14.8 Unless there is rather immediate and strong action to dramatically correct and update the sad old EE model, and to use the new model in developing asymmetric COP>1.0 power systems and self-powering systems, the probability of a catastrophic economic collapse of the United States and the Western world is in the offing.
14.9 Only by using vacuum engineering for electrical power systems that dramatically decrease our dependence on oil, coal, gas, and nuclear power can our economic collapse – and the possible collapse of Western civilization – be avoided.

Elsewhere Bearden points out 34 deliberate deletions that cripple the electrical engineering model in customary use. Here he discusses convincing governments to reconsider.

From Tom Bearden's "Motionless Electromagnetic Generator.pdf:"

Importance of the Process and Its Sub-Processes

A process has been provided whereby useful electromagnetic energy may be extracted from the dipole of a permanent magnet, via the giant negentropy process {26, 43} associated with the magnetic dipole. In that process, an outflow of EM energy is continuously furnished by the magnet dipole in all directions in 3-space, and the energy to the dipole is freely furnished from the time-domain of the active vacuum {1, 26, 43}. Whittaker {1} unwittingly showed this giant negentropy mechanism in 1903, but failed to recognize its implications. Recent recognition of the mechanism and its implications for electrical power systems was accomplished by one of the inventors, Bearden {26} and then more deeply examined by Evans and Bearden {43}. By using the principle that essentially unlimited energy can be withdrawn from (collected from) a potential, and the withdrawn energy will be replaced by the potential's negative resistor action using the giant negentropy mechanism {1, 26, 43}, a practical approach to free energy sources for self-powering and COP>1.0 electrical power systems anywhere in the universe is provided.

By using the principle that iterative transformation of its form energy in a replenishing potential environment can be repeatedly reused to do work, so long as the form of the energy resulting at the completion of each work phase is retained and reprocessed, one joule of energy can be utilized to do many joules of work, as precisely permitted by the conservation of energy law with regauging. This is a major change to the work-energy theorem of electrodynamics, which implicitly has assumed only a single change of form of the energy, followed by loss (escape from the system) of all the energy in the new form. In short, the present work-energy theorem is only a special case valid under those assumed special conditions. The invented process takes advantage of the extended work-energy theorem where one joule of energy—accompanied by retention of the new form of energy resulting from work—can do multiple joules of work in a replenishing potential environment.

By using the principle that one joule in "iterative form changing mode with retention" can do many joules of work upon a component of a system—to wit, upon the Drude electron gas in an electrical circuit, where the potential energy is increased by the increased kinetic energy of the electrons having the work done upon them—the extended work-energy theorem can be utilized to overpotentialize the receiving Drude electron gas, thereby regauging the system to add excess energy by gauge freedom and outputting more electrical energy to the load than is input to the system by the operator.

By then dissipating in loads this excess energy collected in the Drude electron gas in the output circuit, the invented process provides greater energy to be dissipated in the load than is input by the operator. The combination of processes thus allows an electromagnetic system freely functioning as an open system not in equilibrium with its active vacuum (due to the giant negentropy mechanism {26, 43}), hence permitted to exhibit COP>1.0. In this way, more work output can be accomplished by the system process than the work that the operator must perform upon the system to operate it.

By using the principle of governed, clamped positive feedback of a portion of the increased output back to the input, the system can be close-looped and can power itself and its load, with all the energy being furnished by self-regauging from the active vacuum as an external energy source, furnishing excess energy to the magnetic dipole's magnetostatic potential and associated magnetic vector potential, thereby replenishing energy withdrawn from said magnetic vector potential by the subprocesses in the overall system process.

One system operating in closed-loop mode can also have one fraction of its output devoted to "jump-starting" another such system in tandem, then switching the second system into self-powering closed-loop mode, then "jump-starting" another such system, which is then switched to self-powering, and so on. In that way, multiple systems can be "piggy-backed" so that an exceptionally large power system consisting of a group of such "piggy-backing" systems can be produced. In case of system failure, all can be started again in the same series, by furnishing only the initial small input required to jump-start the first system of the group. In this way, very large power systems such as necessary to power automobiles, trucks, ships, trains, etc. can be produced, and yet the back-up jump starting source—such as a storage battery—can be very small, e.g., a simple flashlight battery.

Implications for the Crisis in Oil Supplies Versus Energy Demands

The implications are that a total revolution in transportation, electrical power systems, backup power systems, etc. is at hand. In the process, the electrical power is obtained freely and cleanly from the vacuum, from permanent magnet dipoles continuously replenished from the active vacuum via the giant negentropy process.

A more significant fraction of the electrical power system can thus be decentralized, and degradation in case of system failure will be graceful and local. Yet full use can still be made of the existing power grids and power systems. As an example, arrays of self-powering electrical heater systems can be developed and used to heat the boilers in many standard power systems, thereby stopping the burning of hydrocarbons in those plants, and drastically reducing the pollution of the biosphere and the lungs of living creatures including humans. This would allow a graceful phase-in of new, clean, self-powering electrical power systems, reduction of hydrocarbon combustion for commercial electricity production, ready increase in electrical power to meet increasing world demands even in poor nations and developing countries, while capitalizing and using much of the present very large "sunk costs" investments in present large power systems. The core material fabrication is labor-intensive, so it is made in developing nations where such jobs are sorely needed and greatly benefit both the people and the nation.

The dramatically increased use of and demand for these materials would thus stimulate substantial economic growth in those nations by providing many more jobs.

The conversion of power systems and replacement in a fraction of them, can proceed at a very rapid pace, since production and scale-up of systems utilizing this system process can be very rapid because, except for the cores, all fabrication, parts, techniques, tooling, etc. are simple and standard and very economical.

Particularly at this time of oil crisis and particularly a shortage of refining facilities, a very rapid and permanent solution to the oil crisis and the rapidly increasing demand for electricity—and also much of the problem of the present pollution of the biosphere by combustion byproducts, and of the present global warming enhancement by the emitted CO2 from the hydrocarbon combustion—can be solved cheaply, economically, and quickly.

The steady reduction and eventual near-elimination of hydrocarbon combustion in commercial power systems and transport, and dramatic reduction in nuclear fuel rod consumption, etc. will result in cleaner, cheaper, more easily maintained power systems and a reduction in the acreage required for these power systems.

The gradual decentralization and localization of a substantial fraction of the presently centralized power grid will eliminate a significant fraction of power transmission costs, thereby lowering the price of electrical energy to the consumers.

The scale-up weight-per-kilowatt of systems using this system process will be sufficiently low to enable rapid development of electrically powered transport media such as automobiles etc. These will have weight about the same as now, carry a small battery as a backup "jump-starter", and will have very agile performance suitable for modern driving in heavy traffic. With fuel costs zeroed, the cost to the citizens of owning and operating vehicles will be reduced. Costs to the trucking industry, e.g., will be dramatically reduced, since fuel is a major cost item. In turn, since most goods are moved via the trucking industry, the lower transport costs will mean more economical sales prices of the goods. These are very powerful and beneficial economic advantages of the new process.

You can well understand the importance of modernizing electrical engineering. Bearden states it another way with some very interesting additions:

The problem is the present classical electrodynamics (CEM) taught in university, such as in electrical engineering. That CEM model is horribly flawed, and very seriously out of date (more than a hundred years old). For example:

1. It still assumes a material ether, falsified since the 1890s. Thus is assumes force fields in space, which is totally untrue, as pointed out by many physicists such as Wheeler, Nobelist Feynman, and others. Rigorously force exists in and on mass, because mass is a component of force. In that sense, the basic mechanics taught in physics -- with a separate mass-free force acting on a mass -- is totally false in that premise.

2. It assumes a flat spacetime (falsified since 1916; given a single mass anywhere in the universe, the spacetime is curved).

3. It assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for decades by particle physics, both theoretically and experimentally).

4. It assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created out of nothing at all, by the associated source charge(s). This is in total violation of the conservation of energy law. So we either have to solve the source charge problem --- where does the charge get the energy it continuously pours out in all directions, establishing its fields and potentials spreading outward at light speed -- when there is no OBSERVABLE energy input to it? That epochal problem has just been purged out of the electrical engineering textbooks, so the students will not ask embarrassing questions. You see, either the charge continuously receives nonobservable VIRTUAL PHOTON energy from the vacuum, and coherently integrates it into observable size, then re-emits the energy as real, observable photons radiated in all directions -- or else the charge creates all that energy out of nothing and totally falsifies conservation of energy. We have published the solution, taken from particle physics in the discovery of broken symmetry in 1957. But energy from the vacuum is terribly resisted, because -- my goodness! If the young grad students and post docs get onto that, then that power meter will come off your house and the gas pump meter will come off your car. In that case, some of the greatest cartels in the world will have to go back to knitting. With something like a trillion dollars per year ripped off humanity in the energy field alone, obviously those "in control" of most of the financial resources of the present "energy cartels" are not going to let that happen if possible. Hence what some physicists (such as Sen) call "the most difficult problem in electrodynamics" is not even mentioned in the electrical engineering texts, nor are the tremendous foundations errors in that electrical engineering model pointed out to the students.

5. The fact that all the "normal" EM fields and potentials decompose into -- and thus are comprised of, and identically are -- harmonic sets of bidirectional longitudinal EM waves with differential functions impressed -- is not mentioned (Whittaker showed that in 1903 and 1904; his 1904 paper initiated "superpotential theory" but the 1903 paper was almost entirely and resoundingly ignored). In short, there is a far more fundamental longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics, which MAKES all the rest anyway, but it is not allowed to be investigated in the doctoral theses and post doctoral studies. It has, however, been highly weaponized by some 10 nations of the world, and the weather over our very heads has been engineered that way since July 4, 1976 -- our "bicentennial gift" from the KGB.

6. In CEM, most everything deals with 3-space (i.e., after observation and d/dt operators have been applied to the real phenomena in 4-space). Time thus is just assumed to be a "river" on which we helplessly float. That's false. Rate of passage of time -- and even its reversal -- can be engineered, as well as 3-space stuff. In quantum field theory, e.g., there is a time-polarized (scalar) photon, where the energy (compressed into what we call "time") is oscillating over on the time axis. There is also a longitudinal photon whose energy in 3-space oscillates along the direction of travel, like an accordion being squeezed to and fro (Tesla's compression and rarefaction wave). Neither the scalar photon nor the longitudinal photon are individually observable, but the pairing of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential. So common old "voltage" is quite a bit more strange and exotic than the electrical engineers even suspect in their wildest nightmares. Now one can understand Becker's "voltage" across the intractable bone fractures having the capability (looked at with an eye for optical phase conjugation) of "pumping" the entering red cells in the time domain as well as in 3-space. In short, he showed that the red cell IS CHANGED BACK TO AN EARLY FORM (dedifferentiation in the lexicon of the biologist, time reversal in the language of physics). So it shucks the hemoglobin and grows a cellular nucleus. Then that cell, continuing to be pumped, is redifferentiated, and turns into the kind of cell that makes cartilage. Then THAT cell (or blast) further differentiates into the type of cell that makes bone. It is deposited, and with enough such "forced creation of bone cells and their deposit", the otherwise intractable bone fracture heals. Electrical engineering and CEM cannot model that, but higher group symmetry electrodynamics can do it.

Thus, because of the terrible flaws in electrical engineering and the ubiquitous use of that silly model in medicine, we have the ridiculous situation where the healing system of the body -- which is the cellular regeneration system, and NOT the immune system -- is not even properly studied. It's an electrical system, (zounds! the body already uses "crazy electromagnetics" to do all its cellular healing!), but the medical folk will not use the type of electrodynamics necessary to model it and fit the model to experiments. Therefore we continue to support the big drug companies, etc. and almost totally ignore the real healing process and how it works -- and how to engineer it as Becker showed and Priore showed, etc.

Hope that sheds some light on why the key to so many new kinds of science and healing is solidly blocked by the nearly slavish attachment of our universities to the standard and terribly flawed electrical engineering. The place to put the blame is on the leaders: The National Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, etc.

Here is a document replicating Bearden's MEG, proving that it works.

In some of his most recent correspondence, Bearden speaks of the use of microthin, nanocrystalline tourmaline in "solar cells" that require no light. Tourmaline processed this way emits such a copious shower of far-infrared light photons, a cell that could power your car or house would be the size of your thumb.

(There you have it, originally written in 2008-2009, incomplete, but with the stories below you get a little more. Many of the links are disabled. Except for the removal of some embedded videos, the short articles are as they appeared on KFOR "YourSpace.")